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Everything on this blog is copyrighted to Lyndon Unger.  If you want to copy, distribute, or re-use anything I have written on here, please contact me for permission.  If I find out you’ve stolen my stuff, I’ll be unhappy and will pray the prayer of Tabez (Jabez’s unfortunate brother who lost everything he had and was killed by rabid goats) for 30 days with your name in it.

This could be you:

Goat Attack

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15 thoughts on “Copyright Information

  1. Our prayer ministry is divided about the use of muscle testing and I would like to print out 3-4 copies to help give us clarity.

    Would that be possible?

    Thank you!

    Barbara Martin

    • Barbara,

      I’d certainly gladly pass on permission to copy out my writing on Applied Kinesiology and Manual Muscle Testing. I’d only ask that you reference me as the source of the content. As long as you’re not selling the information, I’m fine with a 3 or 4 copies being made.

      Thanks for asking!

      If there’s any way I can assist your prayer ministry on sorting through the issues of AK or MMT, I’d be pleased to do so. God bless you and those at your church as you sort through these admittedly difficult issues!

      Longing for the day,

      Lyndon Unger

      • Brother Unger,
        Love this blog, I have signed up for other blogs you recommended and I have come out of darkness that I didn’t even realize I was in. Thanks a bunch to you and the others for that. I signed up for The Christian Post and the first installment showed a commercial for a T.D.Jakes book. Just wondering’ what’s with that?

        • Thanks so much for the kind and gracious words Bill! As for the Christian Post, I have no idea. I’d guess they’re not exactly a stronghold of biblical discernment when it comes to theological matters.

          God bless!

  2. Have you ever noticed how some religions call themself christian? So Im not a christian. I am a believer in Jesus Christ who died for my sins. I asked foregiveness and to come into my heart to live.

    • I don’t understand what you’re getting at.

      You don’t call yourself a Christian because other people call themselves “Christians”?

      Or is it that you don’t call yourself because other people who aren’t Christians wrongly claim the name?

      Or is it something else?

  3. I found a pretty picture of an open book with a realistic landscape in it on this blog. May I use it for a presentation in school? Only 3 teachers will be seeing it and I am not planning on using it otherwise. I only need it in my Powerpoint to explain Rousseaus thought of nature being the only book to read in for education..
    Thank you 🙂

    • That is not my picture. The link takes you to the artist, and you’ll have to get permission from them. Sorry, but I cannot give permission to use something that isn’t mine.

  4. Dear Lyndon, would it be possible to translate into Spanish and post in our blog your series about modesty?
    We read them at the Cripplegate and follow your trail here! We are a bunch of women who like to study and learn, and are wonderfully surprised by your insights in the matter. Thank you very much for them.

    The blog is in case you want to see it.
    Of course we will follow all your rules about copyrights!

  5. Hi, My name is Marci Julin, and I’d like to use the following quote of yours in a lesson I’m teaching on 11 reasons to conclude that muscle testing is divination. “A Christian worldview cannot simply be superimposed on an energy-based worldview by renaming the source of power.”
    I have written 3 blog posts on the topic that tell both my story of being heavily involved in those practices and how God finally convinced me to repent and be delivered. Your article is excellent and contains good information. One thing is lacking though, and it is to your credit. You don’t have much first-hand knowledge of the true power for good and evil that exists in these alternative practices. If you or your readers would like more information, you can find it here: Please let me know if it’s alright to quote you.

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