Links and News

Time for some links that I forgot to share!

While I was in Calgary in April, I preached at GraceLife Church in Calgary.  The pastor is a long-standing friend of mine (and if you’re looking for a good, Bible-teaching church in Calgary, I cannot recommend GraceLife enough) and I preached on 1 Kings 18:20-40 and putting sin to death.  Seeing that I seem to preach about 3-5 times a year right now, I am pretty out of practice (embarrassed face), but if anyone enjoys my offerings, I hope you’re blessed.

Second, I was a guest on the EchoZoe Podcast last month and I spoke about the history of the Renewal Movement.  The show is available here and you can download the program directly with this link.


I want to thank EchoZoe for having me on!

Third, if anyone is in Vancouver BC in the next few weeks, I’ll be speaking at Victory Baptist Church in Port Coquitlam on issues related to the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement.  I’ll be speaking Jung 14, 28, and July 5th, and if any Vancouver friends are around, I’d love to see you!

Finally, I’ll be speaking at Oaklands Chapel in Victoria on July 12 and would love to see any Victoria friends.  The pastor there is also a good friend and if anyone is looking for a church in Victoria, I cannot recommend Oaklands highly enough!  I’d love to see you there!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Guest Preacher” Unger


4 thoughts on “Links and News

  1. “Victory” and “Baptist” in the same title with “Church” at the end of it brought some weird images to my mind. Getting dunked, and as you come out of the water you run down the isle at breakneck speed barking like a dog/lion and then are slain in the spirit.

    I’m sorry 😦

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