Three Points of Strange Fire News & Dr. Michael Brown

The Internet is basically on fire right now; Strange Fire that is.  There’s a lot of stuff to say and many things to write, but I have 2 children under the age of 2 and limited time, so I’ll toss out some quick news:

1.  Phil Johnson is apparently going to be on the Line Of Fire radio show, hosted by Dr. Michael Brown, on Monday, October 21st.  I don’t know which stations carry it, but you can always listen live here or listen to the podcast afterwards.  I’ll most likely listen to it that evening while my kids are in bed.  Here’s Dr. Brown’s announcement:

2. Dr. Michael Brown has linked to something he’s written on the prosperity gospel.  It’s here, I haven’t read it, and won’t likely do so for a day or two.  Either way, feel free to examine it and share your thoughts.

3.  On Facebook, Dr. Michael Bown tossed out the following comment:

A question for all my cessationist friends: You constantly ask why I don’t rebuke charismatic abuses (actually, I do), but I have not heard you rebuke the horrific writings of Martin Luther (against the Jews and others). Why not? What he wrote was far worse than a prosperity gospel.

I then delivered this response:

If we’re responding to all the things we apparently don’t respond to, let’s make a list and I’ll make it a blog series. Serious. No tongue in cheek and no mockery at all.  I won’t downplay heresies by referring to them as “abuses” either.  I’d gladly call out false doctrine and name names of people who are wrong and a threat to the flock of God, and issue warnings in areas where I’ve been silent.  What else is there? I’d love a serious list. I’ll even enlist some other bigger guns than myself to help out.  I know “once saved always saved” is also on the list, but what else?  I’ll even do research into the things I don’t know a lot about, just so I can accurately understand and rightly/aggressively condemn that which needs it.  I make it a serious offer for you alone Dr. Brown. You can reach me via Facebook or email.

Dr. Brown hasn’t responded yet as I’m guessing there’s a lot on his plate right now (speaking of which, please don’t harass the man on Twitter or Facebook.  He’s got enough on his plate without every Strange Fire Fan tossing challenges his way), but he might within a few weeks.

Either way, I called in some bigger guns than myself and dear old Frank Turk from Pyromaniacs wrote this response.  Kudos to Frank for being so quick on the draw to step up and face challenges against the integrity of the serious cessationist crowd…and point out lousy and deceitful arguments that are constantly tossed out.

I’ve got to run to bed now, but as new challenges arise I’ll compile a post of response links that will likely become it’s own page on this blog (or something like that).

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Sleepy like a madman” Unger