A Merch Idea For W.Y.L.D.C!

I’ve been thinking of upgrading my wordpress.com blog to my own dot com site, and I’ve been also thinking about some merchandise ideas as of late as it would be fantastic to turn this blog into some sort of (tiny) source of income.  I am not any sort of graphic designer, but I do have one or two creative bones in my body.  I was just showering and had a brainwave.  I was thinking of designing a shirt (which means “getting someone to design”) that looked something like this:


I’m guessing that I’d sell about three, but that’s probably somewhere around a big fat $6 of income!

Okay…I’m actually somewhat joking.  I don’t really plan on selling T-shirts just yet…

…but in around a week I will start working on editing the review of Authentic Fire by Dr. Michael Brown that Fred Butler and I have posted, in a refined form, on the Cripplegate.  It’s going to become an e-book and I’ll try to add a bunch of new content to it that should be even more helpful than it’s already been, as well as try to make it available sometime before American Thanksgiving to be a general resource on cessationism.  It will be something that we’ll charge money for, but the cost will be in the low single-digit range (I don’t know exactly how much yet).

I plan to write something else on cessationism as well, namely a comprehensive defense of Cessationism consisting of an exegetical take on all the major passages as well as a biblical exploration of all the associated topics, but that will likely be much more in the future and will take far more time!

Just two piece of merchandise news that may be of interest to some.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I love pickles too” Unger


12 thoughts on “A Merch Idea For W.Y.L.D.C!

    • For those just joining us, Jim Sarco is my resident troll who has been warned innumerable times about posting his irrational screeds and feces-obsessed comments on here. He was blocked for a while and now every single comment just gets automatically edited to “I love pickles”.

      He’s become a valuable member of our online community here; his tenacity and commitment to his own foaming-mad agenda to have this blog be shut down (for simply not agreeing with him), is admirable…in a “digging through a cinder block wall with a spatula” sort of way. In a wonderful turn of irony, he has now started contributing merchandise ideas to help this blog actually succeed and grow.

      Thanks for being a trooper and never giving up Jim.

      Your unyielding efforts to harass and spew hate have been turned on their head.

      We love you.

      Pickles too.

  1. HA!!!! Love the T-shirt. I’m in stitches again. Thankfully I’m not drinking coffee this time.

    Blessing’s to you, brother.

    • Thanks fluffyfingers. I haven’t heard of the book but I’m familiar with all the contributors and have read books and articles from almost all of them.

      I’m not really interested in responding to every charismatic defense against all their misunderstandings of the Strange Fire conference.

      I’m also sure that Wayne Grudem and Tony D. Palma were at absolute odds on every OTHER point of theology…which only lends credibility to one of the “cover fire” charges of the conference.

      I also love the subtitle: when tradition trumps scripture.

      Not to be too polemical or anything…

      I also love the description:

      “Strangers to Fire is an anthology of 35 previously published (for the most part) essays by 26 authors of the Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Third Wave movements, or non-cessationists of traditional denominations, responding to John F. MacArthur’s Strange Fire or cessationism and the abuse of the charismata in general.”

      In other words, I’d bet serious money that it’s not an actual response to the various points made at the conference but is rather a response to the common myths about cessationism (i.e. the “perfect” in 1 Cor. 13 is the scripture…).

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