A Merch Idea For W.Y.L.D.C!

I’ve been thinking of upgrading my wordpress.com blog to my own dot com site, and I’ve been also thinking about some merchandise ideas as of late as it would be fantastic to turn this blog into some sort of (tiny) source of income.  I am not any sort of graphic designer, but I do have one or two creative bones in my body.  I was just showering and had a brainwave.  I was thinking of designing a shirt (which means “getting someone to design”) that looked something like this:


I’m guessing that I’d sell about three, but that’s probably somewhere around a big fat $6 of income!

Okay…I’m actually somewhat joking.  I don’t really plan on selling T-shirts just yet…

…but in around a week I will start working on editing the review of Authentic Fire by Dr. Michael Brown that Fred Butler and I have posted, in a refined form, on the Cripplegate.  It’s going to become an e-book and I’ll try to add a bunch of new content to it that should be even more helpful than it’s already been, as well as try to make it available sometime before American Thanksgiving to be a general resource on cessationism.  It will be something that we’ll charge money for, but the cost will be in the low single-digit range (I don’t know exactly how much yet).

I plan to write something else on cessationism as well, namely a comprehensive defense of Cessationism consisting of an exegetical take on all the major passages as well as a biblical exploration of all the associated topics, but that will likely be much more in the future and will take far more time!

Just two piece of merchandise news that may be of interest to some.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I love pickles too” Unger

James White weighs in on StrangeFire & Michael Brown’s questionable claims…

I haven’t caught up on all the listening I have to do on StrangeFire related stuff, but this is something that I cannot “amen” enough:

Dr. White says a bunch of things that I’ve been thinking with more clarity than I could have, including saying that MacArthur had a massive overstep with the denial of Charismatic works of ministry.

I think I have around 20 post drafts to finish, and I need to take a week of holidays to actually get it all done…so I’m tossing up short Bible Bite and Quick Thought posts in lieu of tossing up the posts that I’d love to post (that also takes 10-20 hours to write).

I honestly don’t know how others blog quality stuff every other day!

Either way, I’m interested to see if Dr. Brown responds.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Bible Driven Cessationist” Unger

Three Points of Strange Fire News & Dr. Michael Brown

The Internet is basically on fire right now; Strange Fire that is.  There’s a lot of stuff to say and many things to write, but I have 2 children under the age of 2 and limited time, so I’ll toss out some quick news:

1.  Phil Johnson is apparently going to be on the Line Of Fire radio show, hosted by Dr. Michael Brown, on Monday, October 21st.  I don’t know which stations carry it, but you can always listen live here or listen to the podcast afterwards.  I’ll most likely listen to it that evening while my kids are in bed.  Here’s Dr. Brown’s announcement:

2. Dr. Michael Brown has linked to something he’s written on the prosperity gospel.  It’s here, I haven’t read it, and won’t likely do so for a day or two.  Either way, feel free to examine it and share your thoughts.

3.  On Facebook, Dr. Michael Bown tossed out the following comment:

A question for all my cessationist friends: You constantly ask why I don’t rebuke charismatic abuses (actually, I do), but I have not heard you rebuke the horrific writings of Martin Luther (against the Jews and others). Why not? What he wrote was far worse than a prosperity gospel.

I then delivered this response:

If we’re responding to all the things we apparently don’t respond to, let’s make a list and I’ll make it a blog series. Serious. No tongue in cheek and no mockery at all.  I won’t downplay heresies by referring to them as “abuses” either.  I’d gladly call out false doctrine and name names of people who are wrong and a threat to the flock of God, and issue warnings in areas where I’ve been silent.  What else is there? I’d love a serious list. I’ll even enlist some other bigger guns than myself to help out.  I know “once saved always saved” is also on the list, but what else?  I’ll even do research into the things I don’t know a lot about, just so I can accurately understand and rightly/aggressively condemn that which needs it.  I make it a serious offer for you alone Dr. Brown. You can reach me via Facebook or email.

Dr. Brown hasn’t responded yet as I’m guessing there’s a lot on his plate right now (speaking of which, please don’t harass the man on Twitter or Facebook.  He’s got enough on his plate without every Strange Fire Fan tossing challenges his way), but he might within a few weeks.

