History and Doctrine of the Renewal Movement

I was going to toss these links up when they came up, but Fred Butler already did! Here is the audio from the conference! Enjoy!


renewalMy pal, Lyndon Unger, recently had the opportunity to present a series of lectures on the renewal/Pentecostal/charismatic movement. The entire conference, which had speakers addressing a wide range of subjects, is available on line to download,

2015 Last Days Bible Conference

Lyndon’s specific lectures were,

The History of the Charismatic Movement

The Heresies of the Charismatic Movement

A Biblical Understanding of Tongues, Healings, and Prophecies

A Biblical Understanding of Words, Faith and Prosperity

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6 thoughts on “History and Doctrine of the Renewal Movement

    • Thanks Robert. It’s a subject that is close to the heart; I have watched the lives of hundreds of people be destroyed by the horrible ideas about God (among other things) that people in Renewal circles were taught.

      It’s also hard to talk about something that is such a direct engaging of spiritual warfare.

  1. Hi Lyndon, I just listened to all 4 of the lectures today and I have a question about something in the last one ( the prosperity gospel). At about 7:45 or so you quote someone ( I can’t remember the name right now) saying that Adam handed authority over the earth to Satan. Where does that belief originate ? The reason I’m asking is the pastor in the church I attend has made similar comments and I would like some background on it if you would be so kind. I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 years now and it’s kinda nice to put a voice to the words.

    • The origination of that idea? I honestly don’t know…but Kenneth Hagin & Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Fred Price and a whole lot of others taught it.

      Its possibly from E. W. Kenyon, though I cannot confirm that. Kenneth Hagin ripped off a whole lot of E.W. Kenyon.

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