What’s Upcoming for WYLD C!

Hello readers and welcome to this very brief news update!  What’s the news for my blog?


Well, I’ve been slugging through my series on modesty and soon that will be done (possibly this week, possibly next).  During this last writing stint I’ve realized that tossing out a weekly post is all I can manage right now, with maybe a small extra (like this) once or twice a month.  Once my modesty series wraps up, I’ve got two things coming down the pipe:

1.  I’m teaching my Jr. and Sr. High kids through spiritual warfare right now and will start sharing that material, in a somewhat modified form.  Expect that in a few weeks.

2.  I’ve done an overview of the books of the Bible with my Jr. and Sr. High kids and may toss that up to fill in some space and give a general overview of the entire Bible.

3.  After that, I’ll be taking a stab at the topic of generational curses.  It seems that the idea of generational curses is all over the internet.  It’s being peddled by a ton of people (even some who should really know better) and the refutation I’ve found regarding generational curses is woeful.  The whole concept is straight witchcraft, and the people who try to claim scriptural support for the idea are biblically incompetent and blisteringly foolish.  Hence, I’d like to toss something online that puts that heresy out of it’s misery.


I’m sorry if that language is a little strong, but if you believe or (God forbid) promote the idea of generational curses, you need to pray for God’s mercy.  You’re in serious danger.  The whole concept of generational curses is a direct affront to Christ, the gospel and the foundational principles of a Christian worldview.  Christians don’t (or shouldn’t) believe in “curses,” at least in the magical sense of the term where a person/object/place is hexed (or “demonized” if you’re Christianizing the pagan language).   Christians definitely shouldn’t believe in “generational” curses.

I’m sure I’ve stepped on some toes with that language.


Evangelicalism has a epidemic of immaculate cuticles.

Stay tuned and have some gauze ready.


Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Be glad that the last image wasn’t this” Unger

P.S. – Don’t blame me that your curiosity got the better of you.  Some things can’t be unseen.


11 thoughts on “What’s Upcoming for WYLD C!

  1. I’m glad that wasn’t the last image! We shouldn’t make light of foot binding–that was an awful practice that put many women through a lot of pain.
    For some reason generational curses reminds me of the movie Holes.

  2. Oh, the ‘cleansing streams’ folks are not gonna be happy with you. them some big toes you’re stepping on. they have spent many good shallow believers money to promote that heresy. they’ve lined their pockets with the gold of lies. hold on, I can’t wait for some of the responses to that chapter in your ministerial research. Blessings, rustybonz54

  3. Thanks for the “a little strong” language on generational curses. Some of the best existing writing on the subject can be found over at the Critical Issues Commentary website in the Articles Section under the Sort by Topic “Spiritual Warfare” Heading. Definitely worth a look.

    No thanks for the “Be glad that the last image wasn’t this” click bait. Most definitely not worth a look.

  4. Thank you so much for covering this. The false teaching on generational curses is powerful and enslaving for many people. The concept of “soul ties” is especially rampant in DFW. Jimmy Evans from Marriage Today teaches this a lot. The idea is that if you have any kind of sexual relations with another person you have created eternal “soul ties” with them. This soul tie curse is then handed down from one generation to the next in perpetuity. A professional exorcist can break some of the effects of that particular curse, but you have to keep tithing to keep this soul tie curse at bay. You also cannot marry the person you had any kind of sex with or else your marriage is doomed. You must sever all ties permanently.

    I have watched kids and young adults have their entire worlds turned upside over this teaching. People who should be living in light and freedom cower in constant fear. Couples who gave in in a moment of weakness are forever torn apart when one of them starts believing in this curse. Fornication is sinful but this teaching is still wrong.

    Jimmy teaches that couples should not hold hands or kiss prior to the wedding. He also teaches that because of this kids should get married very young and after relatively short engagements, in order to avoid temptation which could result in the soul tie curse. He also teaches that French kissing horizontally statistically guarantees that full intercourse will ensue within 40 hours.

    Jimmy teaches this at conferences all over the globe as well as on his TV show. He is the leading teaching pastor on Marriage for both Gateway and Hillsong, so his reach is vast. Robert Morris also teaches the same thing. In the end, it results in scared young people jumping in to bad or rushed decisions that last a lifetime, in order to avoid this alleged curse.

    The church benefits because they counsel that you need to break up with the other sinning party right away, then immediately ensconce yourself in the Gateway (or other home church) culture and find a new prospective mate and then marry them quickly before you fornicate again. Then the church has your eternal gratitude for sparing your children’s children’s children (a phrase used often at GW) from this vile curse. You’re also more likely to stay with the church for life since you met your spouse and got married there as well as continue tithing to keep that soul tie curse away.

    I am so grateful that you will addressing the issue of generational curses so that the rest of us can have a definitive source to refer others to. It’s a much more insidious teaching than many realize.

    • Oh boy. Jimmy Evans?

      Don’t expect me to cover all the permutations of various related heresies. Jimmy Evans sounds like a freaky shaman…but I’m sure there are hundreds of derived and related heresies.

      I’ll hammer through the main biblical texts and undercut the majority of the proof-texts, so that should hopefully help the most.

  5. Repeating what has already been said, I know, but eagerly anticipating this series.
    “If therefore the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed.”

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