Quick Hepatitis News Flash!


Over the last while, I’ve been truly amazed at just how many people I’ve discovered are praying for me around the world.  I’ve had lunch with people from other countries where they brought greetings and blessings from churches I’ve never been to, nor even heard about.  There’s a large thank-you coming (in some form) for everyone who has slugged with the Unger family in prayer over the last while, but I wanted to give an update as some new information has come in.

A recently had my viral load test done and got the results back, and the new drug that I’m on is working amazingly.  I’m not sure what the unit of measure is, but when I started the amount of Hepatitis C virus per volume was 4.1 million (basically, my blood was flooded with the virus).  My test results came in, and my viral load went from 4.1 million to 15.  Not 1.5 million, or 15 thousand, but just 15.

I’d dare say that’s a significant improvement and a massive answer to prayer.  It appears that the virus will be wiped out long before my treatment is over, but I won’t be declared “cured” until 6 months after the medication stops and I get a post-treatment viral load test.  Still, our hopes are high!

So, that’s most certainly fantastic news!

The Lord is mighty and glorious!


I’m off to bed now, but I wanted to just give a little update to everyone!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Losing my mind due to medication but singing praises none the less” Unger

P.S. – I didn’t make the picture.  Someone doesn’t know how to spell “Hallelujah”…?!?

13 thoughts on “Quick Hepatitis News Flash!

  1. Wow! Praise God indeed! That is great news!

    It reminds me of something I read today. I was reading in the book of John when Jesus healed the blind man by putting mud on his eyes. When I read one of the study notes for that portion of the scripture I decided it was worth copying and pasting for future use. I wasn’t expecting to get to share it so soon. Here it is;

    He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay – This might almost have blinded a man that had sight. But what could it do toward curing the blind? It reminds us that God is no farther from the event, when he works either with, or without means, and that all the creatures are only that which his almighty operation makes them.
    – Wesley

    Thanks for the update on your health as, I have been wondering how you’ve been doing. Thanks for the reminder of just how mighty the God we serve is! We will continue to pray for you and your family.

    -Tammy Miller

      • Here is another quote I had kicking around;

        To come to Christ as a saint is very easy work; to trust in a doctor to cure you, when you believe you are getting better, is very easy; but to trust your physician when you feel as if the sentence of death were in your body, to bear up when the disease is rising into the very skin, and when the ulcer is gathering its venom, to believe even then in the efficacy of the medicine– that is faith.

        Unfortunately, I can’t remember who said it. Spurgeon…..D.L. Moody …maybe. Anyways, I hope it encourages you for, it is such a blessing to see the faith you have.

  2. My husband will be going on “Harvoni” in a few weeks since its approval October 10th…he had a liver transplant at Mayo 1/1/2014 but of course the Hep C (from a blood transfusion at the age of nine) is still in his body. Sickness and job losses have us making small payments towards our massive medical debt…now this drug is suppose to cost $90,000. I know God is faithful and has always been but he may not get the treatment because we do not have the money to pay that huge amount. We are standing firm trusting but trying to find out how others are able to do this?  Praising God for providing this for you and will continue to pray for your complete health. Any wisdom you might be able to offer us? We have three kids (18, 16, 13) and God did just provide (four weeks ago) a position for me at our church after counseling there for several years (Director of Discipleship Counseling). We are implementing a biblical counseling ministry into the church.   Thank you, Soli Deo Gloria!   Karen McMahon

  3. Praise our heavenly Father! I stumbled upon your blog about a year ago and my wife and I have been praying for you and your family often. We are from Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. May God bless you abundantly in the days to come!

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