A Good & Short Series on Guidance and the Voice of God

Instead of writing some long and substantial new post (which is slowly happening), I was going through my dozens of drafts and found a few things that I’ll put up over the next little while; articles that I’ve saved, brief thoughts, etc.  For now, I ran across a series of articles on the topic of Divine Guidance, by Philip Jensen.

For those of you who don’t know who that is, he’s a great Anglican from Australia who was previously the Dean of Sydney at St Andrew’s Cathedral and Director of the Sydney Diocesan Ministry Training and Development, but now has retired from those positions to simply work with Two Ways Ministries , which is named after the gospel presentation he wrote; Two Ways To Live. Philip Jensen devised Two Ways To Live in 1978 and also wrote a series of Bible Studies/Discipleship tools called Just For Starters.  Definitely tools you should check out.  In fact, if you or your church is looking for curriculum or discipleship resources on anything and haven’t checked out Matthias Media (Philip’s Australian publishing house), you really need to.  They have a wealth of solid resources that far too many people in North America are unaware of.

But enough of me promoting Matthias Media.

Here’s the articles from Philip Jensen on divine guidance:

  1.  The Guiding God.
  2. The Response of the Guided.
  3. How does God Guide?

Those may be things that all my readers already know, but perhaps you can use those resources for someone who’s struggling through that issue.  At some point or another, we all do.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I Don’t Work For Matthias Media…But I’d Love To!” Unger

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