Seeing that I’ve well over 400 posts on my blog here (and a few of them are possibly worth reading), I thought I’d toss up a new index page to make sorting through my archives easier.  I’m indexing only the posts of some biblical/theological significance, though you’re welcome to peruse my archives to find all my misinformed rants and ideas about everything else.  I’ll try to arrange them by topic and series, and tried to provide a short description.  Please come back to this page often as I’ll be working on it off and on over the next long while.  It has my posts up to and including July 2013 in the index as of right now.


A little exploration of a key apologetics text (an exegetical walk through of 1 Peter 3:15-16)

Don’t Knock the Rock: The Divine Authorship of 2 Peter (a defense of Petrine authorship of 2 Peter)

A Great Response to a GARBAGE argument (responding to the “you’re an atheist with regards to all gods but 1” argument)

Presuppositional Apologetics at Safeway (one example of how presup. goes down ‘on the street’)

What to think or how to think? (a critique of the false dichotomy of “what vs how”)

Thoughts about Boston, Wickedness and God (My efforts at dealing with the “problem of evil” as manifest in acts of terrorism)

Bible Bite: Acts 4:14-21 (A little known but fantastic apologetics text displaying the noetic effects of sin).

Some Thoughts on Some Sad, but Not Uncommon, News (My $0.02 worth on the apostasy of Matt Slick’s daughter, Rachel)

Applied Kinesiology:

Evaluating Applied Kinesiology (a Biblical evaluation of Applied Kinesiology)

Bible Contradictions:

The whole killing vs. murder ‘contradiction’ (deals with the difference between murder and killing in the OT)

BINIB (“Biblical” Ideas Not In the Bible)

God is Love, Right? (a refutation that God’s only, or at least primary attribute, is love)

Biblical Studies/Doctrine of Scripture:

The Bible is the Word of God (a refutation of a common and moronic idea in emergent church theology)

Quick thoughts on the Documentary Hypothesis (a slap in the face evaluation of the horrible JEPD theory and the fools that embrace it).

Book Reviews:

My Review of the Big Three (John Morris III book on creationism)

The Biblical Case for Equality (Arden Thiessen book on Egalitarianism)

Then Sings My Soul (hymn Stories book by Robert Morgan)

Phyllis Tickle against Reality (my brief take on a quote from The Great Emergence).

Two Recent Book Reviews (Heaven is for Real and 90 Minutes in Heaven)

The Stranger on the road to Emmaus (John R. Cross)

Debt Blasters (a prosperity gospel book by Richard & Lindsay Roberts and John Hagee).

Revolution in World Missions (missions book from KP Yohannan)

Cold Case Christianity (J. Warner Wallace’s great apologetics endeavor)

Charismatic Issues:

Yup.  Another Reason Why I Don’t Take Mark Driscoll That Seriously (thoughts on Mark Driscoll calling Cessationists “Worldly”).

Would God Force You To Watch Pornography? (Mark Driscoll and his porno-vision prophecy)

Cessationism and Continuationism and Strange Fire, Oh My: Part 1 (my efforts to set the stage for the upcoming Strange Fire conference by defining Cessationism and Continuationism in broad terms)

Cessationism and Continuationism and Strange Fire, Oh My: Part 2 (my understanding of some of the history behind the upcoming Strange Fire conference)

Cessationism and Continuationism and Strange Fire, Oh My: Part 3 (A resource list for understanding both sides of the charismatic divide)

Cessationism and Continuationism and Strange Fire, Oh My: Part 3.5 (Some thoughts about people who claim that you can only attack a heretic for things they’ve said in the last six months and a look at what actually repenting of teaching error looks like)

Cessationism and Continuationism and Strange Fire, Oh My: Part 4 (My own journey out of the Charismatic Movement)

7 Anvils (The first installment of a planned series that was abandoned as I got sucked into my rather ongoing interaction with Dr. Michael Brown…good news is that much of what I was planning on writing in that series came out in the dozens of posts related to the Strange Fire conference that followed.)

7 Anvils Part 1: The Inspiration of Scripture (Thoughts about how, in practice, a majority of people in the Charismatic movement function with a practical disbelief in the inspiration of scripture.)