Either way, I called in some bigger guns than myself and dear old Frank Turk from Pyromaniacs wrote this response.  Kudos to Frank for being so quick on the draw to step up and face challenges against the integrity of the serious cessationist crowd…and point out lousy and deceitful arguments that are constantly tossed out.

I’ve got to run to bed now, but as new challenges arise I’ll compile a post of response links that will likely become it’s own page on this blog (or something like that).

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Sleepy like a madman” Unger

Some Thoughts on Dr. Brown’s response to me…

Now it’s been a few days since my interchange with Dr. Michael Brown regarding his article in Charisma magazine on the upcoming Strange Fire conference.  He responded to me one time and then a second time, and now that my sermon is done (I preached at Valley Heights Community Church on the story of David & Goliath, in case anyone is interested…and translating 54 verses of Hebrew is a whole week chore for me these days.  *sigh*)  So I’m going to skip past all the minor disagreements/whatever and go straight for what I see to be the absolutely major problem with Dr. Brown’s response: his alignment with Cindy Jacobs.  Here’s my thoughts:

1.  I know MacArthur isn’t suggesting that every charismatic is a false teacher, since every charismatic isn’t a teacher in the first place.  Many of the sheep in the charismatic movement are just that; sheep.  They’re sheep who are being lied to by the popular shepherds specifically named by me:

Paul & Jan Crouch, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Mike Bickle, Cindy Jacobs, C. Peter Wagner, Brian Houston, Ken & Gloria Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, John Whimber, John Arnott, Fredrick Price, Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley, Joyce Meyer, Rodney Howard-Browne, Bill Johnson, Rienhard Bonke, Jack Deere, Juanita Bynum, etc.

That’s basically the prosperity gospel/TBN/CBN/Charisma magazine crew.

That’s the crew that is out healing tennis elbow, bad eyesight, sore throats, etc. and doing so via things like the Holy Ghost Hokie Pokie.

That’s the crew that is always claiming to have taken trips to Heaven, like this joker, or this one, or this one, or this one, or this one.

I am continually crying for believers who are listening to, and being deceived by, clear and obvious false teachers. There are plenty of authentic believers in charismatic circles (some of which are friends who have shown up on this blog in the comments).  The problem isn’t with the sheep, it’s with the shepherds.

The charismatic movement is full of, and a wonderful haven for, false teachers.

The Bible speaks really clearly regarding false teachers:

Peter talks very clearly about false teachers, saying that they have corrupt sexual (2 Peter 2:2) and financial motivations (2:3), and exploit people with lies (2:3).  Peter says that they speak mockingly against spiritual beings (2:10), something that even powerful angels aren’t stupid enough to do (2:11).  Peter says that they’re irrational and speak out of ignorance (2:12), but will be repaid by the Lord for their wickedness (2:13).  Peter refers to them as skin blemishes that need to be removed from the church (2:13) since they’re greedy and immoral (2:14) and following in the way of the money-grabbing pagan priest, Balaam (2:15) who was so ignorant, that God used a donkey to rebuke his (sub-donkey) ignorance (2:16).  Peter says that they have no substance and have the darkest part of Hell set aside for them (2:17).  Peter says that they lure believers into a different strain of the world that they’re attempting to escape (2:18) and promise freedom that they cannot deliver nor experience themselves (2:19).  Peter says that these false teachers are anything but innocent, seeing that they are aware of the gospel and utterly reject it (2:20); it would have been better for them to have never been born than to face the magnitude of punishment that awaits them now (2:21).

Are the people in the list I gave false teachers?

2.Well, I won’t tackle the whole list since Michael Brown said this:

“As to your reference to Cindy Jacobs (also a friend of mine with a real love for the Lord), I have no idea where that came from. Again, it seems you failed to read what I actually wrote.”

Now that was a passing comment in relation to his claiming that Jonathan Edwards was focusing on the positive fruit of the revival of his day and Chauncey focused on the negative…and I’m leaving that whole analogy aside as a trivial thing when compared to Dr. Brown defending Cindy Jacobs as some sort of upstanding Christian woman.

She’s apparently a friend and someone that Dr. Brown aligns himself with.

Cindy Jacobs.

So who is Cindy Jacobs?

She’s a woman who claims that this is speaking in tongues?

That’s not tongues.

The woman who claims to have actually performed a “feeding of the 3,000”?

That might have happened, but given some of the following links and testimonies from her own mouth, I’ll simply say pretty confidently that she’s not telling the truth.

