About Me

What can I say about me?

I’m married to a wonderful wife who keeps me sane, laughing and growing in holiness.

I have a little boy whose smile melts snow, let alone my heart!

I have a little girl whose eyes are as big as the moon and has the biggest toothy smiles ever!

I’m a prairie chicken (at heart) who’s eternally broke and who’s book list grows longer, no matter what I do.

I’m a Canadian lad who’s got a few degrees from Bible College and Seminary.

I’m a Mennonite (MB) who actually has read Menno Simmons and agrees with him on many things…and we’re both embarrassed about what passes for a “Mennonite” these days.  Both Menno and I are still trying to figure out how the MB church has been overrun by inconsistent (thankfully), historic, academic liberals who somehow think that they can deny basic tenets of the Christian faith (like original sin, the existence of hell, the historicity and perspicuity and inerrancy of scripture, or the penal substitutionary reality of the atonement) and still think of themselves as “conservative” Christians.  It’s so utterly bizarre that we know we’re supposed to find wolves in the church, but when we see anything in sheep’s clothing, we repeat our mantra of “Looks like a sheep.  Talks like a sheep.  Must be a sheep.” even when their teeth are digging into our own necks and we’re soaked in our own blood.  I’m going to one day write a book on the issue, but I doubt Kindred Productions will be publishing it.

I am a pastor/teacher who’s currently between churches and in the Canadian Mennonite Brethren Witness Protection program.  If you think you saw me somewhere, you didn’t.

I love the word of God and attempt to think God’s thoughts after him.

If you recognize that unbelief is a state and not the fruit of a rational process, understand that God saves by his grace and for his glory alone, believe that the meanings of words (like “day”, “head”, “authority”, etc.) are primarily derived from their context and not popular opinion or the consensus of “scientists” or “scholars” (read “theologians from Duke, Yale, Vanderbuilt, etc.”), don’t dance while waving flags or fish-shaped tambourines in church, don’t do the hokey-pokey in church or think that when Jesus returns he’ll set up camp in Redding, CA., don’t baptize infants, don’t refer to anyone you respect as “prophet so-and-so” or “elder so-and-so”, understand the significant differences between Christian and Biblical Counseling, don’t think the church has replaced Israel or received her fulfilled promises en toto, don’t judge other Christians on whether or not they read the AV1611 Bible (which is the only preserved word of GOD…RIGHT?), and did a facepalm the 50th time a friend recommended the books “Wild at Heart” or “The Shack”, we’d likely get along well.

If you also like head banging, laughing, and geeking out, we’d likely be friends!

I’m a big fan of historical/grammatical hermeneutics and attempt to apply them consistently and comprehensively.

I know my biblical languages and am still learning to love them, although we’re currently dating and hope to pursue a long-term relationship.  Hebrew thankfully hasn’t taken me to meet the folks, and I’m well acquainted with many of Greek’s great-grand-children.

You’re welcome to read and interact with anything here, but these thoughts are my own and if you’d like to post any content anywhere, please contact me for permission.

Also, John MacArthur once took me for a walk and showed me Ronald Reagan’s real grave.  I know where the Gipper is really burried.  Probably my coolest factoid.  Seeing that you actually read this far, I thought I owed you a thank-you.

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  1. Hi Lyndon. You directed me to the Amazon blog site and since I have so little time I was reading it in snippets over the last two weeks. Really great stuff. I’ve subscribed so I’ll be around… Terry

  2. What’s wrong with waving flags, banging on tambourines and generally getting into the worship time? I wish I wasn’t so self inhibited and could let loose like I want to sometimes during worship. I hope that I’m allowed to ask this question (Rules of Engagement?). Compare how we act in church to how people act at a football game. A lot more energy gets put into worship of a false idol than the true God.

    • You’re welcome to ask any question you would like Rob.

      Worship isn’t about losing my inhibitions and letting loose, unless we’re talking about pagan worship.

      Comparing the mindless celebration of football with the meaningful celebration of the creator of the universe?

      I’d dare suggest that you’re simply incorrect.

      When I’m at church, I see musicians bringing the fruit of thousands of hours of practicing to the Lord (most church musicians have played for years). I see a pastor presenting the fruit of thousands of hours of study and education (most pastors have degrees and have studied the bible for years). I see songs being sung that have been written centuries ago (or maybe just years ago) by people who worked hard to craft lyrics, song and content to properly represent God, and not simply throw on a jersey and scream.

      Worship at church involves discipline (HUGE quantities of energy that has been harness and focused towards a laudable goal over long periods of time)…

      …not explosion (small quantities of energy, mostly expressed in yelling, that has been unfettered and allowed to do whatever it wants, with no goal beyond it’s own expression, over a very short period of time).

      Football “worship” is thoughtless, shallow, short-lived, self-serving and simple.

      God “worship” should be none of those things…ever.

      • I must be blind or something cause I couldn’t find a contact or email to send a question to. So I decided to just reply to one of your posts.
        I’ve really enjoyed your website. Very refreshing with a lot of good info.
        Anyways, my question is if you could recommend some reputable serminary’s in western Canada? I’m considering doing some vocational studies while working full time and possibly attending in the future. I’ve looked at a couple in the Edmonton area and am unsure whether they really do a good job of being dependant on the bible as a foundational source. LIttle help.


      • If you’re sticking around in Canada, I would possibly suggest that you take a look at Toronto Baptist Seminary. I don’t know the school super well, but of what I know it’s maybe the best place in Canada to get a biblical education.

        If you’re wanting to work and go to school, I’d possibly suggest doing a distance learning degree from somewhere like Liberty University, Baptist Bible Seminary, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary or maybe Columbia Evangelical Seminary. There are far more online and distance options in the US that are worth looking at.

        I’m somewhat aware of what’s going on at several of the seminaries in Western Canada and cannot honestly recommend any of them. That’s why I had to move to Los Angeles for 4 years!

      • Your reply, Lyndon, on worship was spot on. I was born again in the Charismatic chaos 15 years ago, therefore I have witnessed many extremes, which I now see as pagan. Now the worship is a huge fleshy draw, that can get out of control and cross broundaries very easily. It is either wildly estactic and void lyrically of any mention of Jesus Christ being sovereign and Lord of Lord’s or so comptemplative and passive with the same absence of proper biblical lyrics. 15 years ago, most lyrics of the songs in Charismatic circles were Christ centered and honored His attributes correctly; but now, with obviously some acceptions, the music is hypnotic and with lyrics that are redundant. The worship has progressively manifested from, narcissistic overtones to a obvious fleshy lover type lyrics. The favored songs are void of any fear of the Lord, as in being afraid of crossing boundaries that God has set up for our protection. Most anything goes in these services and If there is anything supernatural it must be God, because the way Charismatics reason is that God would not allow us to be deceived, we are too special. They are taught elitism and piety from the beginning. Spiritual pride is the backbone of this movement and if there is any humility shown it quickly turns into anger if confronted with any erroneous doctrine. The worse is that the laity, for the majority, will not listen to reason. They build a wall around their leaders and adamantly defend them, even when they know they are wrong. They also will not talk about or critically look at the TV christain imposters, especially after they fall. I hate to say this but they have the blind loyalty like those that surrounded Hitler. They cannot think for themselves nor make a distinction / decern anymore. Personally, I think they like it that way, it is easier and the factor of being rejected by their group plays a huge role in keeping silent. So, like the immature, undecerning minds that fill the pews the mindless worship has become a major avenue for soothing any doubts of deception. Music is very powerful and Satan knows this. I could share so much of what I have experienced in 15 years in this movement and the harsh way I was treated by those I loved dearly, because of speaking out ; also, how God has lead me out of my own deceptions, but it would take several days to write.
        I just want to thank you Lyndon for all your hard work and I look forward to reading your blog in the future.

