Quick Thoughts: Two Short Updates:


Before the Strange Fire conference in 2013, I did a rather extensive primer on the Charismatic Movement as represented in the top 50 largest churches in the US as represented by Outreach Magazine.  Here’s the links in case you have a few hours to burn going over what was hundreds of hours of research and writing:

The New Apostolic Reformation
The Outreach Top 50: #1-5
The Outreach Top 50: #6-10
The Outreach Top 50: #11-15
The Outreach Top 50: #16-20
The Outreach Top 50: #21-25
The Outreach Top 50: #26-30
The Outreach Top 50: #31-35
The Outreach Top 50: #36-40
The Outreach Top 50: #41-45
The Outreach Top 50 #46-50
The Largest Churches in Africa
Only a few of the Largest Churches in Asia

That whole series was good for what it was, and is still a decent resource with a lot of information.  Some of the links are dead…especially the African links.  It seems like those churches change web servers every six months.  Some of the churches no longer even exist (funny how a mega church can disappear in less than 2 years), but those posts are probably still helpful.

I don’t have the time or resources to keep them up-to-date, but I have updated two posts as some rather striking information has come to light.  The first is #11 – Gateway Church pastored by Robert Morris.  When I wrote the post I didn’t have a whole lot of time to toss into watching all his sermons (and I definitely didn’t have money to buy his books), but since the time of writing a whole lot of interesting information has come to light that made me change my conclusion about him.  He’s now clearly a prosperity preacher and a blazing false teacher who says some rather insane things.


The second is #28 – Mars Hill pastored by nobody…but it used to be pastored by somebody famous back when it existed.  Given all the changes that have come out regarding Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill over the past year and a bit, I updated some of the information and added a new conclusion about him.  He’s now clearly a false teacher who has now started down a path that leads somewhere even worse.

Darth Morris

Several years from now, I predict that people will speak of Mark Driscoll and say “We should have seen that coming!”  The last thing he needs now is be back in ministry or to start hooking up with the Prosperity Gospel crowd.  Either way, that’s just something that I’ve done seeing that those posts still get a fair amount of reads.

I’ve got more book editing to do now.

Also, I recently had a brainstorm and have come up with what I hope will be a fantastic book title.

No spoilers yet.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “writing books takes forever” Unger

6 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Two Short Updates:

  1. Hi Lyndon,

    Appreciate all the hard work that went into this series. I was looking at it 1-2 weeks ago for your discussion of Perry Noble’s church in light of the 10 Promises nonsense. You stated the following about Noble’s church:

    “General Idea – NewSpring is another church that would exemplify the practical cessationist position, though they’re not openly burning bridges one way or the other.”

    I would have to think that NewSpring is clearly not cessasionist based upon Noble getting his sermon messages directly from “God”. The real debate is probably how far up to move them up the list. In the series I noted that you tended to give the benefit of the doubt to SBC churches. Based on the strong movement of new revelation within the SBC (particularly the larger churches and the popular speakers), do you think it is time to quit giving the SBC the benefit of the doubt?

    Keep up the great work. Love reading your stuff and GREATLY appreciate the awesome images that accompany your articles.



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