A Second Call for Prayer


What a change happens in 2 years.  It was 2 years ago this month that I found myself in a hospital bed, wondering how I was going to tell my newly pregnant wife that I was facing a life-threatening illness.  It’s been a long two years since I found out I had Hepatitis C, and for those of you who are recent subscribers or new followers, you may want to read a few posts in order to come up to speed (I won’t re-post all the details here for obvious reasons).  Here’s my initial announcement, and then that was followed by  update #1, update #2, update #3, and update #4.  I have been amazed to discover the vast amount of people, all over the world, that have been praying for my family and myself through all this.  We’ve been totally floored at the overwhelming generosity of time and resources that we’ve received from all over as well.

It’s so strange to attempt to thank distant brothers and sisters in the Lord on a medium like this, but our family cannot adequately express our thanks to everyone that has supported us in prayer through this time and helped us keep persevering through the midst of what has been, at times, quite a severe burden.

Thank you all so very much; may the Lord repay you all with vast interest for all the love we’ve been shown.

Still, we’re not out of the woods and I need to call upon everyone for prayer once again.

Last week, I spent a day in Vancouver, BC at Vancouver General Hospital and got clearance to start my second round of anti-viral treatment.  It seems like my health insurance company has covered my additional medical expenses (though I still have nothing in unambiguous writing) and I’m now taking Sovaldi.  Our family would like to request 3 items for prayer:

1.  Please pray that this round of treatment works.  My previous round of less intense treatment didn’t produce any results, so we’re definitely praying that this round is far more effective.  The treatment regime I’m on could possibly eradicate my Hepatitis C completely, so we’d like to as you to join with us in petitioning the Lord unto that exact end.  I’d like to invite you to join me in asking and trusting the Lord for complete eradication of the Hepatitis C virus.  If this medication doesn’t work, I’m in line for a liver transplant and that’s, well, quite bad news (the waiting list is years, and my liver is not doing well at all…).


2.  Please pray for my precious wife (Jennifer) and two toddlers (Tobias & Kajsa).  This regime of treatment is quite intense, and the last round of less-intense treatment was amazingly difficult for my wife and family.  The side effects are uncertain (everyone responds differently) but last time I lost my memory, got really crabby (quite randomly too; the drugs are actually quite mind-altering), had basically no energy at all, and had a variety of other effects that made life rather difficult for myself and the rest of the family.  Please pray that my wife has extra patience, grace and endurance through this all.  She’s a far greater blessing than I deserve and has had a real tough go through this all.


3.  Please pray for my upcoming job search.  I’m trusting that the Lord will make this treatment regime effective, but healing will mean that after this all I can go back to work.  I’m going to be searching for ministry work during the next several months that I’m on treatment (and the months of recovery afterwards), and I am absolutely itching to get back to work…but I would rather not go back to my property maintenance job (it’s a great job, but it’s time for a career).  I’ve been talking with churches, off and on, but now I’m going to be seriously looking for ministry work.

The problem is that I live in Canada and I’m a theologically conservative/properly fundamentalist fella (in the historic sense) who is educated, fairly inexperienced, and in my late thirties.  I’m consistently told I’m “too old” to be a youth pastor, “too inexperienced” to be a senior pastor, “too educated” to be an associate and “too conservative” for all the churches that don’t care much about age, experience or education.  The Lord can grant me ministry work, but after talking with as many churches as I have talked with over the last several years, I’m under no delusions about just what an ostentatious act of providence it will be for me to end up working in a church somewhere.  I may end up filling a role in the body other than working in a local church (i.e. writing and speaking professionally), but the local church is where I’d love to be.


Over the next 3 months, I’ll be working on book ideas and probably blogging a bit on here and the Cripplegate (and possibly going nuts on one or two other projects that I imagine will surface), but I don’t really know what will be happening since I’m not really sure how bad the side effects of my treatment will be.

I’ll covet all your prayers and will deliver updates as information becomes available.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “naming it but not claiming it” Unger


16 thoughts on “A Second Call for Prayer

  1. Thanks for letting us join you in your petitions to our Father King. It’s a blessing to be involved in a small way. I look forward to more than we can ever hope and think one day in glory. Until then, keep on keeping on. God bless you and yours brother!