Bible Bite: Acts 1:4-5 and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (just like it sounds)

Bible Bite: Eph. 5:18-21 and being filled with the Spirit (just like it sounds)

A Response to Dr. Michael Brown’s Recent Article in Charisma (my first interaction with Dr. Brown).

Dr. Brown Responds to Me (Dr. Brown’s first direct response to my criticisms of his criticisms of the [as then] upcoming Strange Fire conference and book)

A Second Response by Dr. Michael Brown (Dr. Brown’s second direct response to my criticisms)

Some Thoughts on Dr. Brown’s Response to Me (This is where the wheels fell off the cart as I address his defense of his association with Cindy Jacobs)

– The REAL Reason why the Charismatic Movement is Thriving in Africa (A quick post linking to Conrad Mbewe’s now infamous blog post on African Charismatic Witch Doctors).

An Update on the whole Michael Brown/Strange Fire/John MacArthur hullabaloo (The post where I uncovered the now infamous Mike Bickle clips where he says that 80% of the “Holy Spirit manifestations” in the Charismatic movement are obviously false).

All Right.  Let’s Get Down to Brass Tacks (The post where I tossed down the “tokin’ the Ghost” gauntlet and ask both sides of the Charismatic/Cessationist debate why it’s a permissible/impermissible “manifestation” of the Spirit.  Also, the video at the end is awesome.).

The Reason Christianity Needs a Strange Fire Conference (Three reasons the charismatic movement needs an “intervention” from the outside).

Church Issues:

Are you Called to Ministry? (some ideas on the notion of “the call”)

The Missing Link Discovered (thoughts on the importance of church discipline)

Three Questions that are Rarely Asked (why should we be like the church in Acts?)

How I deal with Moronic Questions (thoughts on dealing with obsessive/unstable people)

Rambling on “Second Tier” Ministries (thoughts on the importance of having biblically qualified pastors in all ministries of the church)

Sunday Evening Ramblings (more thoughts on the importance of having competent pastors in all ministries of the church)

A Rant about the state of Youth Ministry (some frustrations and comments about youth ministry in general)

Okay, I’m not crazy but some people might be (my review of Divided and my thoughts on family integrated ministry)

Quick thoughts with help from Tom Chantry (more thoughts on the importance of biblical youth ministry)

Some thoughts on Churches, Pastors and Candidating (reflections from my candidating adventures)

Why I Go to Church (just like it sounds)

The Importance of Righteous Leadership – (quick thoughts on why mature and gifted men of God must be the only option for leading a church)

Contemplative Prayer:

Team Pyro weighs in on Contemplative Prayer (a link to a good e-book on contemplative prayer)


Meredith Kline and the fall of Lucifer (deals with the Gap theory and the fall of Lucifer being “found” in Genesis 2)

What to Richard Dawkins and John Morris III have in common? (comment on foolishly speaking outside one’s realm of expertise)

– The MB Herald vs. the book of Genesis Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 (my response to a series of articles in the MB Herald on Creationism issues)


A Quick Note to Open Discussion on Eschatology (A general overview of my understanding of issues related to the end times)

Some More Thoughts on Eschatology (Another post with more detail on my understanding of issues related to the end times)

Eschatology and the New Atheism (thoughts about atheists and their demands for miraculous verification of the existence of God)

The All-Of-It-Discourse: Evaluating the case for Preterism (just like it sounds)

The Eschatology of 1 & 2 Thessalonians (a comprehensive look at the teaching on eschatology in both Thessalonian letters)

Getting Some Basic Facts Straight About Hell (a biblical overview of the place of eternal suffering).

Exegetical/Biblical Study:

The Coming Misery of the Rich: An Examination of James 5:1-6 (a walk through of that passage)

The Book of Genesis at a Glance (a short summary of the entire book of Genesis)

Merry Christmas (a quick explanation of the Christmas story)

Why Christmas is Merry (21 Biblical reason why Christmas is merry)

Understanding a Strange Figure in the Old Testament (an exploration of “the angel of the Lord” in the OT)

The Entire Old Testament in a Nutshell (an absolute ionospheric overview of the entire OT)

The Armor of God (with pictures!)

