2014 Blog Year in Review

StatsI just got the statistics in from my blogging year.  This year was a big year for me, with my blog traffic increasing rather exponentially over previous years due to my whole involvement in the Strange Fire conference and aftermath.  I had written a blog post this morning (on something totally unrelated to blog stats) and was about to post it, but WordPress threw it into the ether and I lost everything (I know, draft on Word…the one time I don’t…doh).  So, I was all bummed today.  My mood just picked up though as I got the stats in from the Cripplegate and learned that I had the #1 post on there for 2014, with this post receiving 24,000+ views.  Thanks to all my readers!

Then I was curious about this blog and I looked at my own analytics.  I realized that my review of the Noah movie was my most trafficked post by far, with 52,000 views.  For comparison my second place post was, strangely, my 207-word post about Jentezen Franklin and Tommy Tenney that got 3,500 views.  Also, three of my top ten posts were the movie reviews (God’s Not Dead and Left Behind) I did this year.  I guess that means that people like my crabby movie reviews.


I’m sad that I was far too sick to see Exodus: Gods & Kings, but maybe I’ll do some more movie reviews next year.  I’m still editing the Authentic Fire response book, and I have a second far smaller book on the horizon, but then I’ll be preparing for the conference that I’ll be speaking at in April.  I’ll try to have a few posts up from time to time, but as I come to the end of my period of sickness and get back to work in the next few months, my blogging will slow down and this blog will become significantly less active than it has over the past few years.  I have a few projects on the go and will do my best to toss some half decent stuff up from time to time.  There are lots of thoughts that I have which still have to come out!


Thanks to all the new readers I’ve picked up this past year and may the Lord grant you all a happy new year!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Mennoknight” Unger


Also, this morning I was essentially blogging about some comedy associated with this crazy video.

Enjoy the video!  Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “2014 Blog Year in Review

  1. I’m so confused by the video!?! Glad to see you getting better, but sad to see you less. You are my favourite theological blogger! 🙂

  2. Glad to hear about all the traffic with regards to your Noah movie review. I would guess that not all of them were positive comments, but what you wrote was both clear and very needful.

  3. Congratulation Lyndon. I greatly appreciated your review of Noah for calling it as it was. One of my own pastors also posted a review of the movie. His review broke my heart. I would post the link but sadly, it might break yours also. He evaluated it for “entertainment value” and totally dismissed its twisted unrighteous hatred for the living word. Your review caused me to rejoice. Regarding Exodus, it is as blasphemous a movie if not more so than Noah, so be forewarned. So glad your health is being restored. Praise the LORD Lyndon and Happy New Year!

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