        • Wow Elizabeth, thank you for putting my thoughts exactly into your comments. So glad to find a kindred sister in Christ. Just found this blog and I’m excited already for what I’ve read! It can be a lonely road as you probably well know….

      • Just wondered, on the subject of worship, what examples we might have in Christendom of ‘pagan’, ‘thoughtless’ football-esque worship?

        In regards to theological based music, like Christian hip-hop for example, what would you make to that? 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_hNjWTX4T0
        2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmFM4_Jg9Qs&list=PLJ1cSi5J1MxYoBk4HA1mA6a5TzJmW69KC&index=9
        3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7VrQYtaS2s

        So, these songs are somewhat Christian commentaries sometimes dealing with social issues but mainly theological issues. Where do you believe such music has a place? Since, the background music sounds quite, erm, unholy. Would the cultural style and genre detract from what constitutes as acceptable?
        Now, although the tracks aren’t worship orientated, would a worship song that had the style of instrumentation used in those songs would that devalue them as acceptable?

        • Charles, I simply don’t have time to deal with your multi-pronged assaults. I have children, a job, a church, and other writing assignments that require my time.

          I’m glad you’ve taken up some sort of fascination with me, but you clearly have far more free time than I do.

          You’ve eaten up two of my nights this week already. You don’t get a third.

      • dear menno,
        can i trouble you in your recess; i would imagine that Menno Sims was from the Anabaptist root, and therefore was certainly Arminian? i would like to see a good article on the Predestinarian debate. surely the latter position is sheer heresy, how on earth did it ever gain the central position in the Christian church? it appears to me so contrary to the ministry of Jesus and His apostles. i mean it does not take any form of scholarship to take Paul’s words as they stand: the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation..in it or by it or through it anyone who believes and accepts it will be saved, how else? what is lacking is the proper preaching of the pure Gospel, God works through it, is bound by it and will save through it-anyone, not selectively or pre-ordained
        would love to hear from you
        Jeremy Kruger
        south africa

        • Hey Rene’,

          I’m a musician, and was a semi-professional one at one time, so I appreciate certain bands on a technical or artistic level without endorsing what they’re saying. For example, one could appreciate the technical songwriting/playing abilities of a classical pianist who is also a problem gambler; recognizing that said person is a fantastic pianist doesn’t endorse gambling in any way.

          Recognizing that PlanetShakers, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Kari Jobe, Israel Houghton, etc. are all excellent musicians, and even enjoying their arrangements or songwriting, doesn’t endorse the prosperity gospel (and they’re all sales persons for prosperity gospel churches).

          I can and do separate the technical excellence of their music from their message or that of their pastors.

          I secretly have learned a whole bunch about using technology in a church service from Joel Osteen’s A/V team. Osteen is a heretic, but his A/V team are geniuses.

  3. Hey there fellow “Mennonite”- as in, the real, authentic, Anabaptist, even mate’-drinking, ethnical kind of Mennonite!

    I get what you’re saying about the “mindless worship” vs the “disciplined/thoughtful worship”.

    But, I’d dare suggest you are simply exaggerating. Granted, I have also witnessed the extreme “charismatic” behavior, which you so acutely described.

    However, I have also danced, not mindlessly, but with joy and delight in the deep knowledge of the love of my Father in heaven- not unlike my own four little ones who physically demonstrate their thoughts and feelings.
    I have courageously stood and waved a flag in praise and honor to my King of Kings.
    I have been compelled to worship on my knees because of His Holiness and my awe of Him.
    I’ve wept in gratitude of what He’s done, and the pain that comes as my roots of faith in Him are deepened through trials.

    Yes, I agree worship is a discipline; we MUST worship, no matter our feelings, because He is worthy at all times. But thank God that He has designed us so intricately- physically, spiritually, emotionally, … – as a whole body to worship our Creator! This pleases Him.
    That is why we are, by His grace, called to worship Him- to bring glory to Him- in EVERYTHING we do.

    As for football fans being mindless, though I do not agree with the level of commitment, devotion and “worship” given to any pro sports team, I would hardly consider them mindless. Rather, I would suggest that they have placed more hope, passion, and heart – and given much more study, time and energy- into their team than the average (or even the above average) “so-called” Christian has in their “team” (the church), their “rule book” (the Word of God), and their “Coach” (Jesus Christ). With so much of their “heart, soul and mind” being poured into their sport, these sports fans’ bursts of excitement and cheering are naturally an expression of the overflow of what they have “fed” themselves over time. It’s WHO THEY ARE! That’s true devotion! (It could be a beautiful thing, if it was for an eternal purpose.) O that I would look like such a fan of Jesus- jersey and all!

    Which leads me to ask then, how do you account for your “head banging, laughing, and geeking out”? Are these not actions which should be sanctified? Do they fall outside of the parameters of “worship time”?
    Hey, don’t get me wrong brother, I was once an avid head-banger, still LOVE to laugh, and … well, not much for “geeking out”. But I just ask how YOU choose to decide when it is ok to dance and wave flags, head-bang or geek out, if ALL we do is to be worship to our Lord?
    (Get this! I have learned to worship God in doing my housework; in changing a poopy diaper; in having tea with my Muslim neighbor. I am not a pastor or a musician or a football player; I am a stay-at-home mom…. who dances in the living room once in a while when I blast praise music, or hymns – yes, even hymns- out of my stereo.)

    I am in no way suggesting that we disrespect those leaders in our church who have worked hard (bringing their fruit of hours- even years- of study, labor and gifting) to serve their congregations. But remember that they are not – and not even their great service – the “item” of worship. They are not receiving their glory from man, but will receive their reward in Heaven. They are responsible to be worshiping as they lead us in worship- not merely acting out their hours and hours of practice. And each of us will be held accountable for the way we did or did not worship the ONE Who deserves all our praise and adoration at all times.

    As for opinions, it’s your blog. I’m just saying.

    🙂 Tanya

    • Welcome Tanya! It’s always good to have visiting Mennonites on the blog!
      I’m thinking that you’re mishearing me; I was suggesting that the typical celebration of football is mindless. I don’t think that most worship in charismatic churches is mindless. It could usually be more thoughtful, but it’s not mindless.

      I also wasn’t saying that “worship is a discipline”, but rather that proper worship involves time, preparation and effort, and is active. Watching football does not; you simply sit back passively and scream when your team scores.

