Zondervan, lawsuits and Fowler. Oh my.

I normally post things on here and share them on Facebook, but today I’m going backwards (though I’m tossing more small content on my Facebook fan page – Lyndon “Mennoknight” Unger.  It’s easy for quick thoughts and rants…).  Here’s my Facebook post:

In these days you need to be increasingly on your guard against deceit and distraction.  I’ve seen a story circulating that reports about a homosexual man who’s apparently suing Zondervan and Thomas Nelson for $70 million dollars because of mental anguish (among other things) that is the direct result of certain bible translations.

The stories that are linked are some of the following examples:


The “read more” link goes here:


Did you notice the problem?

Doc Brown

That article is from 2008.

It’s seven years old.


The case has already gone through the courts and been tossed out, years ago.

Here’s some other links that are spreading around:




They all have the same six-seven year-old date.

That’s a problem.

Christian, in these days remember:

1.  Check the dates on articles and information.

2.  Follow the links and check out the facts (as best you can).

3.  People on the internet lie ALL THE TIME.

4.  Don’t pass on articles that lack credibility.

Christians who buy such obvious deceit look REALLY stupid and it bring shame on Christ, the Church and the Gospel when we’re all running around like chickens with our heads chopped off.  90% of the things that you read on the internet are nowhere NEAR the threat we make them out to be…if true at all.


The sky is almost certainly not falling.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Mennoknight” Unger


6 thoughts on “Zondervan, lawsuits and Fowler. Oh my.

  1. Just stumbled on to your blog. and while I think we might wrestle around on a few theological points I gotta love this.
    Yes CHECK your FACTS… you know there’s still people spreading the myth that Madalyn Murray O’Hair is trying to get religious broadcasting made illegal. I always wonder how she’s gonna do that since she’s been dead for 20 years 🙂
    Years ago I stumbled on a site that someone made that specifically debunk the urban legends that Christians pass around… (do you think I could find it again).
    AND … WND.com, Huffington post etc…. ARE NOT credible news sources

    From a fellow Canuck prairie boy

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