A Dumb Joke and Links

So, I’m editing and putting the finishing touches on the fourth modesty posts right now, as well as writing the fifth and sixth.  I’m also biting off far more than I can chew with my youth group: I’m doing a total Bible overview in six-seven weeks (talk about an ambitious project with junior/senior high kids).  I’ll probably put that overview on here at some point as well, though in a slightly extended form.

Still, I’m trying to make time to toss a few small things up from time to time.  Here’s some random tidbits:

  1. I was trying to track something down on Facebook recently and randomly saw that an old eschatology post had reached a rather eschatologically ironic number of people.


I’d be a little worried, but the word on then internet is that John MacArthur has said something about having a “666” as being all right, so I’m good.

2.  Over the last few years I’ve cultivated a few online friends/associates that write as well.  Seeing that you’re on here and reading, you likely read other stuff too.  Believe it or not, I almost never read blogs; I don’t really have time.  When I was sick I had a ton of time, but that has changed with the return to work and re-tooling for an entirely different career path.  I do listen to some Podcasts though, but even making it through a single Podcast often takes me a week since I only get 10 minute snippets here and there.  Either way, if you’re wanting to get your mind going with a some thoughts that will be edifying and encouraging, here’s a few places to check out:

a.  Michelle Lesley’s Blog

b.  Entreating Favor

c.  The Cripplegate (I know, I used to write there and possibly may in the future, but it’s one of the better biblical resources online!)

d.  Hip and Thigh (Fred Butler should be on everyone’s reading list)

e.  Dan Phillips’ Blogs: Biblical Christianity and Pyromaniacs

f.  Bylogos (John Byl; a great writer and theologian in my own neck of the woods)

g.  Veritas Domain (SlimJim comments on here from time to time and has a fantastic apologetics-oriented site)

h.  Alpha and Omega Ministries (Dr. James R. White)

i.  Dr. Reluctant (Dr. Paul Martin Henebury).

j.  Dr. Andy Naselli

k.  Erin Benz’s Blogs: Do Not Be Surprised and Equipping Eve

l.  Parking Space 23 (another great team blog with a bunch of great guys)

m.  Memoir and Remains (the blog of Ed Wilde: the smartest guy you’ve never met)

I’d also encourage you to read the blog of the Squirrel, but after talking about Chic-Fil-A he apparently was so overcome with sorrow that he couldn’t bring himself to write anymore.

I understand.  I love Chick-Fil-A too.  Maybe thinking of the trays of chicken sandwiches that are only 293.3 miles away will console him.

Chick Fil A

…or that might have just made things worse.

Also, some of those blogs have podcasts, but there’s one podcast that you need to check out that isn’t part of an infamous blog: The Carnivore Theology Podcast.  They’re all smart and influential dudes who hobnob with seminary presidents and Christian celebrities and stuff, but they still allow us to glean theological crumbs from their table via their podcast.

Hopefully that may introduce you to something of benefit to you.

May you be blessed and grow in the Lord.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I can’t believe he reopened that MacArthur/Mark of the Beast can of worms!” Unger

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