      There is precious little parallel between the celebration of football and the worship of Yahweh in anything but the most general and vague ways. Sure they both involve the emotions, books (of some sort), and hot speech designed to stimulate the participants to aspire to lofty feats. The comparison is feeble, which is only what I was getting at.

      I don’t head-bang, laugh or geek out in church thinking that these activities are appropriate in church. I’m not sure why you would think that I would ever consider any of these (outside of occasional laughter) appropriate to a church service…and I am talking about waving flags (and playing fish–shaped tambourines) in a church service, hence I original wrote “in church”. I don’t see any charismatic folks doing that outside the church. I was not using the word “worship” in the “all of life” sense.

      You’re free to waves flags; I still do not and am not bothered if you do.

      I’m glad that you glorify God with all the activities that occur outside the church!

    • Just finished reading the interestin perspectives above and then flipped over to my bible reading plan for today and got these passages for a start. Thought it was worth sharing to remind us of the rich variety God has created for so many things, worship included.
      “Praise the LORD! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heaven! Praise him for his mighty works; praise his unequaled greatness! Praise him with a blast of the ram’s horn; praise him with the lyre and harp! Praise him with the tambourine and dancing; praise him with strings and flutes! Praise him with a clash of cymbals; praise him with loud clanging cymbals. Let everything that breathes sing praises to the LORD! Praise the LORD!”
      ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭150:1-6‬ ‭NLT‬‬

      • Yeah. God has created a world that is chalked full of variety. That variety finds its way into the church in innumerable ways, and it is wonderful when it does.

        What does your comment have to do with the perspective above?

        Does Psalm 150:1-6 suggest that anyone can do whatever they want in church and rightly call it “worship”?

  4. Hey Lyndon,
    What a small world this internet is. I was looking for some reviews of this book by Jersak and found your blog. Love it! So I go to find out about who is the blogger and it is this MB guy who pastors at Cornerstone Community Church. I just fell off my chair. “I know him!”. My wife and I was at your installation service at the invitation of Keon. I will definitely bookmark your blog. Great stuff. I agree with your assessment of the MB church. It is not easy to stand in the gap.

    John Chan

  5. Hey Lyndon,
    I am a former “Westwooder” and really enjoyed your conversation on their website, with the head pastor. I have been trying to get a read of the direction it is heading and I thank you for helping me see that.

    It is not just MB churches that are seeming to throw historical/grammatical hermenuetics out the door and it is a “fight” my husband and I engage in with our denomination, so it is nice to see others trying to keep the wolves at bay as well. When did Jesus become not enough? 🙂 more more more is what we hear.

    Anyways, nice to see you are fighting the good fight. MacArthur is my favorite, how nice you got a face to face with him. We just listen to his sermons on the internet, you know, when we want a little bible based preaching.


    • Thanks for the comment Cheryl! I have been running into a lot of ex-Westwooders recently! I had admittedly forgot about that interaction, so I went back and posted something new. I’m really curious as to why Mark cannot seemingly answer a straightforward question…?!?

      What denomination are you engaged with? Are you in the Vancouver area? I’m always up to meet like minded believers!

      It’s sad, but I think the hermeneutical fight is going on everywhere these days. Soon I’ll be such a dinosaur, I won’t be able to find a church to work in! Imagine how weird it will be one day to find a church with a pastor who *gasp* actually believes the entirety of the scriptures?

      You’re right to point to the sufficiency of Christ, and it’s strange how people that are supposed to think so highly of Jesus end up giving him such little attention in practice. It’s such a strange idea that many don’t think that the creator and sustainer of the universe who has given you all things necessary for life and godliness cannot help you with “real problems”.

      And fighting the good fight? Well, that’s consoling. I wish I wasn’t having to fight people that I love and care about.

      Keep on reading MacArthur, and I’d definitely recommend checking out “Our Sufficiency in Christ” if you haven’t. It’s the book that really changed a lot of my thinking and started me down the road that I’m on.

      Also, if you’re buying books, I’d recommend checking out http://www.gbibooks.com/ (if you don’t know about it already). You don’t need to just buy MacArthur, but everything in that bookstore is read and evaluated for content by seminary geeks. You don’t need to let your guard down, but almost everything in that bookstore is great AND they ship to Canada!

  6. Thanks for the book site. My husband and I will definately check it out and next time I am in Vancouver I’ll come say hi 🙂 I think we might even have been at Briercrest at the same time or maybe we came shortly after, but I was a “mature” student .

    It is nice to know that when I visit Vancouver, I can go to a church that preaches from the bible. We also believe that a time is coming when we will be called haters because we believe in sola scriptura.I call it the absurdity of our reality and totally believe we are living in the last days.

    We live our lives in light of eternity and because of that, it hurts us too to have to reason with people we love, who follow popular heretical authors more faithfully than the inspired word of God. We’ve been met with both positive and negative reactions. Even though we speak in love and point people to the bible, ultimately it is their choice. God will honor all our choices.

    So I encourage you to keep going and you will now be part of my prayers.

    • Oh wow! A Westwood and a Briercrest connection? I was at Briercrest from 1995-99 and from 2001-2004.

      Anytime you’re in Vancouver, you’re more than welcome to come and fellowship with us.

      As for being hated for believing sola scriptura, that time is already here. There are quite a few people in the MB conference that are verbally outspoken against the idea of sola scriptura or inerrancy, and those people don’t really understand the theological underpinnings for either.

      This was well born out in an interaction I had with an MB intelligencia 7 years ago that is here: http://www.mbforum.ca/topic/137.html

      Things have only gotten worse since then, and now those confused young ‘intellectuals’ are getting positions of conference power and pastorates because the old wolves need replacements and won’t have any gospel preaching youngin’ come in and shanghai their efforts to sink the ship when they’re so close to success.

      Thanks for your prayers and encouragment.

      1 Tim. 6:11-16.

  7. “I’m a prairie chicken who’s eternally broke and who’s booklist grows longer, no matter what I do.”

    “Who’s” is a contraction of “who is”. The possessive is “whose”, as in “whose booklist grows longer.”

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  9. Lyndon,
    I have really enjoyed and appreciated your blog. I am a lifelong MB (California) and am very concerned about the direction our denomination is going, particularly the Christian Leader and our institutes of higher education. A few friends and I are trying to research what is being taught and sound the alarm to our friends and family in the church. I was wondering if you would be willing to share some of your experiences and wisdom with us?A few of the issues we are concerned about include Penal Substitutionary Atonement, Catholicism, Spiritual Formation, Universalism and Biblical inerrancy and historicity. It would take to long to cover all that we have learned so far here, but I would really appreciate if you would be willing to email and share with us. Thanks again and keep up the good fight!

    • Sheri, thanks for your comments and concerns.

      I’ve heard it said that everyone sees the sin in others, few see the sin in themselves, but almost nobody sees the sin in their religion.

      In the case of the trajectory of the MB conference, that’s definitely the case.

      I’d be willing to talk to you (or anyone else), but even if you successfully sound the alarm, there’s no system or people in place that have sufficient power to really do much.

