Quick Thoughts: Guess what Charisma Magazine did?


Did Charisma let some ranting “prophet” share their latest divine revelation, or post an article promoting a heresy condemned by an early church ecumenical council?

Well, probably…but that’s not exactly news.

What Charisma did do was allow noted cessationist and biblical exegete, Dr. Albert Mohler, to post an article on their website that goes after Joel & Victoria Osteen for their prosperity gospel theology.

No, I’m serious.



That about sums it up.

Letting a cessationist and orthodox evangelical biblical scholar (who understands the gospel with a level of clarity that necessarily excludes competing “gospels”) post an article on Charisma has not only proved to be a meltdown, but has caused no small amount of gunfire in the comment thread.

A rather alarming amount of people have shown up and pulled the trigger, condemning Dr. Mohler and supporting the Osteens as champions of gospel fidelity and orthodoxy.  That’s not exactly the trigger a person should be pulling…


You think I’m overstating things?

Go check out the comments.  I tossed the link up on Facebook today and described the Charisma post as “The entire Strange Fire conference validated in 1 post and its comment thread”.

I dare suggest that the comment thread indeed does verify a whole lot of the criticisms laid out in the Strange Fire conference.  Who would have thought that so many people would show up to unashamedly defend the prosperity gospel?  Where exactly did they all learn that?  In their prosperity gospel preaching churches maybe?

Didn’t Dr. Craig Keener say that he didn’t write a book condemning the prosperity gospel because “no one believes in prosperity teaching anymore”?Someone should tell the folks over at Charisma.

Time to get my daughter up from her nap, so that marks the end of this short post.
Until Next Time,
 Lyndon “Did they REALLY say that?” Unger
P.S. – Yes.  Seeing that Dr. Mohler’s article was in partial response to Victoria Osteen’s comments that worship is all about you, someone on Charisma actually said “The Osteens and their church are doing all they can for the Glory of God. They hear from God like you and me. They answer to God like you and me. If God was offended about what she said, I think He would let her know.”
What can a person possibly say in response to that?

4 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Guess what Charisma Magazine did?

  1. Frankly, I’m amazed that we’re amazed by the amazing support the Osteens (and other tv stars) get from their followers. It is both a cult of personality and of paganism. The lines of orthodoxy are so clearly drawn today; it’s like Athanasius and Arius all over again.

    Could it be that pop-charismania-churchianity has finally gone too far? Is it finally being recognized for what it is by some of it’s own people?

    Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker had their problems, but I’d have them both back over the current crowd travelling the airwaves. God help us.

    • My surprise (along with your amazed amazement) is what was Dr. Mohler thinking? Of course I don’t think he is afraid to stir the pot.
      Yes Jimmy and Jim look pretty good today considering, just like Ford,Carter, and Bush do compared to what’s currently “on top” in politics.

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