A brief preview of the bonuses that are in store…


If you follow this blog at all, you know that I’ve been a rather sickly boy for the last while.  That’s especially true with this past month and a bit, as my medication has been taking me to the cleaners rather full bore.  I have had trouble sleeping, concentrating, remembering, and not being rather crabby at times.  Still, through it all I’ve been slowly chipping away at the edits for the Authentic Fire review book that Fred Butler and I are putting together.  Fred and I have been re-packaging our content and beefing it up, rather significantly.  I’m guessing that by the time the book is done it will be over 200 pages, and I’ve added at least 30 pages of new material.  Fred has been rather amazingly patient with me through this all, getting updates every few weeks and having me being the one who is holding up progress on finishing everything.  One day, I’ll definitely have to buy that man a steak.

Unicorn Steak

That’s probably not the best image to have after the first one.

Fred Butler has already leaked something from the book in order to wet some appetites, and now I have something of my own to toss out.  I had a goofy idea that spiraled into something rather crazy (as often happens with me).  I was thinking about the typical Charismatic proofs for modern manifestations of sign gifts (namely tongues, prophecy and healing) and how a majority of the “evidence” given as proofs is testimonial evidence rather than biblical exegesis.  All of a sudden was singing some lyrics along those lines in my head…to the tune of the William Tell Overture.

That’s right.

The theme song to the Lone Ranger.

Lone Ranger Unicorn

I have absolutely no idea why.

Here’s the song for those of you who aren’t that familiar with it:

Here’s a sneak peak at part of the lyrics that I came up with (the full score will be part of the final end-note in chapter 11 of the book):

Here’s a tale, here’s a tale, here’s another tale!
Here’s a tale, here’s a tale, here’s another tale!
Here’s a tale, here’s a tale, here’s another tale!
What a WHAAAAALE of a sign gift tale!

Overseas, in ’03, I prayed for a knee.
It was sore, the guy swore, for a month or more!
But I prayed, God gave aid, in my big crusade,
All the SKEEEEEPTICS saw God’s power displayed!

Don’t ask where, I forget, but I know that it was in a country overseas.
Don’t’ ask who, I don’t know, since I healed a lot of people’s rather damaged knees.
There’s a guy, if I try, I can get him to track down someone to verify.
If I call on a phone, I can see if there’s a video that can be shown.

I suggest that you don’t get hopes up, because it, might be erased.
But I hope that it’s still around so, I can put, you in your place.

Here’s a tale, here’s a tale, here’s another tale!
Here’s a tale, here’s a tale, here’s another tale!
Here’s a tale, here’s a tale, here’s another tale!
What a WHAAAAALE of a sign gift tale!

And so on…  It goes on and becomes rather the tongue twister around 1:10-1:22, but you’ll have to actually pick up the book to get the full lyrics.  Where else can you get such high quality Cessationist comedy?

Tremendous thanks goes out to everyone who has upheld me in prayer as I’ve slogged through this project, a few hours at a time, in the early mornings as I’ve been bludgeoned with drug-induced insomnia.  If I were feeling better I’d be probably done long ago, but it’s slow going since I haven’t been feeling like myself for a while.

Sick Unicorn

Either way, I’ve got 1 chapter left of major edits and then I’ll send it to my proof-reader for a final examination.  Hopefully, this will all be done relatively soon.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Stoned Ranger” Unger


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