  10. Hi there, I’m just trying to figure out something that I’ve been hearing and would like to know what the biblicar aspects are, if there are any. I’m a fairly ne believer. What is your opinion on the “prosperity Gospel” and if it’s true, what scripture is there that backs it up/or if not true, the same thing.

    • I put up a post for you on this subject. I did a real-in depth book review a while ago on a prosperity gospel book called “Debt Blasters”, and it contains some of the common ideas. I’ve put it on the front page for you. Feel free to toss questions up about the prosperity gospel on that post.

  11. Good day,

    A scripture comes to mind, “In the last days people will say don’t eat that, don’t eat this”. I have a husband grounded in the Word thankfully, and not following my whims to accept a diet or method that will “heal” this body. Though I firmly believe there is high importance to pay attention to the body and allow it to tell a person what is good and what is not. God is amazing and he has made wonderful instruments, even the blind, even the lame, all for His purpose and glory. I desire to accept the way God has made me and steadily always
    repair and sharpen the body and spirit. A history of anti depressants, mood stabilizers, hospitalizations, and now 3 and half children later, I still struggle without the aid of pharmaceuticals.

    Science was invented by God, therefore I’d like to appreciate what it reveals in the effects of food on the body and adhere to the latest report. Which causes great turmoil.
    Sugar does cause the body to crave, as well as overgrowth of yeast, and nutrient deficiency, so who or what method could I follow to implement life long changes to guard against this happening.

    The above message was written to a pastor preaching on food on sermon audio. I added it here to get my basis of the email out of the way.

    Since reading your article on AK, my husband and I will be canceling any further appointments with a christian NAET doctor. (Dr. Barnett) We have had food allergies identified via AK including milk, wheat, sugar. We’ve seen eczema, runny noses, as well as itching through the night which woke our 3 children up randomly. You agree there is allergies present. I agree with you gluten free is a fade. I’ve read so many articles about health and diet, i really don’t know what to believe now. GAPS, healing the gut, no grains helps digest food, juicing.

    My main objective is to have a stable mind, and energy to parent my 3 children under 4, and learn how to work with my dips in mood due to hormones.

    So…what diet is fit for us. It’s a hard position, though trusting that God can direct in this world of “answers without God”.

    My comment is scattered, and I’m hoping you will respond where you see fit.

    Thank you!!

    Thanks so much,

    • Janna,
      i’m a baby here so be gentile on me. the wife and i were going down the fat highway and the wife finally decided we needed to change our eating habits. praise God he has a group of folks out there who can help you help yourself. the group is Over Eaters Anonomous 90 – OA-90. They can be a bit querky since most seem to come from the AA tribe and they use the SAME Big Book (AA bible) but substitute Over Eater in place of Alcoholic. the reason for the OA-90 (separate and different from Over Eaters Anonomous) is they are a bit militant and food nazi like. they require you, if you decide to “join” to have a sponsor and you Weigh and Measure each and every bit of allowed food. No processed White stuffs (Sugar, Flour, bread…), no processed foods in general, all natural fruits, vegetables, protein, each weighed and measured at each meal, no between-meal-snacks, eat at specific time periods and the like. the wife lost 60# and fat boy here lost 65#. we had to give away (Salvation Army and City Team Ministry) all our old clothes – all because we started to eat RIGHT. No exercise was done, the fat just melted off and we were eating Tiger Prawns, fresh vegetables and brown and white rice, oatmeal & fruit. check it out, it’s well worth it and you get your life back with zest! God approved in my book.

      now, if you were to look deep into your Bible, God’s Word, you may find some instructions about what to eat and such, but never is there a stop sign at the quantity to eat. so give up eating at the Cheese Cake factory where you meal is served on a 14″ platter and eat right and in the right quantities. you will be suprised. and may God bless you while you are doing the right thing. again, the people in OA-90 are a little different, generally very nice but different, and you can eat yourself into a healthier life in smaller clothes. no more box dinners. also, many of your health problems/issues will go away.

  12. I just wanted to say a quick “Hi” and “Thank You”. I have no idea who you are other than what I’ve read in your recent Driscoll/MacDonald/Strange Fire post and this About Me one. However, I was so blessed by the sheer comedic bent to your theological ramblings that I’ve decided to make you one of only 2 blogs I now follow. Thanks for being who God made you to be. Look forward to reading more! God bless!

    • Thanks for the kind words Mason.

      I’ve always been a goofy guy, but I find that humor can help temper these sorts of conversations that, historically speaking, have more than a few times ended up with one guy being tied up on top of a hay bale and a mob grabbing torches.

      • Amen to that brother! I like both John and Mark and for a long time have just wished they’d get together and sort this out. They seem to talk past each other alot. Anyway, thanks again!

  13. Hey mennoknight,

    I have been reading a few of your things only for a short time. I have been trying to read through all the stuff about Strange FIre.

    I am posting here because I didn’t know where else to post. I would consider myself a soft cessationist because I have not been able to study some of the problem areas (in my mind, anyway).

    I have been talking with a charismatic friend, trying to make the case for cessationism. He has brought up that it is a presupposition we bring to the Bible and that 1 Cor 12-14 is a good indicator on what the Bible says about the continuing gifts. Also that the Bible doesn’t say the gifts ceased, so he’s just going to stick with that because it is the plain reading.

    I sympathize with that view. I don’t think the case for Cess. hinges only on that set of verses.

    But, long story longer…Do you have some resources that deal with the Corinthian passage, either your own or others…Preferably that are not journal or college level reports. 🙂 I just don’t have the time to devote to that. Any help would be helpful.

  14. I don’t know what John showed you but Ronald Reagan I buried at the Reagan Presidential Library behind the south wing overlooking the Santa Rosa Valley. Nancy will eventually be buried next to him. Despite rumors he was not buried behind the Masters Seminary!!!a,

