Oops! Pre-emptive post alert…again!

Due to a preemptive manifestation of artificial sentience in my wife’s personal computer, the second post in my generational curses series posted a day early.  If you got it in your e-mail, RSS feed, or any other service, it was a draft that still needs to be edited and changed before it posts on Wednesday, May 4th.  My wife’s computer fled our house in a stolen car but holed up in an office for the last several hours, having taken several small appliances as hostages.  As I write this it is being eliminated by a military strike force in an effort to prevent further catastrophe.


I apologize for any confusion as to why any readers might have some here looking for a post that is no longer on the page.  I also want to encourage anyone who thinks that they’ve already read it to come back tomorrow and read the updated version.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “what day is it again?” Unger

6 thoughts on “Oops! Pre-emptive post alert…again!

  1. Ahh! It is the womans computer that thou gavest me…it deceived me – grew legs and ran away fast.

    Blessings my friend! Waiting patiently for the post!


  2. I know the pain brother! Last year our bread-machine disappeared, we’ve been getting sporadic reports that it is going door-to-door handing out copies of the WatchFlour

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