First Post in FOREVER…

And it’s gonna be a short one.


I’m still not really doing anything with this blog since life is simply too demanding these days.  The short story is that I’m now a single parent and don’t have a shred of time for blogging…and no, I’m not going to explain.

Those that need to know definitely do, and I covet your prayers (if somehow you end up on here).

The only reason I’m posting is because today I did something that has been on my to do list for around 2 years.  Since today was a holiday, I spent a few hours working and converted the Generational Curse series into a short e-book. Continue reading

My Bible Memorization Project: Proverbs

As I’ve been sorting though various sins and situations in my life, I’ve come to a renewed conviction about the vast importance of memorizing Scripture.  It’s something that I’ve done purposefully and aggressively in the past, but something that I’ve increasingly neglected over the past decade. I’ve fallen into the warning of James 1:22:

“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

Sadly, I’ve become a Sesame Street character with regards to Scripture.


Being a seminary-trained fellow that is very acquainted with the contents of the Bible, it’s an easy (and terribly wrong) leap from being familiar with Scripture to telling yourself that familiarity is the same as purposefully obeying Scripture.  Over many years, I was one of those guys who could kinda finish a Scripture quote (get the gist, but not the specific words) and remember the book and chapter (but not the verse).  That vague knowledge of Scripture wasn’t the same as having specific truths penetrate and permeate my heart and thinking to the point that they were regularly part of my thinking and decision making processes.

In order to both rectify that self-deceiving situation, I’ve been working on something.

Continue reading

Instapost: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Here’s a new thing I’m doing: Instaposts. Basically like a Twitter entry, but with a tad more than 140 characters.  Now that life is incredibly busy, I’ll do this to share links and other stuff.

Seeing that it’s Saint Patrick’s day today, I’m sure many of you may have questions about Saint Patrick’s day.  I don’t know of many good resources online that give a Christian perspective on Saint Patrick, so I’d like to send my readers to The Story of Saint Patrick over on The Art of the Christian Ninja/Carnivore Theology.  It’s a good summary and explanation of the life and ministry of Saint Patrick, and points to the absolute insanity of how we remember and celebrate a man’s amazing missionary career.


Yup.  Insanity.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “518” Unger

Oops! Preliminary Publishing!

Well, is my face red or what?  I was editing some of the future modesty posts and looked up at my stat bar and noticed a rather pronounced spike in my blog traffic.  I was confused at the massive stat spike and went to my stats and noticed that people were reading a post that I had previously been editing…so OOPS!

For those of you who got a sneak peak at the fourth post in the series, I’d like to apologize for the spoilers.  That post hasn’t really received a thorough edit yet, and in order for it to really make sense, you need the context of the second and third posts.

I apologize for any frustration my slip of the finger made, and that post will be up in a few weeks, probably in a fairly different form than it exists now.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “At least I didn’t publish the FIFTH one” Unger

So much for all my plans…

Man.  I had 2 hours to write tonight (first time in forever) and I got a bit into one post and then responded to a comment with this.

So much for all my plans to get some writing done tonight.  1.5 hours spent on a single comment that will likely be ignored or glossed over.

Alice in facepalm

In other news, I’m still chipping away at this.  Sometime in the next century I’ll have a small e-book on modesty done.  I may toss a few of the chapters on here or the Cripplegate for feedback, but we’ll see.

At this pace, I’ll be getting a pacemaker before I finish anything. Continue reading