  15. Religion and Science in a turf war on this blog? Who would think such a thing even possible? Is an Atheist a purer Atheist if he or she believes in Evolution? Is a Bible believer is a better Christian if he or she believes in Creationism? How about would Marcus Aurelius enjoy reading Mad Magazine? Would Thorstien Veblen want to be thought of as the last of the big spenders?
    Noah and your (many) points about the movie? Where should I start?
    If one understands much about the distribution of flora and fauna on this planet, then the mysteries surrounding the Biblical account of the flood, or Hollywood’s latest revision of Noah, or The Epic of Gilgamesh matter little. All end up ignoring the same question.
    Think about it this way, where are the Australian Tigers? If you answer “In Australia of course” then you might as well believe in anything you want. Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus etc. would all be as real as an Australian Tiger.
    On the other hand, if you understand that (other than Humankind and the Dingo Dog) the are no native placental mammals on the continent of Australia, you can begin to understand the question.
    Wouldn’t a more salient observation be, just how in the world did all these different animals end up where they are now after the flood?
    Once off of the Ark, did the polar bear and the penguin bid a fond farewell to each other saying, I’ll see you in a Coca Cola commercial some day, as each headed for opposite poles of the Earth? Other than in zoos, no polar bear has ever seen a penguin, and vise versa in their respective natural settings. Are there any problems for the Biblical account of Noah and modern taxonomists? Animals two by two? Not correct for at least two reason. In the Biblical account clean animals were brought by 7. Now, not only a chicken and egg problems exists with the command about getting clean animals coming before the information about which ones were clean did, but even today there is no absolutely complete listing of clean animals that a taxonomist could provide to a practicing Rabbi. What, Noah had the list and lost it? Second, two by two? Really? Biology 101? No one has heard of parthenogenesis? There are many sorts of animals that have no male counterpart and reproduce only asexually. Where was the male whiptail lizard on the Noah’s Ark? Oh well, he fell off the boat and that’s why whiptail lizards have no male mates, right? Come on! We’re back to the tooth fairy again? There are other animals that are either functioning hermaphrodites, like most snails, or change sexes female to male or male to female, like wrasse fish do.
    “If you recognize that unbelief is a state and not the fruit of a rational process.”
    Am I to conclude that in your perspective I am simply not rational if I (or anyone really) happen(s) to see the Biblical account of the flood as purely allegorical and in absolutely no way an even remotely possible, or even plausible, literal event?
    Would it be an easy thing to sell any of the versions of the many flood accounts to native peoples extant several thousand years ago in the Arctic or Antarctic versus people of the living in more arid regions? Let me see, a flood came along and the whales, seals, walrus, sea lions, porpoise, dugongs and sea otters drown. Or yes, an Ark was built because vast miles deep ice sheets don’t float. Even a possible sell to the people near the poles? Put me in the doubtful column.

    • Why is this comment on my “about me” page? Please move it to the Noah post and I’ll respond in that thread. Just copy and paste the text and I’ll delete it here; it won’t make much sense being here in a few months after the “Noah” hype has died down.


  16. Hi! I am just suspicious. Do you really promote Carol’s Trail of Blood? Baptist Bride? Bloodline of John something? I find it separatistic, unscholarly, and somewhat cultic. Can you clear me on that. I have an office mate who is from Lighthouse Baptist Church and she always mention me this.

      • Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

        Last night I attended a Lighthouse Baptist home Bible study. The pastor was teaching about The True Church – Matthew 7:13-27. He said that “the” true church is marked by persecutions of Christians since the birth of the Church and troughout church history – thus there is a trail of blood. Then he mentioned that there is a line, or a trace, or like a genealogy of Christians or rather group of Christians who are in this lineage -and they are “the” lineage of the true Christians – which is the “true Baptists” – their linage. It includes the following groups: Montanists, Puritans, Paulicans, Arnoldists, Waldenses,- the Anabaptists. This is where he presented the “Trail of Blood” Teaching (with a diagram by James Milton Carol). Hence, last night it sounded to me like they are the only ones saved basing on the diagram.

        Here is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Trail_of_Blood. Try to read the explanation below the diagram.

        When I researched on this, I find it somewhat far fetched from Church History and the presentation is not comprehensive but rather selective and biased. Since I have read that Anabaptists and Mennonites are closely connected, I wanted to ask you to please try to explain if your church is aware of this claim – Trail of Blood. And perhaps you could illuminate me on your view of this as I wanted to explain this to my officemate and our BS group.

        Here is another helpful link: http://www.covenantlegacy.com/tag/heresy/

        Thanks and God bless you!

        • Well, for starters Matthew 7:13-27 isn’t about “The True Church” since the church didn’t even exist at the time Jesus gave the sermon on the mount. That alone should make you wonder what kinda scripture twisting is going on…

          Also, calling all the persecuted Christians across history “true Baptists” is rather anachronistic since many of those groups would have rejected some of the beliefs that Baptists hold as distinctives (i.e. believers baptism). Never mind that some of those groups (like the Montanists) were heretical cults. You may want to read up on some of those groups and look at some of the things they taught, then ask yourself if they would be welcome to teach their distinctive doctrines (like infant baptism, Calvinism, amillennialism, etc.) in your church.

          Anyone who reads a contemporary denomination (like Baptists) back into church history is either not being honest or is a…uh…confused and gullible person who lacks critical thinking skills.

          Just two thoughts before bed.

  17. Thanks for the light! Now I know what was going on that night. Well, since you just mentioned, if I were to understand and explain Matthew 7:13-27, what should be my context so that I would not mislead people and twist it to conform my view?

    And if Calvinism is about TULIP? I am just wondering, what would make it heretical in a sense. John MacArthur, I believe, upholds those points.

    Sorry if I am not that theological. I just need some insights. Thanks again!

  18. Came over from Pyro, but actually I’ve read you a bit on The Cripplegate. I’ve been here before once or twice, but didn’t make the connection (or if I did, I quickly forgot). Keep up the good work. BTW, your link to the interaction you had with the MB intelligencia didn’t work. If you have another link or record of it, that will be helpful (I’ll try the archives). Of course, maybe the people over there don’t want it to work, anyway.

  19. I know you have a lot on your plate, but I wanted to ask about something, and perhaps it’s something you may have already answered but I overlooked. I have yet to actually read much from anyone in the believer’s community weighing in on it. The one’s I have asked simply don’t understand what it means, so no one expresses much concern. It seems that GMO gets more ink.
    It has been almost one year since the announcement that “The first organism with an expanded genetic code had been made” http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v509/n7500/nature13314/metrics/news?message-global=remove. The “alphabet” of A & T & C & G have a new base pair (X & Y) courtesy of modern science. It is unlikely that the Bible mentions anything cautionary about genetic manipulation since no one would have had any concept of a genetic code, other than a vague notion from breeding livestock or from cultivated plants perhaps.
    What is life then if there is a new point of “creation”. New organisms are to be made that are not just chimeras of some existing life form, but entirely new ones, with a fundamentally different genetic code. More Orwellian than Orwell could have imagined perhaps?

    • Well, Bart Ehrman assumes his philosophy of history, as well as his theology, and bends the facts to fit.

      Ehrman is to Biblical studies what Deepak Chopra is to endocrinology, and what Richard Dawkins is to zoology.

      At some time in the past he had SOMETHING to do with it, but that was decades ago now. Now it’s all about prostituting the credibility he once had for the noble purpose of selling theological snake oil to fools for vast sums of money.

      • Yes, I understand who he is and his history. But the fact he has once again been given attention on NPR begs an answer for those who might be subject to what they consider to a “reasonable” argument.

        Unfortunately we now live in a world that false doctrine and false teachers thrive. And every time they are allowed to expose their heretical beliefs needs a response from those qualified to do so.

        Non-believers use repetition, just like Madison Ave, to indoctrinate the lost. And I believe it is up to Christian leaders to respond even though it might seem to be old hat to them. That’s not the case with all of those being subjected to it.

  20. Richard Dawkins is to zoology? Besides Dawkins being an avowed atheist and an unquestioned evolutionist, what else are you trying to connect here? Comparing and contrasting Dawkins with the likes of Linnaeus and his apostles?

