Tim Challies “pleads Canadian” on Dispensationalism

My wife and I have an ongoing joke.

When we were first dating, we enjoyed talking about the subtle differences between our two cultures.  She’s American and I’m Canadian, and though people think that Canada is the politer, colder version of the United States, there are a few more differences than manners and climate.  We would always be talking and then one of us would suddenly drop a word that the other didn’t recognize.  One time, it took a trip to to an Office supply store to explain to her exactly what a Duo Tang was.


There was a second, related joke.  Since we were living in the US at the time we were dating and I was the foreigner, I would sometimes pretend to not know what she was talking about and I’d “plead Canadian.”  In other words, I’d feign ignorance and enjoy my girlfriend’s (now wife) shock and awe that I’d never heard of sour cream and onion chips (or whatever it was that we were discussing).  What can I say?  I’m a bit of a stinker.  So why do I bring this up? Continue reading

Cruz campaign proposes highly-volatile government appointments…and creative debt-reduction strategy

The following is a submission I wrote (a while ago) for the Babylon Bee that didn’t get published for obvious reasons.  Still, enjoy:

Houston, TX – Jason Johns, chief strategist for the presidential campaign of senator Theodore Cruz, announced some highly controversial new appointments to the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships in a news conference this week.  Speaking on Thursday, Johns commented on the previous appointment of notorious left-wing personalities to the PACFBNP:

“This week some of us at the Cruz camp were discussing how we’re tired of having the government appoint hippy life coaches, ‘white witches’ and feminist bloggers as our council advocates.  We’d like some properly balanced representation; guys who have a degree in something not related to feminism or gender studies.  If Cruz becomes the president, we can finally do something about this.  That got us thinking.  We know that the liberal crowd hates everything conservative, from churches to chicken sandwiches.  They want to silence conservatives…permanently.  Conservatives are getting really ticked off about getting pushed around too, and would love a chance to push back.  Why not give them all what they want?  Why not use that to generate government revenue?” Continue reading

The Blog Is Officially On Standby

Breaking News

I’m guessing that you were expecting this to be the third installment on my series about generational curses, but the Lord has derailed that train for an indeterminate period of time.  I recently lost my job (due to no moral or ethical failure of my own), and that means that all luxury activities (which basically means “blogging”) are on hiatus for the indefinite future.  I have the third post 3/4 done, but it’s a few hours away from being ready to go and I have several more posts that are in the “rough notes” stage.  Those will all have to wait.

In the meantime, I do have 2 requests:

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Generational Curses Part 2: The Scriptural Support

In the last post, I took an introductory look at the subject of generational curses and explained the two streams of generational curse teaching: hard and soft generational curse theology.  Soft generational curse teaching involves inherited habitual sins (you tend to copy the sins of your parents) but hard generational curse teaching involves discussion of inherited demons/demonic ties/spiritual curses.  I gave a slight look at some of the people who teach both soft and hard generational curse theology, and I aimed a majority of my focus at hard generational curse theology.  For those who are wondering, I did that because soft generational curse theology is just using wrong terms to describe typical Christian experienceit doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that children of alcoholics/thieves/whatever are more likely to follow in the pattern of the negative example that they’re given.   That’s not really the fight I’m interested in pursuing.


I’m interested in the fight against hard generational curse theology; the stuff where people have problems or commit sins due to some sort of spiritual baggage or demonic influence in their lives that is a result of a relative rather than their own sinful or foolish choices.

Want a fresh example of just what we’re talking about?  Continue reading

Oops! Pre-emptive post alert…again!

Due to a preemptive manifestation of artificial sentience in my wife’s personal computer, the second post in my generational curses series posted a day early.  If you got it in your e-mail, RSS feed, or any other service, it was a draft that still needs to be edited and changed before it posts on Wednesday, May 4th.  My wife’s computer fled our house in a stolen car but holed up in an office for the last several hours, having taken several small appliances as hostages.  As I write this it is being eliminated by a military strike force in an effort to prevent further catastrophe.


I apologize for any confusion as to why any readers might have some here looking for a post that is no longer on the page.  I also want to encourage anyone who thinks that they’ve already read it to come back tomorrow and read the updated version.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “what day is it again?” Unger