Evaluating Holy Water Part 3 – Chapter 4

(For those who have stumbled upon this post, this post is part of a series.  Here is part 1.  Here is part 2,  you’re reading part 3, here’s a modified part 3 on the Cripplegate, and part 4: an announcement of changes made to the book.)


***Update as of January 14th, 2014 – Mr. Viola has recognized that his opening of the fourth chapter was unclear and has agreed to re-write the section in question.  I’ll address more as time goes on.***


***Update as of January 31st, 2014 – Mr. Viola’s edited book is now up and online.  Make sure to check out this link***

So far, we’ve looked at chapters 1-2 of Pouring Holy Water on Strange Fire, as well as chapter 3.  Now we’re getting into the main course of the book, Frank Viola’s exploration of the New Testament texts.  Be warned: this is the longest chapter in Mr. Viola’s book and it’s also where I finish my review.

Wait a minute.  This is where you finish your review?  What about chapters 5 through 15?  I have two things to say:

1.  Once we settle the debate on the exegetical level, the debate is essentially over.

2.  My other reason will be clear once you get into the post.

Let’s rock.

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Evaluating Holy Water Part 2 – Chapter 3

(For those who have stumbled upon this post, this post is part of a series.  Here is part 1.  you are reading part 2, here is part 3, a modified part 3 on the Cripplegate, and part 4: an announcement of changes made to the book.)

So in my last installment in the series, I looked at Chapters 1 and 2 from Frank Viola’s book Pouring Holy Water on Strange Fire.  Now, let’s work through chapter 3 (be warned, this is where things get meatier).  As always, my summary of Mr. Viola is in regular font and my responses are indented and in italics.

Chapter 3. Commending & Criticizing MacArthur’s Charismatic Blasting.

Frank Viola opens the third chapter by stating that he wants to let his readers know where MacArthur is dead-on and where his conclusions are “flawed and even outrageous”.  He makes six points:

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Evaluating Holy Water Part 1 – Chapters 1 & 2

(For those who have been directed here from GTY, this post is part of a series.  You’re reading part 1.  Here is part 2, part 3, a modified part 3 on the Cripplegate, and part 4: an announcement of changes made to the book.)

Now shortly after the StrangeFire conference was over, the blogosphere was ablaze with writing by charismatic defenders, attackers, and all the confused/undecided but interested masses.  I wrote a bit of stuff, but actually couldn’t even come close to keeping up with all that has being written and said (the internet is big).  Through all the kerfuffle, there were some book announcements and one book in particular came out very quickly:  Frank Viola (who is one of the bigger charismatic bloggers on the web) threw a 70+ page response together in record time and made it freely available for a few weeks. The book was called “Pouring Holy Water on Strange Fire: A Critique of John MacArthur’s Strange Fire and Charismatic Chaos”.


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A Quick Note…


Dear readers,

I know that this blog has been all but dead for the last while but there are many reasons for that (mostly sickness, the craziness of the season, and the fact that I’m almost done moving my office).  I’ll get into all that in the new year, but for now I just wanted to fuel some interest by announcing that I’ll soon be working reviews of two of the StrangeFire response books, and they’ll be whoppers (probably a series for each because, well, I just end up going nuts like that).  Not only that, but I’ll be preparing a new series on Christ, Christians and money, and I’ve got at least two large research posts that are in process.  Lots of stuff, but nothing done yet.  Stay tuned for the new year and I promise it will be worth the wait.

Oh yeah.  In the new year I’m also planning to start writing my first book.  More news on that will come soon as well.  Exciting times all around!

Bible Bite – Is Prophecy Redefined in 1 Corinthians 14?

Bible Bites Teeth

I started writing a comment reply to a question, but as the reply grew I figured that I didn’t want it to be lost in the comment archives, so I decided to make it a post unto itself.

The question was:

“Please help me! I agree with the definition of OT prophecy and agree that most/all modern prophets are false accordingly. I can and do argue and point people who declare themselves as prophets to the Deuteronomy and Ezekiel 13 passages. But often they counter with 1 Cor 14. Which seems to say everything that edifies, encourages or comforts is prophecy. Good grief, If that is the definition then virtually everything is prophetic. Music, poetry, compliments, corporal punishment etc. This is exactly how some are approaching and defining prophecy in these last days. I have been told “it it edifies? Receive it. If it does not? reject it” I know this is kooky but have not seen it addressed as yet in all the bubub, Bub. Any light would be appreciated. Continue reading