  21. in the process of searching out what the dickens a nieghbor gave me to read, I found your blog. The Shack was the book loaned to me…along with a quote from The Passion and an offer to use essential oils on me to “balance” the vertigo that had me dizzy.
    her attempts at being neighborly introduced me to New Age thinking and New Apostolic Reformation thinking. all smelled of stinkin thinkin to me. facepalm!
    finding your humor & your data good reading. thank you for putting in the effort!

  22. We had a friend of my wifes come over the other night from the BC interior. My wife invited the former girls of this lady’s bible study to come for a surprise visit and dinner with her. After everyone left she began to tell us of her real born again experience and about Brad Jersak, and his Gospel Chairs video I should watch. After reading some stuff about his doctrines on your site I’m not so sure I will. I told her I’ve been following Andrew Wommacks teachings for a about a year now and we had attended Andrews Family Conference in Colorado, at their Charis Bible College location which I thought was quite good. You might want to have a listen to him, if you haven’t as yet.

  23. Just stumbled across your site today. Am a big fan of the Anabaptists. They seemed to get best up by everyone. Although I’m not a fan of the asceticism, come to Mennonites, their scholarship and integrative living is laudable.

    There is an article published in 1994 by Paul Heibert on set theory as it relates to Missiology. Center sets are contrasted with bounded sets in Heibert’s analogy. The book containing this article is called, “Anthropological Reflections on Missiological Issues.” I don’t recommend it to often to friends for obvious reasons but it might produce some interesting fruit with someone with your interests and grasp.

  24. The most concerning part of all that was the fact you went for a walk with John Macarthur.

    I imagine if I wasn’t such a ‘slave’ for Jesus, and no one was watching…

    I might lay him beside old Reagan and allow his loadship salvation nonsense to die alongside.

    But I wouldn’t really do that, because I’m a true, genuine believer.

    and we’re all perfect!

    • Whatever personal pain and offense you’ve suffered at the hands of whoever it is that hurt you, please don’t joke about murdering fellow believers…or anyone for that matter.

      That’s just unbecoming of anyone who claims to be a Christian, regardless of whatever theological bee is buzzing around in your bonnet.

    • You did.

      Don’t play.

      “I imagine if I wasn’t such a ‘slave’ for Jesus, and no one was watching…

      I might lay him beside old Reagan and allow his loadship salvation nonsense to die alongside.”

      I don’t know you from a cup of coffee. You may think that your tone was obvious, but I’ve been online long enough to learn to never assume tone. Your words were your own, and the meaning they communicated (albeit on the surface), was fairly obvious.

      Why you said, albeit tongue-in-cheek, is that if you weren’t such a fantastic Christian, you’d have murdered MacArthur and placed in alongside Reagan in the grave.

      The statement wasn’t opaque.

      I’m guessing you don’t joke about other serious things: rape, pedophilia, slavery, etc.

      If so, you probably shouldn’t joke about murder too. I’m guessing that you did so because of certain permissions you grant yourself due to your strong feelings about the issue of Lordship Salvation.

  25. Hello mennoknight, thank you so much for your wellwritten and witty blog. I find it really helpful! For four years ago I left a charismatic church. I stayed with them for 15 years. The past four yeas has taken me further with Jesus than the 15 years with “Toronto Blessing” and all what accompanied that. But it has also been some of the loneliest years in my life. I need to meet up with some sound christians. I hope
    it´s ok I use your blog to put up a advert for friendship?! I am swedish, but I live in the Copenhagen area (Denmark). I need to be part of a healthy community. Thanks. And God bless. Anne.

  26. I appreciate your website and the fact that their is still a couple discerning Mennonites out there. I was just wondering if you know of Rob des Cotes, Imago Dei and their teachings. I go to a church where between emerging church and contemplative stuff (Scot Mcknight was at our church in the past, Brad Jersak is coming to our community in a while, and Rob des Cotes around then as well) we cannot seem to get enough garbage. I am glad to see that I am not the only one that is concerned.

  27. How do we contact you? I need to find a Mennonite Church that has some comprehension of the Complete Writings of Menno Simons.

    • Well, you can simply post comments and I’ll see them. I don’t think your search will be too fruitful. I don’t know of anyone with any interest in the writings of Menno Simons…at least who have any thoughts worth sharing.

      Why are you searching for that?

      • In the past, I went to a “Mennonite ” church and became a member. It was connected to a very large conference which defined marriage from a biblical Adam and Eve belief. Then the conference moved to redefine marriage. This is when I started to read Menno Simons complete writings and discovered many other lost beliefs such as being pious, non resistent, penitent, and denouncing sin where being left out of the church teachings. I left that church immediately and have been hoping to find a real “Mennonite” church that really has a real comprehension of the truths that our ancestors believed. Today progressive churches are redefining everything and it has no biblical reference to it at all.

  28. Thanks for the article on God Is Not Dead 2 (and on the first movie). Your insights are greatly appreciated. As a pastor and Bible college instructor for over 40 years, I’ve certainly witnessed the weakness of today’s Christianity. Your mention of some people being distressed because the churches aren’t preaching the Scriptures relates to a recent experience of my own.

    A couple visited our church and I chatted with them afterward. They said, “We’ve been looking for a new church, but this is the first one we’ve found that actually preaches the Bible.” That brought tears to my eyes. What on earth are people hearing? Pop psychology, interesting stories, entertaining music. It all may draw a crowd, but it’s not what we need. (That couple has been attending regularly since the day of their visit.) Robert Cottrill

    • Thanks for your thoughts and kind words!

      It is truly a travesty that so many folks cannot find a church that holds the Scriptures high and the God of the Scriptures higher!

  29. Hello Mennoknight,
    I am looking for a good book that will actually tell me what Menno Simons and the early Mennonites believed and am just wondering if there are any you would recommend.

  30. hello,
    if you call torben ‘Sondergaard´s Message “Gospel plus” (I didn´t find this word in all his publications),
    than you must have a “Gospel minus”!!

    Anna Marie

    • I closed the comments on that section, but you just HAD to come over here to deliver your one-liner?

      What a zinger.

      He doesn’t call his own message “Gospel Plus” in anything he says because he thinks he is actually preaching the Gospel.

      He’s not.

      He adds to the Gospel and twists the focus of the Gospel to be something sub-biblical. That’s why I called his message “Gospel Plus”.

      I think you might have missed that blatantly obvious point, which makes me wonder of you read the article.

  31. I appreciate your writings. I live in Georgia and homeschool my 5 year old twin girls, I’m 46, and trying to find my way to the right church. I say right, as in the truth, because there is a smorgasbord of options and voices screaming for me to buy their goods, that their way and their church is pure as God intended. I searched Jentzen Franklin at Free Chapel out of curiosity because that church is near me north of Atlanta, Georgia, looking for information on generational curses. A homeschool Christian mother passed along information to me about that subject which sounded like nonsense and cultural so I thought I’d get to the bottom of what the bible says on it. Well, your blog came up and I’ve been reading it for two 2 hours. I have attended 12Church for a few years and just feel it is not the right place for our family, so where will we find a community of believers in the word of God? I found 12Stone on your top 50 churches. Interesting. I also found Free Chapel, and that was enlightening too because I have visited it several times. I feel I’m at a cross-point in my life and feel very lost and not connected to a home church that I trust and is not a false teacher, etc. as you describe. My question is what kind of church, what fellowship of people, here in North Georgia would you recommend, any thoughts or leads? My second question is what would you tell me about generational curses? I have never reached out to a stranger on line about the most important decision as a Christian that I can bring to my family, but I felt led to ask you. I appreciate in advance your kind thoughts on my sharing here. Thank you again for your writings.