The woman who prophetically declared that the repeal of DADT is connected to bird deaths?

Um…really?  God has major concern with homosexuals in the military enough to speak through his prophet about the repeal of the military’s rule regarding open homosexuals?  Wouldn’t God rather call homosexuals to repent instead of hide the fact that they’re homosexuals?

The woman who claims to be the reason behind the lack of global economic collapse in 2008?

I mean, I’m the reason that the planet Saturn didn’t smash into the earth today.  Notice how it didn’t happen?  Hooray!  I’m a hero!

The woman who openly admits that she prophesies falsely?

(Round of applause for Chris Roseborough on this one.)

If you want a tsunami of proof that she’s, well, arguably insane, feel free to check out her Vimeo channel and actually listen to what she says (fyi – It’s called “Generals” because she’s a self-professed “general of intercession”…as in she thinks she’s a general in the army of Yahweh.  Uh…yeah.)

Okay Lyndon.

Now you’re stepping too far.

Calling her insane is a bit too much.

Okay.  you got me.  She doesn’t claim that they’re 25 hours in a day, but she says things that are biblically crazy.  Consider the following:

(in the following, my comments are in bold)

Feel free to watch this video where she attempts to show (via openly allegorical hermeneutics that she refers to as the law of double reference) how Job 41 teaches that the leviathan is actually a territorial spirit that stalks our planet.

– It apparently is the underlying cause of divorce, tribal wars, church splits, family feuds, sibling rivalries and the break-up of ministries (it’s more responsible than any other spirit for horrible stuff like this).

– It’s most active in areas where there is a history of worship crocodiles and serpents (presumably in your family history)…or when you live near water since it’s a water spirit (which are more prevalent in Japan and Africa…the continent).

– If you have native blood, or mayan/aztec blood (i.e. if you’re from, or connected to South America in any way), it will be a problem for you.

– If you have ancestors who were possibly involved in some sort of the aforementioned worship (which you must assume because they’re likely dead, right?), then you need to repent of their sin before you can begin to deal with this spirit, which is likely very active in your bloodline.

– If you live on defiled land (land where Africans, Asians or any Natives have lived…ever), it can be a problem for you.

– If you live near totem poles (anywhere in North America), it will also be a problem for you since they might have a crocodile spirit in them.

(Basically, if you breathe or live on planet earth, this spirit will attack you and try to wreck your life.)

(Remember, your marriage problems aren’t really due to your personal sin or selfishness, but a water spirit that lives in totem poles.)

– What does it do?  It breaks down communication because it’s a twisting spirit and twists the conversation between 2 people by actually speaking something twisted into the mind of the listener (so natural attempts at clarification won’t work).

(So a good portion of your communication problems in life aren’t due to any flaw in your or anyone else, but instead are due to a water spirit that lives in totem poles.)

– When nothing seems to work with communication/interpersonal problems, you almost certainly have a Leviathan Spirit.

– Job 41:1-2 (and 41:13) says that you need to bind the Leviathan Spirit before you make any sort of progress in dealing with it. (no it doesn’t)

– Job 41:4 says that it’s a spirit that wants you to break covenants (marriage, friendship, etc.) (no it doesn’t).

– Job 41:8-9 says that it’s a spirit that releases retribution, despair, depression, and fear. (no it doesn’t).

– Job 41:19 (and 41:24) teach that the Leviathan Spirit is the reason that fights & miscommunication hurt the heart so horribly. (no it doesn’t).

– Job 41:31 says that the Leviathan Spirit is what causes trouble in churches. (no it doesn’t).

– Job 41:34 says that the remedy to overcoming the Leviathan Spirit is humility (good answer, WRONG text).

– (And the Leviathan Spirit is the reason that husband’s don’t take out the trash)

Let’s be serious.

This garbage is on the “orthodox Christian doctrine” scale at the level of Feng Shui and Pokemon.  Cindy Jacobs isn’t even really a charismatic; she’s a shaman; a practitioner of run-of-the-mill “there’s a spirit behind every rock” 6,000-year-old paganism done in the name of Jesus (instead of a tribal deity) with prayers instead of spells.  She doesn’t believe in the sovereignty of God; she believes in the sovereignty of Satan and lives in fear of every evil spirit behind every thought/occurrence in her world.

