Strange Firony and Frustration

I promised to update the previous post, but life is running at mach 1 right now.


I’ll do my best to update quickly now as I providentially have around two spare hours in my day, but this will pretty much be a frantic rant.  Dr. Brown has reached out to me for dialogue and unblocked me on Twitter.  Regardless of disagreements, that’s commendable.  I have had some interaction with him privately, and that’s still ongoing.

I will say that Dr. Brown claims that he was given the impression that Phil Johnson was the person to contact in order to arrange a dialogue with John MacArthur (that’s a fairly public claim, so I don’t believe I’m revealing private correspondence).  Phil has responded to Brown’s claims today with this updated article, claiming otherwise.  Phil has provided some rather straightforward comments, where as I haven’t seen anything of corresponding clarity from Dr. Brown.  He may have responded in kind, but I haven’t seen it.

I’m in no place to comment, seeing that I don’t have the necessary information to have an opinion beyond what I’ve already insinuated:  Phil appears to address these things candidly and with straightforwardness, which makes him look more credible…

…but that situation is not really what has frustrated me with this all.
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Strange Firony…

***Update at the bottom***

I honestly, sincerely wish I could move on from the topic of the Charismatic Movement, but it just keeps on coming up.  It’s been almost two years since the Strange Fire conference, and it seemed like all the parties involved got their shots in.

The Cessationists made their reasonable appeals, made a lot of unreasonable rants, published their stuff, wrote their responses, etc.

The Continuationists basically cried about division and broad brushes.

The Pentecostals basically cried about division and broad brushes.

The Charismatics basically cried about division and broad brushes.

Charisma Magazine kept on doing everything possibly in their power to provide an endless tsunami of amazing examples as to why the Strange Fire Conference was necessary (and possibly understated things: every single word in that statement links to a separate mind-numbing article, just for a few dozen examples)

There has been biblical proportions of ink spilled on the topic and I’ve been involved in a small percentage of said spillage.  In fact, I got started blogging more seriously when Dr. Michael Brown started laying salvos against the conference, before the conference.  We interacted quite a bit and then yesterday, I saw this:
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Laire Lightner, Isaiah 1 and 2 Chronicles 7:14

Seeing that I’m preparing for upcoming speaking engagements and travel,  I’ll just toss something on here as a filler to keep this blog from becoming too dead (though I have a new and top secret project that I’m working on which will be available sometime in the future…maybe…).

Some folks shared a video with me on Facebook recently.  It was a video of a typical “America needs to return to the Lord and stop legalizing all this sin!” sort of videos that tend to trend on places like Charisma magazine.

I didn’t have much time to watch it but I finally did today while I had lunch, and I commented on the page in which it was shared.  Folks like my comment, and I then shared it on the page where the video came from.  Not 5 minutes had passed and my comment was deleted, and I was blocked.


I’ve had disagreements with a few people online, but I’ve never been silenced that quickly!

Some folks cannot take any disagreement at all.  What seems ironic to me is the speed and aggression with which my voice was removed from the conversation when the video is about how Christians aren’t speaking up on important issues.  Laire Lightner treated me exactly like the secular media treated Christian voices on the issue of same sex marriage.

“Agree with us or SHUT UP!

So, for those folks who didn’t get to see the video and my comment, here’s the video (by ‘prophetess’ Laire Lightner):

And, here’s my interaction with it:

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A Skeptical Evaluation of Robby “Resurrection” Dawkins – Part 2

In my previous post, I presented the facts about the resurrection claim of Robby Dawkins.  I also presented the counter-claim of Matt Colley’s sister, Rebecca.  Now given both sets of competing details, let’s lay out the facts as they lie and attempt to arrive at a conclusion.
So let’s consider the essential facts as recognized by all parties:

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A Skeptical Evaluation of Robby “Resurrection” Dawkins Part 1

In the previous post, I commented on the three types of skeptics and mentioned that the church is in a bad scenario in the current era.  The bad scenario comes with the combination of Jesus’ warning against spiritual frauds and the modern distaste for any biblically cautious and critical evaluation.  I closed off the article with the statement that “critical evaluation is not just unpopular; it is actively suppressed altogether” and mentioned that I would take a look at a fairly recent example: Robby “Resurrection” Dawkins.

Now, it’s time to explore that example.

Robby Dawkins is a highly sought-after speaker in the Vineyard church who hails from Illinois that has come to recent fame (and fortune) due to his claims of performing a resurrection.  Dawkins’ claims are reported by the none other than the wonderfully imaginative Jennifer LeClaire.  Leclaire has reported his claims in an article and also a full interview at Charisma magazine.  Leclaire is also a busy woman.  Not only does she write for Charisma Magazine, but she also runs a “ministry” that has an ironic homepage:

This is her home page, as of June 18th, 2015.  Not exactly subtle...

This is her home page, as of June 18th, 2015.  She even quotes Matthew 24:24.

Seeing that LeClaire is in the middle of this all, and her website encourages me to exercise discernment, I’m going to take my cue from her.  I’m going to apply a little discernment to Robby Dawkins’ resurrection claim that LeClaire is using her global media outlet to promote.  In this post, I’ll present the facts as best I can.  In the next post, I’ll offer a little biblically cautious and critical discernment.

Don’t blame me.

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