The Manifestation of the Spirit in the life of Sarah Edwards

I was up a few nights ago, having a rather unconquerable bout of insomnia (my medication loves me, but it’s a rather tough love) and I found myself reading The Life of President Edwards by Sereno Edwards Dwight.  I’ve referenced this book before, but I returned to it and was reading Sarah Edwards’ account of the revival in Northampton when she had some rather overwhelming experiences of God.  For those who read this blog, you’ll know that I don’t tend to reblog or just post quotes from famous theologians on here (I prefer offering original content seeing that there are more than a few “quote” bloggers out there), so this is a distinct change for me.  Still, I wrote out several pages of a quote and found myself reflecting upon it.  I don’t necessarily expect many readers to be as interested in this as I am, but this is my blog and I regularly use it as a “digital filing cabinet” as such for various things I want to remember.  Here’s a rather long quote, taken from pages 172-178 of The Life of President Edwards:

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So what exactly is the prosperity gospel?

I’m obviously not blogging much these days.  The reason is two-fold:

1.  I’m editing a book and that is taking up all my available energy.

2.  I’m in my final two weeks of Hepatitis treatment and as the drugs accumulate in my system, life is getting rougher.  My energy levels are super low and don’t seem to get restored (due to the fact that I have very little hemoglobin, among other things).  I simply cannot sleep at night either (last night between 10pm and 8am I managed a little less than 4 hours of sleep).  I have a constant headache that never goes anywhere.  It’s going to get worse as the drugs build in my system, but then on about Dec. 22nd I’ll be done and they’ll slowly dissipate out of my system over the next six months.  I’m surviving well enough and don’t really have anything to complain about; all those things I mentioned are at the level of “inconvenience”.

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And Now For Something Completely Stupid…


Many years ago, when I started blogging, I was far less serious.  I didn’t spend a lot of time writing, didn’t spend much time editing or finding pictures to accent the post, and did share a lot of stupid and half-baked thoughts.

Some people would argue that this hasn’t changed, but I’m not much of a reliable critic of my own writing and cannot say.

I have included some silly stuff over the last while, but I haven’t posted something utterly stupid in a while (again, open for debate).

Now, as some of you know, I’m taking some fairly strong medication and it sometimes makes me crabby or depressed but at other times it magnifies my regular wacky sense of humor into something…else.  I was chatting with a friend online a while ago and talking about my search for work, then I shifted to talk about his search for work.  He’s a bit younger than me and hasn’t had a serious interview before (for a serious “career” job), so we started talking and preparing for an “adult” interview.  We talked about that for a while and then started talking about the actual interview and…well…it probably wasn’t the best advice I’ve ever given.  What’s even funnier is that my friend completely rolled with it, without missing a beat (I have some rather hilarious friends).  Here’s an excerpt of our conversation, right when it went into off the bushes, and believe it or not, it was all in real time, including the links.  What you read was about 5 minutes worth of “real time” conversation.  I copied and pasted it into a Word document at the moment, but going back, I don’t even remember the conversation or how I even found the links on the fly (I sometimes amaze myself…). Continue reading

Quick Hepatitis News Flash!


Over the last while, I’ve been truly amazed at just how many people I’ve discovered are praying for me around the world.  I’ve had lunch with people from other countries where they brought greetings and blessings from churches I’ve never been to, nor even heard about.  There’s a large thank-you coming (in some form) for everyone who has slugged with the Unger family in prayer over the last while, but I wanted to give an update as some new information has come in.

A recently had my viral load test done and got the results back, and the new drug that I’m on is working amazingly.  I’m not sure what the unit of measure is, but when I started the amount of Hepatitis C virus per volume was 4.1 million (basically, my blood was flooded with the virus).  My test results came in, and my viral load went from 4.1 million to 15.  Not 1.5 million, or 15 thousand, but just 15.

I’d dare say that’s a significant improvement and a massive answer to prayer.  It appears that the virus will be wiped out long before my treatment is over, but I won’t be declared “cured” until 6 months after the medication stops and I get a post-treatment viral load test.  Still, our hopes are high!

So, that’s most certainly fantastic news!

The Lord is mighty and glorious!


I’m off to bed now, but I wanted to just give a little update to everyone!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Losing my mind due to medication but singing praises none the less” Unger

P.S. – I didn’t make the picture.  Someone doesn’t know how to spell “Hallelujah”…?!?

Should I chase dreams, visions, experiences and miracles to know more about God?

I wrote the following tonight as a response to a Facebook discussion, and since time is quite precious, I’ll post it here as well.  I’m learning to double-dip that way.

The post gave this quote :

“There is no vision, no experience, and no miracle that will tell you more about God than he has already told you about himself in the pages of scripture.”

The post then asked for responses, and there were plenty…but they weren’t as helpful as I would have hoped, which really disappointed me.  Facebook usually doesn’t let me down in this regard.  If I had a dime for every time I struggled to sort through a complex issue and found a consistent and well-reasoned argument or a piece of sage biblical wisdom on Facebook, I’d have…uh…about this much.


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