  2. Shared on my Facebook page. Steep challenges, but also great opportunities to glorify our Lord in exemplifying His triumphant joy in the midst of trial. He is honoring you brother. A large assignment with great reward. Abundant grace to the wife and children Lord we pray. Lyndon is probably tough enough to put up with without all this 😉

  3. Shared on my Facebook page and twitter as well. It’s a good thing God loves you so much! You can’t have a better advocate on your behalf than Jesus Christ. I KNOW he is interceding with the Father on your behalf and on behalf of your family. I will add my feeble prayers to the thousands that have already been sent. God bless you and yours as you endure this trial.

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  5. Will keep praying for you brother. Your blogs have been a blessing. I pray you get well soon and that The Lord is glorified in your healing. I know it would involve a lot of work, but is there the possibility of starting your own Chruch? There’s probably a few other theologically conservative brothers in your area who are also looking for a Bible based church. Maybe this would be a good opportunity to start one.

    I pray you get better soon brother.

    Grace and peace!

    • Thanks for your prayers Ivan. I’ve looked into starting a church and was in the process of doing so when I got sick, but that’s a far more difficult process than you may think. It’s on the list of options, but not terribly high on the list because of all the serious hurdles involved.

  6. Will keep praying for you and your family. Among all the opportunities you have in writing and sharing your thoughts, being candid about your health, your family, and your personal ambitions is what gives so much credibility to your postings. Keep it up! God bless as you go into this round of treatments. Al K

  7. This may be a strange thing to do but, I’m going to recycle the comment I sent after your first call to prayer.

    Tammy Miller on June 20, 2014 at 8:43 pm

    We are praying for you & your family. It is a blessing to see your faith. Your faith doesn’t seem to be your own but, that of God’s. Much like how Abraham not being a righteous man but, an idolitrous one was imputed with righteousness from God. And what flowed from that was a life marked by faith. As a spiritual child of Abraham you have the same faith.

    I know this is true of you because you are accepting of God’s sovereign will in your life. I hope to encourage you to continuing on in that faith. It is a faith that comes with a guarantee of healing whether that results in many more precious years with your family or slipping into your glorified body and a crown filled with jewels. And even though you may go through moments of wondering if God even exists, it’s a faith, that will always bring you back to humbling yourself before God and saying “Not mine, but Your will be done.” The faith you are displaying is now a permanent legacy in your family tree. Generations from now your off-spring will be able to look back to the unadultrated faith of their Great, Great, Great Grandfather Lyndon.

    This is not an easy faith to hold onto since, we live in a time when much of the Christian church has turned faith into a ritual of works. A faith that requires you to be able to muster up enough of it. Sadly, too many churches are promoting this faith that turns a gift from God into something that they think can be used to push around God. This man-centred faith makes the blessing of healing out to be a right.

    I long for the Christian church to plant itself on the correct side of the fine line between these two different concepts of what it means to have faith. I thank God for the testimony your life is providing. And I can only hope that if I ever need it, I too would have the kind of faith that would know without a doubt that God could heal me in an instant yet be able to rest in knowing God will do what ever brings Him the most Glory. God already has a plan and he blesses us with the privilege of participating in it through prayer and so we will continue to do just that, for you Brother.

    Tammy Miller

    (The only thing I’d like to add to this comment would be in light of your third prayer request. Please consider Peace River, AB as a place to move to & be a pastor! This town could really use “a theologically conservative/properly fundamentalist fella.”)

    • Tammy, thanks for the comments and prayers. They’re highly coveted.

      Regarding your last comment, I wish I could move somewhere and start pastoring…but I need a church to pastor before I relocate my family (I don’t have a tent-making skill that I could use to make a living in the meantime). If you have any ideas (or are the head of a search committee), let me know!

  8. I will commit to praying for you and your wife and children. We, in northern Alberta, drive just over an hour to attend a conservative/properly fundamentalist church. There are people who need pastors like you.

  9. Hey brother!

    What an incredible gift you are to the lives you touch through family, community, and ministry. Praying continually for you and your family that God’s name be lifted high through this difficult time and that your story may serve as a light to others that are suffering through similar circumstances.

    Thankful for your habit of humility and joyfulness through this sickness! And to all those who say too old, inexperienced, or conservative?! Let me at ’em! 🙂

  10. Amen, I will pray for you Lyndon. Your ability to still blog amidst your current ordeal demonstrates a tremendous commitment you have for other brothers and sisters. Thank you!

    P.S. Regardless whether you experience memory loss again, may the word of God be written on the tablet of your heart and never depart from you.

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