She has absolutely no concern for the scriptures and all her attempts to find her beliefs from the text of the Bible fall flat the minute they leave her mouth.  When it comes to handling the scripture; she’s an obvious hack.

Anyone who defends her as woman with “a real love for the Lord” either doesn’t know what she actually teaches (since what she teaches suggests that when she uses the word “Lord”, she means someone very different than I do), or has less biblical discernment than your average Bible-college freshman.

For the record, I would definitely suggest that Dr. Brown doesn’t know what she actually teaches.  He’s such a busy fellow that he doesn’t have an ounce of spare time for watching Vimeo videos.  He’s likely met her and talked with her a few times and maybe heard her speak a few times, but I doubt he is familiar enough with her teaching to be able to correct someone on what she does and doesn’t teach.

If (and I emphasize the “if”) Dr. Brown is allies with Cindy Jacobs in either ministry or theology, he had better prepare for October because he may find himself exposed as responsible for Strange Fire.  I pray this is not the case.

Also, he simply needs to do exactly what he recommended I do:

“…you should really step back, pray about it, and do some serious soul searching and — better still — serious restudy of the Word.”

Dr. Brown – I’d start by pouring over 2 Peter 1:16-21 until you get an understanding for the primacy for the Word of God over and above experience, including astonishing and miraculous experience.  Then I’d move on to Deuteronomy 13:1-5 and pour over that until you get an understanding of how actual signs and wonders have never rightly supported unbiblical doctrine.  In Israel, the true miracle working person who preached unbiblical doctrine was to be ignored.  The question becomes “when did those things change?”

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Cindy Jacobs?! Like Cindy Jacobs Cindy Jacobs?!'” Unger

A Second Response by Dr. Brown

Now, Dr. Michael Brown is a busy person and has far more to worry about than some little blog from another country.  I definitely get that, and yet yesterday he responded to me not once, but twice.  I want to recognize that he went far out of his way to address my concerns, which speaks a good positive volume about him as a gentleman.  As before, I won’t respond much (yet) except that I take his claims at not meaning to be condescending at face value.  He wrote a short response that sure sounded dismissive and whatnot, but I fully understand that raw text doesn’t infallibly transmit tone.  If he says he meant well, I’ll take his claims at face value and not bring them up again.

Now apparently he’s been bugged by a few people about being condescending to me, and that seemed to be the main thrust of his appearance on my blog.  Still, here’s his comment from the comment section in italics (I thought I’d post this as a main post since some couldn’t find it):

Just a quick note (and my apologies in advance for not being able to interact further).

Please forgive me if my response to you sounded condescending. I actually responded when requested to on my FB page and it was because of the respectful nature of your post that I took time to respond — but in the midst of lots of other writings. So, again, if I offended you by the tone or sounded condescending, please forgive me, as I did not intend to talk down to you.

Also, I totally respect the doctrine of perseverance of the saints, and although I differ with it, I never speak against it; I speak out against once saved always saved, which Pastor MacArthur also rejects (while holding to the P of Tulip). (Remember that I was a 5-point Calvinist from 1977-1982, preaching it with zeal.) My point was that I’ve heard from many “followers” of Pastor MacArthur who hold to OSAS, and because it is so dangerous, I was asking why he hasn’t held conferences to focus on this abuse alone — hence the “double standard.”

That being said, since I have written whole books about superficiality and error among my Charismatic brothers and sisters, and so the real question comes down to whether the NT gifts of the Spirit are to be normative for today, and that’s obviously where we differ greatly.

Again, I wish I could interact more (I’ve not even read all the comments here), but it was brought to my attention today that my response seemed condescending, so I wanted to clear that up with an apology for anything that was not rightly expressed in my response.

May God’s grace and goodness be yours! (Feel free to write to me directly and privately through my AskDrBrown FB page or through my website.)

So there you go.

There’s a bunch I want to say, but I’ve got sermon prep to do and want to avoid running off on tangents that I’m sure many will pick up on.

Also, I’d ask any and all readers to not spam or bother Dr. Brown.  He doesn’t owe me a response (though I’m grateful for the 2 he’s given me) and he’s a far busier man than myself with a boatload of responsibilities.  He most certainly does not have time for blog fighting.  Feel free to comment away, but remember that being hounded by cessationists/MacArthurites only will reinforce his (hopefully wrong) ideas that we’re a bunch of hateful nut-jobs.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I’ll respond soon enough” Unger