Quick Hepatitis News Flash!


Over the last while, I’ve been truly amazed at just how many people I’ve discovered are praying for me around the world.  I’ve had lunch with people from other countries where they brought greetings and blessings from churches I’ve never been to, nor even heard about.  There’s a large thank-you coming (in some form) for everyone who has slugged with the Unger family in prayer over the last while, but I wanted to give an update as some new information has come in.

A recently had my viral load test done and got the results back, and the new drug that I’m on is working amazingly.  I’m not sure what the unit of measure is, but when I started the amount of Hepatitis C virus per volume was 4.1 million (basically, my blood was flooded with the virus).  My test results came in, and my viral load went from 4.1 million to 15.  Not 1.5 million, or 15 thousand, but just 15.

I’d dare say that’s a significant improvement and a massive answer to prayer.  It appears that the virus will be wiped out long before my treatment is over, but I won’t be declared “cured” until 6 months after the medication stops and I get a post-treatment viral load test.  Still, our hopes are high!

So, that’s most certainly fantastic news!

The Lord is mighty and glorious!


I’m off to bed now, but I wanted to just give a little update to everyone!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Losing my mind due to medication but singing praises none the less” Unger

P.S. – I didn’t make the picture.  Someone doesn’t know how to spell “Hallelujah”…?!?

Should I chase dreams, visions, experiences and miracles to know more about God?

I wrote the following tonight as a response to a Facebook discussion, and since time is quite precious, I’ll post it here as well.  I’m learning to double-dip that way.

The post gave this quote :

“There is no vision, no experience, and no miracle that will tell you more about God than he has already told you about himself in the pages of scripture.”

The post then asked for responses, and there were plenty…but they weren’t as helpful as I would have hoped, which really disappointed me.  Facebook usually doesn’t let me down in this regard.  If I had a dime for every time I struggled to sort through a complex issue and found a consistent and well-reasoned argument or a piece of sage biblical wisdom on Facebook, I’d have…uh…about this much.


Here’s my response to the quote: Continue reading

Happy Anthony Diehl Day! Are you ready to sing?

Today is October 28th, Anthony Diehl day!  It’s a Canadian holiday, not celebrated by most, that revolves around…dispensationalism.

I’m confused too, since it’s a brand new holiday (it’s about an hour old…we’re still working out the kinks).

But have you ever read someone’s talking about the scripture and basically made this face?

Maary-Poppins hears bad exegesis

Well, bad interpretation of scripture is all over the place.  So here’s a little ditty that you can sing while studying the scripture, to help prevent others from looking at you with a similar face:

In every text that has been bent,
There is authorial intent
Find the intent, and snap!
It’s understood!

And as you start to understand
All the things that the Lord has planned
It’s very clear to see…

That a…
Spoonful of Dispy makes the metaphors go down
The metaphors go dow-own
The metaphors go down
Just a spoonful of Dispy makes the metaphors go down
In a most insightful way!

A scarlet thread on Rahab’s sill
is not misunderstood until
The New Testament was here
In complete form

Though one sounds spiritual at first
Confusion goes from bad to worse
When words don’t mean
What context would convene…

And a…
Spoonful of Dispy makes the metaphors go down
The metaphors go dow-own
The metaphors go down
Just a spoonful of Dispy makes the metaphors go down
In a most insightful way!

Happy Anthony Diehl day, and remember:

Darby Poppins

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “This is what I did while my wife was at Bible Study” Unger

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A Second Call for Prayer


What a change happens in 2 years.  It was 2 years ago this month that I found myself in a hospital bed, wondering how I was going to tell my newly pregnant wife that I was facing a life-threatening illness.  It’s been a long two years since I found out I had Hepatitis C, and for those of you who are recent subscribers or new followers, you may want to read a few posts in order to come up to speed (I won’t re-post all the details here for obvious reasons).  Here’s my initial announcement, and then that was followed by  update #1, update #2, update #3, and update #4.  I have been amazed to discover the vast amount of people, all over the world, that have been praying for my family and myself through all this.  We’ve been totally floored at the overwhelming generosity of time and resources that we’ve received from all over as well.

It’s so strange to attempt to thank distant brothers and sisters in the Lord on a medium like this, but our family cannot adequately express our thanks to everyone that has supported us in prayer through this time and helped us keep persevering through the midst of what has been, at times, quite a severe burden.

Thank you all so very much; may the Lord repay you all with vast interest for all the love we’ve been shown.

Still, we’re not out of the woods and I need to call upon everyone for prayer once again. Continue reading

Movie Review: Left Behind

On December 31, 1995 something momentous happened.  Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins released the book Left Behind, a fictional account of their (somewhat fanciful) ideas of what the rapture would be like, as well as the 7 years of tribulation that followed.  The book spawned a series that would ultimately involve 16 novels and would sell 65+ million copies.  Many people read the books, many people hated the books, and the whole series became both a topic of continual conversation/embarrassment as well as the reason for rejecting various points of end times theology (properly known as eschatology) for the next 20 years (if I had a dime for every time I found myself in a conversation about eschatology where someone brought up a series of fiction books as the main reason for rejecting Biblical doctrine…).  But that wasn’t the end of it all.  On October 31st, 2000, the Left Behind series hit the big time when it (*gasp*) became a movie.  Not only did it become a movie, but it was a movie that starred Kirk Cameron (the greatest Christian celebrity ever)…

Left Behind

…as well as that guy from Die Hard and Walker, Texas Ranger. Continue reading