The Bible doesn’t talk about that, does it? (what the Bible says about…using anabolic steroids?)

The Gospel:

What is the Gospel? (just like it sounds)

The Message that Makes sense of Christmas (another gospel presentation)

Hermeneutics/Bible Interpretation:

– What does it mean to take the Bible Literally? (unpacks what a proper literal approach to scripture actually looks like – updated and posted on the Cripplegate where you’ll find lots of helpful interaction.)

Bible Bite: Exodus 20:22-26 (an example of making observations of a passage and placing a passage in it’s logical setting).


Sodomy and Understanding Genesis 19 (an exegetical walk through of Genesis 19)

Statistics and Homosexuality (brief refutation of the “10% of people are homosexual” lie)

Can Christians be Homosexual (a link to a great podcast that deals with the issue in detail).

Resources for making sense of “Gay Christianity” (a literature list for people wanting to study the issue in depth)

Bible Bites: Rainbows and the Day of the Lord (The biblical irony seen in how homosexuals use the Rainbow as an official symbol)

Recognizing the Liberal Lobotomy (A response to an unnamed blog that tosses out the verses of scripture condemning homosexual practice by invoking the over-arching message of scripture…?!?)


Did Bart Ehrman Write “Forged”? (concrete proof that Bart Ehrman doesn’t exist)

Forget Every Reformed Charismatic (my brain goes numb after reading Oprah magazine)

The Kingdom:

The OT Teaching on the Kingdom (a thorough overview of the concept of “kingdom” in the OT)

The NT Teaching on the Kingdom (a thorough overview of the concept of “kingdom” in the NT)

The Parables of the Kingdom (a comprehensive discussion of every kingdom parable Jesus ever told)

Liberalism & False Religion:

The Endgame of Liberalism (how liberal churches end)

Happy Independence Day! (Remembering the anniversary of the death of Jan Hus on July 6th, and how the Catholic Church has danced on his grave for 600 years).

Listening Prayer:

Evaluating Listening Prayer and Brad Jersak (a Biblical Evaluation of Jersak’s book Can You Hear Me?)

Something new about Listening Prayer and Brad Jersak (a quick comment on a really bad article)

Some new context to Brad Jersak and Listening Prayer (update post on the issues around the book review)

An Open and Public Letter to Brad Jersak (my public response to his accusation of not dealing with his false teaching “biblically”)

Big Shocker (An update on Brad Jersak with a tiny look at his book Her Gates Will Never Be Shut).

Mennonite Issues:

Northview MB Church: Where are your Men? (A little prodding of a good MB church that was doing something really foolish)

Thoughts on Mennonites, Menno Simons and Catholicism (A reminder that Mennonites are still Protestants, seeing that some of them have apparently forgot)

Addressing the 1,000 pound Mennonite Gorrilla named “Atonement” (Some resources for sorting through Mark Baker’s foolish attack on the atonement)

Some Interesting Reading for MB’s who like swimming in the Tiber (A little original source historical reminder that Rome condemns MB’s to Hell for the crime of believing the Gospel).

Quick Thoughts on Pacifism (just like it sounds)


– Addressing the Dressing: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8.

Preaching and Preachers:

A Preacher You’ve Likely Never Heard Of (an introduction to one of my favorite expositors)

Theology in general:

A Biblical Exploration of the Angelic Realm (A fairly thorough look at angels and related issues in the scripture)

Was Jesus a Liberal? (A response to a blog article that painted Jesus as a hipster “rebel” who lived on the edge and broke the rules)

Quick Thoughts on Creation, Sin and Redemption (excerpts from an ordination document I wrote along these three topics)

Quick Thoughts on the Creation and Fall of Man (more excepts from an ordination document along the topic of biblical anthropology)

A Biblical Understanding of Suicide (the article that made some Jesus-haters hate me too)

Bible Bites: Joseph of Arimathea’s tomb and Christ (short thoughts about God’s meticulous sovereignty as manifest in seemingly minor events)

Bible Bites: The timing of delivery (Biblical proof that God brings babies into the world at the precise time he wants, every time).