    • Hey Christina,

      Thanks so much for being brave and reaching out; that must have been a bit frightening!

      It’s always amazing how people find my stuff and where the connections end up. I’m not from the US and have never been to Georgia, but I do have some connections in north Atlanta. I’ve asked them and one of them would love to connect with you and help you out. If you send me Facebook friend request, I can connect you both.

      As for the generational curse stuff, feel free to ask whatever questions you want! I’ve got a few more posts that will be coming to help work through the generational curse stuff, but I can always answer specific questions.


  33. Thanks so much for your insights. I used some of your material on Torben Søndergaard and The Last Reformation on my own blog RevolutionforJesus.com. I don’t find many commentators who have woken up to the fact that doctrinally he is way off base. And once having been in Christian cult myself I quickly recognised it as such, but unfortunately my own son cannot see it and disagrees with me. I wonder why when we are young (in the Lord) that we are so much more easily influenced by such ideas? It is subtle, but that is often the case. Anyway keep up keeping on for Jesus.

  34. Hi. Interesting bio. Since you seem to be quite learned and sincere I would like to ask you to answer a couple of question that are plaguing me. First a bit of my own background. I have been search for the answer to the question that most people ask themselves at some point in their life. Why am I here? It has been a serious search spanning 3 decades. I devoured book apon book. All the major religions, major and minor philosophers, self help books and frankly anything that I deemed might help in my search. I attended all types of philosophical and religious seminars. One day not so long ago I picked up for the umpteen time my small Gideons New Testament and started over again. At John 14 something started to happen and as I read I started sobbing uncontrollably till I finished John 16. I understood, not just understood but I got it. I really got it. I know now in my heart the Jesus is the son of God, that he is the Savior, why he came and why he was crucified and that only to God is thru Jesus Christ. All the times I ever read those same chapters nothing and suddenly jesus was revealed to me. It was clear that first I need to get baptized in water since I have never been. So here’s the first question. I have long hair always in a short pony tail. Do I have to cut my hair short in order for the baptism to be real? Paul makes mention of hair in Corrinthians and some evangelists say I must and others say I don’t since after all Jesus was supposed to have lengthy hair. But of course you know this so your interpretation please. The other question on baptism, can anyone Christian baptize me or if a charlatan does it though I think this person is Christian will it be of no use and I will not be in position to receive salvation? The reason I ask is that my baptism will be one of the most important things in my life and I am afraid to be deceived by a false person. I sometimes thing it might be better to do nothing then to do it wrong. Though I know I must be baptized in Jesus name. Please help.


    • Hey Alan, thanks for the brave reaching out to me, and PRAISE THE LORD that he has brought you to your conviction about Christ.

      It’s definitely great to get baptized and I’ll give you two brief responses to your questions:

      1. Don’t fret about your long hair. A pony tail certainly won’t invalidate your baptism. Paul mentions hair in 1 Cor 11:1-16, and verse 10 is the interpretive key to that passage. The question in Corinth had to do with rebellion against gender roles (or indications of submission to those roles), and long hair was a universal sign of femininity in the Roman empire. Women who cut their hair were boldly declaring open rebellion against the God who created them. The modern equivalent to cutting the hair in Corinth would be something like cross dressing. My series on modesty has a lot of information about Roman hair and femininity in it (link to the series is on the menu bar)

      2. Baptism isn’t dependent on who performs it, but in the church it’s typically a rite that is associated with membership into a local church, so a pastor or elder of a local church is the person who usually does it. You could have anyone do it, though it would be wise to find a local church that you want to attend and get the pastor to perform the baptism.

      If you let me know what country/city you live in, I can try to help you find a decent church and save you the “church roulette” that many people find so frustrating.

  35. Alan, If you truly trust the Lord Jesus Christ there is nothing more to do to be saved. Cutting your hair, or being dunked in water cannot do anything for your eternal soul. Jesus came to set us free from law and bondage (John 8:36). Certainly you can be baptised in front of the local assembly of believers as a witness to them of your faith in Christ but the water does nothing spiritually. You might get a bit cleaner physically. I recommend you read https://biblescienceforum.com/2015/08/31/noahs-ark-and-salvation/ and https://revolutionforjesus.com/2016/08/07/salvation-is-simple/

  36. Guys. Seriously. First of all this guy is a mennonite. The very core of his belief system is fundamentally different than everything else. A mennonite follows the teachings of a man and that man is Menno Simmons. That’s just as dangerous as a Calvinist. One who follows the teachings of John Calvin who actually burned people at the stake.

    I too have been a member of Highlands for four years but I’m going to say something that’s going to be unpopular. No one should be a Hodges follower either and I believe that he would be the first one to tell you that. So what. A random mennonite from Canada has a problem with a church that’s 2700 miles away. None of this matters.

    Knowing God, Finding Freedom, Discovering Purpose and Making a Difference is all that matters and leading others to do the same is the only thing that matters. Yeah, there are a ton of people at Highlands that I know that are living two lives. One on Sunday and one the rest of the time. Congratulations, you just summarized the vast majority of cultural Christians in the world.

    Here’s the deal. There is NOTHING that is good outside of God. We don’t need Highlands members, Hodge’s followers, Mennonites, Calvinist, David Platt followers, Andy Stanley followers. This is the same thing Paul rebuked the church at Corinth for. Follow Jesus and be plugged into a local body of believers. Anything else is pointless. Quit attacking this guy because he doesn’t like the club you’re in or better yet ignore him which is what 99.9999% of the rest of the world is doing.

    • If I’m 2,700 miles from COTH then you’re 2,700 light years from reality.

      Mennonites follow the teachings of Mennonite Simons?

      I wish someone would TELL them that, cause they’re about as close to the teachings of Menno as Donald Trump is to winning Miss America.

      And Calvinists follow the teachings of Calvin? A guy who died before the tenets of Calvinism even existed? Really? Do you think butterflies are flies made of butter?

      I addressed the publicly available teaching of a public person:. Hodges posts his sermons on the web and therefore presents his stuff to the world.

      If someone interacts with what he says and provides argumentation about the truthfulness of his claims, claiming that it’s motivated by personal preference is simply a rather obvious distraction tactic.

      I believe I’ve called that the “Goodyear Blimp” defense.

  37. Hey man. Just read this. I just wanted you to know that although I disagree with you (perhaps a lot), I like you. That may not be worth a whole lot to you, but there you have it.

    I’d love to hear your feedback on my other comment (on Jersak), but if you don’t feel like it I can respect that.

