Quick Update for everyone


Kids are stirring, so here’s 3 quick updates for my readers:

1.  Need Prayer – Friday, July 4, I’m going to Vancouver General Hospital for an ultrasound and some other tests (not exactly sure what) as my body has started retaining water.  This is not good and is known as ascites; it’s a sign that my liver and kidneys are getting weaker.  I can still take the treatment I’m waiting for while I endure ascites, but it is making sleeping/walking/doing anything a whole lot more uncomfortable (gravity pulls water down, and that includes feet, legs, and in men…).  My low sodium diet has become an absolutely no sodium diet and I’ll likely be on diuretics soon to help remove excess water.  Pray for successful and accurate diagnosis with the tests, along with the other 4 things mentioned in my previous update (I also won’t get the test results for several days after the weekend, but will alert my readers when that happens).

2.  Blog Updates – Though I’m not going to be tossing many new posts up, I am slowly chipping away at a few.  In the meantime, I’ll be updating my index so watch for that to expand and become up to date.  I’ll also make an entirely separate page devoted to all things Strange Fire, indexing basically everything I’ve written there (most likely chronologically) to help you find certain things.  I will also likely start posting some “greatest hits” posts, presenting edited and updated older posts that my readers have likely never seen.  Watch for that.

3.  Fundraising – I’ve been contacted by several Canadians who want to financially support us directly.  I’ve set up a Canadian bank account for that specific purpose, and you can contact me here (please don’t spam me with medical advice; I’ll tell you in advance that I cannot take it regardless of how good it is…), or even contact my folks (if you’re one of my readers that knows them) for that information (they’re visiting right now but will be back in Waldheim on Friday, July 4th…they’ll be really exhausted though so please give them a few days to recover).  Our fundraising campaign has just cleared $10,000 of the estimated $100,000 we’re going to need to pay for my upcoming medication (once my bilirubin count drops enough that my jaundice disappears and my body can handle the treatment).

As of right now (July 2, 2014), Great West Life is stonewalling us regarding coverage and we’re pursuing several options against them now, but none have availed anything (thought not all have been fully implemented as of yet).  It still looks like I’ll have to pay for this myself, and for that I’m going to need a whole lot of help.  Again, the minute that changes, I will make that immediately known.  I have no desire to raise money under deceitful pretense.  Still, the money raised so far is highly needed since being sick costs money.

Now I’ve gotta take my morning anti-nausea drugs and do my fatherly duties as best I can.  Remember to pray for my wife Jen as she bears an overwhelming majority of those responsibilities.

God bless you all and thank you so terribly much for all your prayers and support.  They are, and will continue to, make the differences we need in these highly trying days.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Mennoknight” Unger


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