Curiosity is killing me!

I was just working on updating my last post to go onto the Cripplegate when I saw today’s analytics.  I’m all of a sudden getting more traffic from Sweden than from Canada.  I regularly get a few dozen hits every day from South Africa, Australia, the UK, etc. but my main source of traffic is the United States and then Canada (by a lot).

Not so today.  I’m getting swamped by people from Sweden.

Don’t know why.

Can’t see what they’re reading.

So, välkommen to all you dear Swedes!  I’m so glad that you’re here!

If there’s anything I can do for you, or a subject that you’d like me to address, please feel free to drop a comment in this thread.

Also, if you’d like to tell me what has brought you to this little corner of the web, I’d love to know!

Finally, my Swedish visitors might be surprised to know that this is my current desktop background:

Swedish Flag


Well, it’s because my wife is Swedish!

Here’s a photo of her childhood Swedish choir to prove it (she’s second from the left in the back top row):


And here’s how her and her sisters used to do their nails when they went out together:


Okay.  That might not exactly prove that she’s Swedish, but it’s kind of hard to establish someone’s Swedish credentials from a few old photos!  What else can I say?

My sister-in-law had her bridal reception at the American Swedish Institute?

We watch this every Christmas while eating krumkake?

Okay.  I give up.

Still, my wife (who watches “Allt för Sverige” with dreamy eyes) is totally delighted that some folks from Sweden stopped by my blog.  I don’t have a clue who has stopped by, but your very presence has made someone very happy!

Thanks and Gud välsigne,

Lyndon “Jag vet inte riktigt tala svenska men jag kan använda google translate” Unger


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