This is a test post…

…to see if I can edit and post photos from the android application. But, I’ll double dip a bit.  A few weeks ago I was in a thrift store and saw this:


And then, out of curiosity I cracked it open and saw this:


That’s right.  Sandwiched between noted exegetical howitzers Pat Robertson and Paul Crouch is Tim Lahaye, who endorses the book alongside those two noted biblical scholars.  Dr. Lahaye calls Benny Hinn “a student of Bible prophecy” and says his book is a “must read”.  I did not know they were friends.  I now regret never reading a single page of the Left Behind series even less.

Yikes. Benny Hinn. What is it with that guy getting endorsed by people who should certainly know better?

And thus concludes my test post. Wife, you can apparently edit and post photos from the Android application.

Everyone else; this entire post was written with my right pointer finger. I don’t want to make this a habit. All that poke and peck typing makes a finger go ouchie.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I heart my keyboard” Unger

PS – did I say “howitzers”?  I meant “nose flutes”.

Rajasthani flautist


16 thoughts on “This is a test post…

  1. It’s all about influence. Doctrine goes out the window. What matters is being invited to the mega conferences where you can peddle your books and merchandise.

    Either that or LaHaye’s editor put a gun to his head and made him write this recommendation.

    • Well, you see what money and power does to people in Hollywood; even the most “normal” people cannot handle it well. Given the opportunity to sell large quantities of books and have people flock to pay money to hear you speak, I definitely recognize that politics and influence rule the day for many “Christian celebrities”.

      I praise the Lord that I’m in no danger of becoming a “Christian celebrity”.

  2. Oy vey …. I felt the hairs at the back of my neck standing up as I saw the cover of benny hinn’s book ….. and then the foreword and comments by a legion of false prophets …. sickening to the core. What is most disturbing however, is those who walk in blissful ignorance and almost worship these wicked people ….

    • Agreed…and I’m also quite disturbed by those whose ignorance isn’t blissful, but rather quite calculated and deceitful. A guy like LaHaye isn’t unable to figure out whether or not Benny Hinn is a respectable Biblical scholar. a guy like LaHaye doesn’t get off with playing the “stupid” card or playing the “I was unaware” card. A fellow needs an hour or two and the internet to basically come to a fairly solid conclusion about Benny Hinn.

      People who are large and influential leaders shouldn’t be allowed to get away with feigning ignorance when it comes to essential Christian doctrine, or the identification of people who peach a blatantly counterfeit gospel.

  3. LaHaye will endorse anything. From Dave Hunt’s “What Love is This?”, one of the lamest books ever:

    Calvinism comes perilously close to blasphemy. And that is why I congratulate Dave Hunt for writing this excellent clarification of the doctrine that has its roots more in Greek humanism, from where it originated, that it does the Scripture The God of Calvinism is a far cry from the God of the Bible who loves mankind so much that He sent His only Son to save whosoever calls on Him for mercy in the name of His resurrected Son, Jesus Christ (Tim Lahaye—Co author of the Left Behind Series)

  4. Mennoknight asks: “Has anyone ever told you that you should write cards for Hallmark, Tiribulus?”

    To my favorite abominoid:
    It’s heretics like you into the lake of fire He’ll cast,
    an ever heightening flaming blaze within His nostril blast.

    When you’ve been there ten thousand years roasting like the sun,
    You’ll no less days to roast away then when you’d first begun.

    I beg of thee therefore my friend, repent before too late,
    Forsake this sin and own His Son and seek that narrow gate.


    How do ya think that would go over? 😀

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