Quick Thoughts: What is the “Seven Mountains Mandate”?

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park /Lac Moraine, parc national Banff, Alberta

If you’ve heard of the New Apostolic Reformation, you’ve heard of many strange ideas.  One of those may be the “Seven Mountains Mandate.”  What is that exactly?  Well, the Seven Mountains Mandate is an idea that originates in a vision that Loren Cunningham (founder of YWAM) and Bill Bright (founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, or Cru, and author of The Four Spiritual Laws) both had in 1975 (read about it here and here and here and here). The idea was that there are seven spheres (circles of cultural influence) that were the key to world evangelism; if a person could “reclaim” each sphere, they would establish Christianity across the globe and finish the great commission (and as a side benefit, usher in the second coming). Cunningham was told (by God, no less), that he had to infiltrate each sphere to successfully evangelize the world.

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Torben Søndergaard and Gospel Plus

I recently learned about Torben Søndergaard.


He’s an evangelist and faith healer from Denmark who is quite the public prophet, faith healer, and “global evangelist”.  He runs an organization called The Last Reformation, and he’s not exactly subtle: he claims to be part of the next Protestant Reformation (otherwise known as the New Apostolic Reformation).  His about page tells the story of how he came to be a Christian, didn’t see “fruit” in his Christian life (“fruit” meaning “miraculous healings”),  and then became a full-blown faith healer and prophet who writes books by divine revelation (which would be delivering written revelation, otherwise known as “writing scripture”).

You may not have heard of him yet, but he’s definitely getting around and building steam.  He’s popping up in Singapore, PolandEngland, Australia, Holland, Turkey, South Africa, Los Angeles, etc.  All those listed countries were places where he has been in the past year alone.   Just a few weeks ago he was leading a faith healing seminary right in my own backyard.

Some people may want to dismiss him as being “the fringe”, but he’s becoming a B-list charismatic celebrity, at least according to some.   He’s clearly busy and doing this full time.  He’s writing books and traveling the world.  Even though his videos are videos of healing “on the street”, he travels because he’s invited to teach on faith healing and assorted charismatic theology in churches on every continent.  In other words, Torben Søndergaard is not that fringe.  Torben is also a fantastic example of a dangerously wide-spread type of false teacher: the guys who offer “gospel plus”.

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So who do you think of when I say “Apostle of God”?

I’ve been reading and sorting through multiple books, using Jack Hayford’s The Charismatic Century as a jumping off point from which to fill in some historic blanks of the 70’s and 80’s.  Jack was definitely a large part of the Charismatic world at that time and personally knew almost every single mover and shaker (ha!) in Pentecostal and Charismatic circles from that era.

The book is from 2006 and basically covers the Renewal (a broad term for all the Pentecostal, Charismatic and Continuationist streams) up to roughly 2005.  In 2005, the New Apostolic Reformation was just starting to gain steam, and Hayford wrote a bit on the (then) new movement. In explaining it, he commented on the architect of the movement (C. Peter Wagner) and talked about how the main difference was one of ecclesiastical organization.  Essentialy, the N.A.R. is people organizing under free-flowing authority relationship to “apostles” that they choose out of preference, rather than denominations that are picked according to doctrine…yeah I know. That’s a recipe for crazy if I’ve ever seen it.


Once Hayford talks about the movement he gives an example of a guy who embodies the N.A.R.  This is the guy held up by many as a modern “apostle” even though he might not use the name of himself (probably being humble and all, right?).

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The Difference Between Respectable and Non-Respectable Charismatics in 2 Pictures

I saw this in my Twitter feed and simply could not resist.  I’m on my way to bed, honest.  No Commentary.  Just 2 pictures:

Desiring God has been saying for at least a decade:


And today, IHOP Kansas City said:

I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite sure that’s the sort of message that IHOP wants associated with pouring out one’s life in service to Christ. Then again, I’m definitely no marketing expert.

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Charismatic Primer 13 – Global Megachurches By Continent – Asia…sort of…

All right.  Confession time:

Confession_0(Confessional Facepalm!  source)

I have a ton of stuff on my mind, really want to blog, have about a dozen draft posts “in process”, but have church and family duties that are currently taking precedent.

I’ve been somewhat working through the Strange Fire conference media at a snails pace.

I’ve been reading some of Sam Storms writing in response to the issue.

I’ve been slowly working through Frank Viola’s book-length response to Strange Fire (the PDF will be taken down in around a week and a half, so grab it now!).

I got a package in the mail from a wonderful new friend who is very gracious to me that contains a book I’ve been trying to put down at night.

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