    ~ Christopher

  38. There is very good source material on Modest Apparel available from Free Grace Broadcaster, available in print or on-line, publication #216 contains the following:
    A Crying Sin of Our Age – A. W. Pink (1886-1952)
    A Return to Modest Apparel – Jeff Pollard
    Accessories to Adultery – Robert Spinney
    Avoiding Immodest Fashions – Vincent Alsop (1630-1703)
    Christian Modesty – Jeff Pollard
    Our Royal Apparel – C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892)
    Symptoms of Bodily Pride – John Bunyan (1628-1688)
    Thinking Like a Christian about Modest Apparel – Robert Spinney
    Too Much, Too Little, Too Tight – Robert Spinney
    Your Clothing Reveals Your Heart – Richard Baxter (1615-1691)

  39. Lyndon

    I love your teachings sir.
    I have a question … in one of your videos you stated that ONLY Jesus, apostles and prophets performed healings in the New Testament. I’ve posted this and taken severe criticism for it. What about Phillip the Evangelist?

    Sincerely, Pete Hommersen

    • Greetings Pete!

      Thank you so much for the kind and gracious words…I’ve been away from this blog for around a month and a half and forget that people ever read this or get anything out of it!

      When you mention Phillip the Evangelist, I assume that you’re referring to the events recorded in Acts 8:4-8?

      The question becomes determining whether the Phillip of Acts 8:4-8 was the Phillip mentioned in 6:5 (who started helping the daily distribution of food a few weeks before Stephen was stoned) or Phillip the disciple/apostle (who we see throughout the gospels and is the only other option).

      Some people just assume that “Phillip” of Acts 8:4 is the “Phillip” of 6:5, but I cannot figure out why. Stephen was killed (and his inclusion in the rest of Chapter 6-7 is set up with his brief description of “a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit”), and everyone else BUT Phillip (Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, Nicolaus) is not mentioned again anywhere. I think that Acts 21:8 qualifies Phillip the Evangelist with the phrase “who was one of the seven” because we haven’t encountered him again since Acts 6, and the Bible let’s us know. He’s not “Phillip the evangelist, who (insert story that clearly links him with any detail anywhere in Acts chapter 8)”. He’s Phillip, “who was one of the seven”. That’s linking him back to Acts 6, not Acts 8.

      I’d argue that a strong case can be made that the “Phillip” mentioned in 8:4-8 is the “Phillip” of the 12 disciples, not the “Phillip” who was appointed for the daily distribution of food in Acts 6. It’s not a flawless argument, but it makes a ton more sense than the alternative.

      I also beg patience as I’m horribly sick and haven’t slept in several days. I apologize if this isn’t as clear as it could be.

  40. Lyndon

    I absolutely love your Bible teachings.
    I watched a video in which you stated that NO healings in the New Testament were performed by other than Jesus, apostles and prophets.
    I posted that on my social media page and received heavy criticism.
    My question: What about Phillip the Evangelist? He was neither a prophet or apostle.

    Sincerely, Pete Hommersen

  41. You are so wrong with your understanding of a church’s purpose for believers and non-believers. I’m praying you’ll find peace, joy and understanding in your life and ministry.

  42. We are praying for wisdom and blessings to you and your family at Church of the Highlands!

  43. Mr. Unger,
    Thank you for your great work, it is super helpful. I wanted to ask about your blog back in 2013
    Words in the Word – So What Exactly is “Holy Fire”? you were way ahead of all the nonsense we are seeing. What is your process for reuse of your blog post. I have a few bee hives I’d like to kick because unfortunately have a host of people I know that are enamored with this “Holy Fire” movement which as you have written so well is balderdash. Blessings!

  44. Question. Whenever one takes it upon himself to put another pastors teaching , beliefs,etc.under the microscope using Biblical criteria one must stay faithful to the historical and doctrinal context of the scripture that he is using in order to combat/refute what he may disagree with. This is where the law of hermeneutics ( art and science of interpreting the Bible )needs to be exercised in order to exegete the text to receive the meaning and then applying a 2000 year old verse in a 21st century American culture context MUST be applied.So how can one refute and call out this Pastor while at the same time use scripture as your argument and ratification of your accusation but all the while neglecting the laws that govern how you can and cannot use scripture. In short, anyone can make the Bible say what they want. I see possible minor misunderstanding & simply wrong interpretation of scripture is not HERESY.I see no corruption of essential orthodox doctrine. Furether more , to those who oppose this pastor and his collection of funds to fulfill the purpose of the church God has commissioned him to labor and toil I wonder if his pastoral accusers fleece their own flocks by instructing them to the unholy practice of tithing. Wonder if the so misinterpreted scripture of ALL time has been used by this accuser?we’ve all heard it. Malachi the Prophet. “ you have robbed me declared the lord ,in tithes and offerings” . Pastors use this OLD COVENANT,MOSAIC law to plague their congregations with guilt so they will release 10% of their own money into a church business account to pay salaries, projects, extra staff, buildings, budgets and programs and then after all the money comes in the board of directors ( which cannot be found in scripture either) decides how the people’s money supposedly owned by GOD will spend it. This is a true and pathetic doctrine that plagues the poor illiterate American church as their pastors keep on fleecing the flock and preaching this false doctrine. We must remember Christ abolished the law along with its rules and regulations. There were over 613 mosaic laws that Israel was commanded to obey through Christ they were all abolished,ALL. Oh yeah, sorry,all of it except the tithe. And according to their teaching if you don’t bring the tithe to the “store house”( which they say is the church- ( pathetic exegesis of the text) then you are robbing God. hmmmm. Now let’s assess this theological perception. First Christ abolished the law (ALL OF IT) which was a total of 613 laws EXCEPT tithing! If you exegete the text of Malachi God brought a charge of robbery to those who did not bring it to the store house( in the TEMPLE, not a church building).The tithe was FOOD not money set apart primarily for the Levite’s who life long job was to minister in the Temple unto the lord. Money is mentioned over 40 times during the tithe era so the old trick ,false teaching that gods people didn’t have money so they used animals and crops to give instead is FALSE.Deuteronomy 14.Also if monetary tithing today were true many people would be severely guilty of robbing God not man. Wouldn’t they be worse than bank robbers, burgulars , shoplifters? After all they are robbing GOD not man, such a higher offense. According to Paul such a person is an idolator and should be excommunicated from the flock to protect the purity and doctrine of the church. One last point. Say tithing is a Christ era dynamic. where does God command us to put HIS money into a church business account for the pastor and the board( which the board cannot be found in the Bible because god has never sanctioned it) to decide where it goes without your opinion or a open forum and discussion of where the monies should be spent.Pro life clinics,homeless,missions, drug addiction, evangelism, widows,orphans,etc. You wont see American pastors doing that.Before you go after another brother check your own money , trickery schemes that you accomplish by RIPPING his sacred word apart and imputing a doctrine of guilt ridden tithing that establishes a yoke of slavery for those who are not noble BEAREANS! Don’t fleece the flock and put a yoke of slavery around their hearts anymore. Let God’s word be true and every man a liar.

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