Oops! Preliminary Publishing!

Well, is my face red or what?  I was editing some of the future modesty posts and looked up at my stat bar and noticed a rather pronounced spike in my blog traffic.  I was confused at the massive stat spike and went to my stats and noticed that people were reading a post that I had previously been editing…so OOPS!

For those of you who got a sneak peak at the fourth post in the series, I’d like to apologize for the spoilers.  That post hasn’t really received a thorough edit yet, and in order for it to really make sense, you need the context of the second and third posts.

I apologize for any frustration my slip of the finger made, and that post will be up in a few weeks, probably in a fairly different form than it exists now.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “At least I didn’t publish the FIFTH one” Unger


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