Where in the WORLD is Lyndon?

If you’ve been wondering where I was, your search is over.


I haven’t been blogging much in the last while.  Well, I haven’t been blogging here much.  I have written some original material over at the Cripplegate though, so I’ll simply send my readers over there to see what I’ve been doing.

1. Back on July 30, I wrote a response to Joel McDurmon’s response to John MacArthur’s response to the Supreme Court’s response to the Gay Marriage legislation in the United States.  I don’t know if it’s been responded two, but given the amount of responding that’s being responded to, I’m sure someone else will respond to me.  Eventually.  In a meme that makes fun of Dispensationalism.

2.  Back on August 6th, I wrote an article dealing with some of the biblical issues surrounding abortion.  Specifically, I wrote about what happens to nations that massacre their young.  It was a difficult to write article, but it was the fruit of a lot of study.  The conclusion was difficult to escape, and I’ll eventually post a larger and more comprehensive version of it on here.

3.  Today on August 13th, I wrote an article that has answered the burning theological questions that I collected on Facebook.  The winning one was about cat videos and eschatology.  Seeing that I was letting out my goofiness, there are multiple jokes on that post that nobody but my wife will ever get…but that’s okay.  I write most of my humor for the reward of smooches and I only get smooches from one person.  Several bushels of smooches if I’m doing well.


And now, this update is over.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Up with sick toddlers” Unger

P.S. – Here’s my son’s new favorite song.  Our Bible/Theology geekness is almost embarrassing, but there’s something hilariously cute about a 3-year-old singing in Hebrew.  His sister loves dancing to the funk part.  Definitely her Mennonite blood coming out.

4 thoughts on “Where in the WORLD is Lyndon?

  1. That’s the thing about speaking [singing] in tongues, no edification without an interpreter.

    I’m taking Hebrew I at a local seminary this fall though, so I’ll have to come back to that song in a couple months and see if I can take the blank look off of my face. ..

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