Bible Bites: The Last Words of King David (interesting parting thoughts from the man after God’s own heart)

Quick Thoughts on Comfort (a few passages to remember when comforting those who suffer)

Quick Thoughts: The Apostle’s Creed and Christ’s descending into Hell (clearing up some confusion about what happened after Christ died on the cross)

Bible Bite: 1 Peter 5:6-11 (What humility looks like in suffering)

Bible Bite: John 10:30 and the Abundant Life (a look at what Jesus meant by his promise of “abundant life”)

Bible Bite: Acts 5:40-41 (deals with the noetic effects of sin and having an eternal perspective in suffering)

Bible Bite: 1 Sam. 17:50 (A little known detail about the story of David and Goliath that totally changes the story).

Word Studies/Lexicography/Biblical Terminology:

What in the World is Biblical Lexicography – (Definition of Lexicography)

Understanding Biblical Repentance (just like it sounds)

What is an Apostle? (just like it sounds)

What is Eternal Life? (just like it sounds)

A Biblical Exploration of Fasting (chances are, your understanding of “fasting” is quite mistaken)

A Biblical Definition of Forgiveness (what “forgiveness” means and does not mean)

What is Ministry? (a definition of the term “ministry” in the Bible)

What is Spiritual Warfare? (discussion of what it is not)

Thoughts on being “likeminded” (discussion of what it means to be “likeminded” in scripture)

Understanding the Biblical Concept of Elders (an exploration of Biblical eldership)

A Short note on Submission (a quick exploration of the biblical term “submission”)

Bible Bites: Deuteronomy 6:7 and “Teach them Diligently” (a little unpacking of a single Hebrew word and it’s implications for parenting)

What does it mean to be “Spiritual”? (An exploration of the adjective “spiritual” in the scripture – updated and posted on the Cripplegate here)

10 thoughts on “Index

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  2. I currently live in Canada and would like to pursue higher education in bible study that would lead to a bachelor degree. Can you please recommend a university, either in the US or Canada, that offers theologically sound degrees through distance education.

    Thank You

    • Hey there Toni,

      That depends on what you’re wanting. If you want an accredited degree from a school that’s actually conservative (not just claiming to be conservative), there’s really nowhere in Canada where I’d recommend starting off. I had a friend who called every school in Western Canada and asked them for their position on creation, and he didn’t find a single one that was unapologetic about their position (problem #1) or young earth creationists (problem #2). There may be stuff out east (i.e. Ontario and further), but that’s not my neck of the woods and I cannot speak regarding what’s out there.

      The best schools out in Western Canada are a mixed bag, and that’s more of a headache than it’s worth. There’s nothing more frustrating than going to class #1 and getting biblical theology then going to class #2 and being told that class #1 is wrong. Students should not be expected to sort through issues that their professors have not successfully resolved.

      In the US, there’s probably a whole lot more decent schools than I know, but I’d definitely check out:

      1. Masters College & Seminary (Los Angeles, CA)
      2. Baptist Bible College & Seminary (Clark’s Summit, PA)
      3. Boyce College & Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KT)

      Those are places where I’d start looking, though there’s likely more that are unaccredited that are good (i.e. Eternity Bible College in Los Angeles) or decent mixed bags where you could hypothetically avoid the bad (i.e. Liberty University).

      I went to Masters Seminary because it focused where I wanted, had theological consistency, and is well accredited school (in case I want to do further study…which I do…sometime before the second coming…sigh)

      If you have specific questions, feel free to toss them my way. Maybe friend me on Facebook (Lyndon Unger) or something and we can chat.

  3. I have a question regarding hermeneutics. On D.A. Carson’s showing the spirit you said he uses a different hermeneutic system than other bible passages. Do you have an article regarding that issue, or if not, can you explain the differences on the subject? Thank you.

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  5. Hi Lyndon

    Please can you direct me to one of your infant baptism vs believers baptism posts, if you have one.

    I like the way you think and I like everything you say in all your posts, except this one where you say you’re against infant baptism.
    I feel there is good scriptural evidence for infant baptism and I just want to see some of your work and thoughts on the topic

    Thank you.

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