Quick News Flash!

I’m live right now, over at the Cripplegate.  I’m responding to a blog post by Justin Taylor where he takes a stab at the idea of a pre-tribulational rapture (He’s a post-trib guy himself).  It’s not much but it’s what I’ve written recently and it may be helpful to some to see a response to what are portrayed as “obvious” arguments against pre-tribulationalism by someone who’s a lot more of a significant personality in Evangelicalism than I am.

I know many of my readers may not know who Justin Taylor is (he’s the senior VP of Crossway publishing and has a rather significant blog in Evangelical circles), or may not care much about end times theology debates, but I was asked to write a response to him and I did…and I’m sharing that with y’all.  I’m guessing nobody’s going to notice my response, but whatever.  For the few dozen people that it helps, it’s worth it.

Off to bed!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “the fly in the ointment” Unger


28 thoughts on “Quick News Flash!

  1. These are the best sites on the web and I recommend that everyone subscribes to them, learns from them, and humbly submits to their excellent biblical exegesis and argumentation. They are shining beams of biblical reason and fidelity on the internet:

    1 mennoknight
    2 cripplegate
    3 pyro
    4 muddystreams
    5 mennolite
    6 amohler
    7 veritasdomain
    8 paperthinhymn

    good night and good luck!

  2. you’re welcome, mennoknight. It will always be my greatest aim to see your blog elevated to the high status that it deserves.

    In other news, I’d like to ask for prayer for myself. I fear I’m mentally ill and may be in need of serious medical attention.

    gnagl to me!

  3. Hi, I’m Jim Sarco. That’s not my real name, but I’m a troll us trolls don’t do things like that.

    I don’t seem to learn that commenting on here will not be allowed as long as I swear or ramble on like a crazy person.

    I’m angry that people don’t bow to my insane internet megalomania and disagree with me, even though I don’t have the wherewithall to actually post a coherent articulation of my own position on various things because my mind is somewhat malfunctional.

    Please ignore everything I write online since I’m clearly unbalanced and in need of medical attention.

    • Jim, you don’t seem to get what’s happening here. My blog is set up to automatically edit whatever you write to “I love pickles” and then approve the comment.

      Feel free to keep posting comments about poo, excrement, urine, vomit, etc. (or whatever witty repartee you find coming out).

      It wont matter.

      You are blocked from this blog and you can no longer comment here…at least anything beyond “I love pickles”.

      Good night and good luck to you too.

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