Quick Thoughts: Two Cents of Eschatological Blubbering…


I was working on something and a stupid thought (picture, actually) lodged into my head so I’m getting rid of it (and sharing it too) in order to allow me to return to work.  On the web, there are certain theological issues that involve rather aggressive fighting between proponents of different positions on the issue.  One of those issues is eschatology (namely, “end times” stuff).  There are rather a lot of different eschatological positions and a lot of unrelated issues that get dragged into eschatological discussion/debate/drive-by shootings.  There are respectable academic discussions that happen online…and then there’s the other 99.8% of “discussion”; the kind that you see on Facebook.  It seems like around 99% of Facebook thinks that they’re the first people to seriously study eschatology and imagine that their opponents are idiots for the singular fact of disagreeing with them (or not having read some random book that “destroys” a position).  I’ve lurked some discussions and been involved in some of my own, and it’s amazing how many people think that anyone who doesn’t share their eschatological position gets their theology from something like this:

Ralph Wiggum Theology

It’s amazing how many professing Christians completely lose their marbles when someone confronts their theological hobby horse (or arsonist leprechaun).  There are other people out there who disagree with you who have studied the issue more, read more, and thought more about the issues that you’re talking about.  They might still be wrong, but they’re more than likely not imbeciles.

This post has been brought to you by the book of Revelation, the numbers 2 and 5…but that’s a post for another day.

Now back to work.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Blame the drugs” Unger

P.S. – Here’s one more picture I had in my head:

ralph HorseI haven’t watched the Simpsons in years, but for some reason I had Ralph Wiggum in my head today.


18 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Two Cents of Eschatological Blubbering…

  1. Thanks for the two cents – I’m gonna take them to the bank!

    Aaaand speaking of monetary units, I heard (in my mind) Johnny Cash voiceovering the verse under your final pic: it made me laugh so much. Thanks!

  2. Let’s see: Exchatology (yes ‘ex’), Facebook lurking, drugs = visions of Simpson characters and a blog post…

    I think I’m worried about your mental health…

    Or: are you better now?

    M. Howard Kehr

      • Glad, I am, to hear that…it clearly was a rough go there!

        I’ve had so much fun looking through your past posts (and really this one is in line with the others). I love your thought patterns, even though we made a little fun of this one: a dash or three of insightful cynicism, a dose of pastoral care, stirred with a spoonful of careful thought and voila’…(I don’t know how to write the little mouth pop, so…).

        Keep it up!

  3. There is not much more annoying to me than Facebook “pastor “. I wonder if zuckerburg knew he was starting an ordination service when fb launched. That’s why I stick to blogs and websites of trained men to get better understanding on biblical subjects.

    And ralphie is one of the best Springfield characters. It’s a tie with Milhouse and sideshow Bob.

  4. Timely as it reminded me of a debate I saw not too long ago where it got heated real quick. Facebook. Sigh, everyone’s an expert theologian because they can comment on a post.

  5. Just out of curiousity, where would your hair-pulling, hyperbolic mud-slinging about dispensationalism fit into this framework? Hast thou not ridden that hobby horse into the ground, and trampled upon its bloody corpse?

  6. I stay away from theological and eschatological debates on facebook, I’m having enough problems with historical debates. Such as the current debate over whether the Crusades were a right wing plot to smear the president.

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