Islam is a religion of peace…

…WHERE exactly?

If Islam is a religion of peace, I have a few questions…

Question 1 – Why can MSNBC or CNN never ever find a non-militant muslim from Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or any other openly muslim country who argues that that “Islam is a religion of peace” and “Islamic extremists are the violent minority that all muslims must oppose”?   They always have western-educated, western-looking experts in “Middle Eastern Studies” or “Islamic Studies”from the UK, USA or Canada.  They always have people speaking on behalf of Islam that would, in muslim countries, be seen as traitors to Islam.

Why do we never see a prominent muslim leader defending the peaceful nature of Islam “joining us via satellite” from Lebanon or Iran?

Question 2 – If Islam is a religion of peace, why is it that people who do things like this claim to be doing it because of their devotion to Islam and never have criticism coming from prominent muslims from within their own countries?

I mean, back in May 2009 when Scott Roeder killed George Tiller, an abortion doctor from Witchita Kansas, almost every prominent Christian Pro-Life organization publically and loudly condemned the murder, and several prominent Christians like Dr. Al Mohler and Justin Taylor and Greg Koukl and Mark Dever spoke out loudly against the murder of Tiller.

Long before the mudrer of Tiller, John Piper had boldly preached against violence against abortionists and John MacArthur had clearly written about how Christians should deal with abortionists.

Prominent Christians loudly and boldly proclaim that those who kill others, including abortionists, are doing so against the teaching of the Bible and in contradiction to Christianity.  Many prominent Christians proclaim publically that those who wrongly take life don’t have anything to do with the God who rightly gives life.

Where are the muslims, in Iraq, who have been speaking out against violence toward Christians (simply for being Christians) as doing so against the teaching of the Qu’ran and in contradiction to Islam?

When, in the history of the world, has a fatwa ever been declared against militant muslims (specifically for their militancy) by any muslim leader?

Where are the muslims who are standing up in outrage about the 45 Christians, in the nation of Iraq alone, who were murdered in the name of Islam in the last 10 days?

Religion of peace?

More like “Religion of piece”

Remembering all those precious sheep who were slain for their testimony, and praying for the safety of all those living in Muslim lands under the threat of being slain for their faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

Rev. 6:9-11,

Lyndon “Love your enemies before it’s too late” Unger


3 thoughts on “Islam is a religion of peace…

    • Yeah! I saw the ABC show on Islam and David Wood’s expose of the absolute cacophany of lies that ABC spread on Islam.

      I loved how ABC showed ‘moderate muslims’ who actually have vast quantities of documented literature and public discourse where they advocate terrorism, treason against the USA, etc.

      Did you see the whole “Suicide Bombers die for 70 RAISINS, not virgins!” comment that was on there? Woods analysis of that was pure comedy!

      • It’s so irrational how the secular western media will cover up for Islam.
        I’ve yet to see Wood’s analysis on Youtube…I’ve seen the post over at Answering Islam but didn’t click on it yet.
        Thanks for reminding me.
        Continue on blogging the truth.

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