Quick prayer update


To all my readers and fellow prayer-warriors,

Last week I called everyone I knew to join with me in praying for various issues surrounding my Hepatitis C, and our family has been quite overwhelmed by the length and breadth of your responses.  We’ve received messages that we have churches praying for us on five continents, and we’ve seen already the Lord’s hand working in many ways through this all.

I had asked for four different items of prayer:

a.  Prayer for quick and accurate diagnosis & ultimately healing…I need my medical overseers to figure out what is happening to me right now (infection or liver failure) and formulate a strategy.

b.  Prayer that my liver is not failing but rather that I have an infection again.

c.  Prayer for a successful appeal with my health insurance provider to cover my medication.

d.  Prayer for my wife (Jennifer) and my kids.

I now have a little bit of information to bring to the table that will hopefully encourage.

a.  My blood work seems to suggest that my liver is not likely failing (praise the Lord), but rather I am having a reaction to some sort of infection or antibiotic that I was on.  That’s not definitive, but it seems that’s as close to a diagnosis my liver specialist is able to make, so that’s definitely encouraging.

b.  In light of (a), I need now to clear the reaction response so that I’m able to go on my new treatment regime.  My liver functions appear to be returning to normal, but according to the numbers in my blood work, it’s looking like it’ll take around two months.  My specialist doesn’t want me to be jaundiced, nauseated, etc. when the regime begins (as an agitated liver is far less responsive)…

c.  …which is still in question.  My health insurance provider has received updated medical information and still, for some lobotomy-induced-reason, has decided that I don’t need the new treatment.  I have people going to bat for me, but these processes apparently take time, which is all right I guess (seeing that I cannot begin the treatment until the beginning of September at the earliest).  Still, I’m going to need the Lord to intervene in a rather serious way on this, so definitely keep praying please!

d.  My wife and kids definitely need your prayers.  We had the unmitigated blessing of having my sister and brother-in-law out helping us out all last week, and this week my own folks are here for the week.  That has been such an overwhelming blessing from the Lord I cannot even begin to express it.  My folks leave this coming Monday though, and my wife will be taking care of three toddlers by herself again.  I have such a solid-gold bride (those that know her all agree that I somehow married far out of my league…), but she’s borne a harder-than-you-can-imagine yoke for the last 20 months that doesn’t look like it’s going to let up as of yet.  Our two little ones are delightful and yet quite a handful, and I simply don’t have the energy to really be much help.

So, there you go.  One encouraging clarification and the rest is basically the same.

Oh, and there’s one other thing that I’ll alert everyone to.  A dear friend of ours in California (Jacey Dean) has established a fundraising campaign for two reasons:

1.  To simply pay for my treatment outright, independent of insurance, if they continue to refuse coverage.

2.  To help cover all the other various and never-ending medical expenses that seem to constantly stack up.  I’ve been on long-term disability as of one year this month and my employer will stop covering my provincial healthcare premiums as well as all my extended medical benefits for me and my whole family: dental and vision, prescription drugs, etc.  Being unable to work and yet chronically sick is a frustrating combination.

If you’ve been blessed by my writing here or on the Cripplegate, or if the Lord simply moves your heart to come alongside us in this way, we would be beyond blessed.  Also, if my health insurance provider agrees to cover my new treatment regime, I’ll make that known immediately; I have no desire to raise funding under any sort of false pretense and want to be above reproach with all things.

Finally, many of you aren’t connected to me on Facebook so here’s a recent photo of my family and me, apparently looking like an Oompa-Loompa (I’ve heard “Homer Simpson” as well).  Either way, the photo is unedited and that’s how I actually look these days.

The Ungers(Jen, Tobias – 2.5 yrs, Kajsa – almost 14 months, me).

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Mennoknight” Unger


28 thoughts on “Quick prayer update

  1. I am happy to learn of the positive results of your treatment. Praise God for all things, as He continued to see you through all challenges.

  2. Continuing to pray for you all. When I saw that picture….jeepers man!!! This verse brought comfort to me today so I’ll share it with you.
    “Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee,” – Psalm 116:7

    Blessings, brother.

  3. Lyndon…. That swift social media tool known as Facebook had alerted me to your situation. My heart breaks. May the God of all peace comfort you and be your provider. Blessings on you brother.

  4. Hi Lyndon. So grateful it is looking like something other than liver failure.
    Continuing to pray for you and your family.
    Setting up the fund raising is helpful for those who would like to help. Great idea!

    Since you are a research nerd, this came along my path, I did not google it:
    http://www.chilebiotech.cl/probiotics-prevent-deadly-complications-of-liver-disease-study-finds/. You came to mind.
    Also, I have a friend that is HB+, she had some great numbers after doing some integrative meds, dramatic decrease. I can find out what they did, if you like. I’m aware there is a difference between B & C.
    I know you are most likely weary of people like me sending info this, but know, it comes from a sincere heart.

    Praying joy for you and your family today, God’s strength in your weakness.

    • Thanks Libs. The truth is that my hepatologist is running the show and I’m not about to go behind his back and try anything right now. He’s put me on a regime to help my liver get back to normal as best as he knows how and though I’m interested in the info (I’m sure it’s worth looking into), I’m ultimately not self-medicating in any way as that may or may not complicate my situation.

      One of the ways to ensure diagnostic accuracy is to actually have a control in monitoring my bloodwork, and inserting anything into the mix adds innumerable variables that only lengthens the diagnostic time if something occurs (and makes my doctor’s job far more difficult).

      I definitely appreciate the sincere and thoughtful idea though. God bless Libs!

  5. I have learned an immeasurable amount from reading your work on both blogs, and so have, from a selfish perspective, asked that we be allowed to keep you for many, many years. More important by far, of course, is the effect all of this is having on you and your family, both short and long term. I feel for your wife, having been in a similar position for a number of years back when our kids were young. My prayers are for strength to endure till healing comes.

    • Thanks so much Ed. I too hope to be around for a long time to offer more good (I hope) theological and exegetical resources for those that will be blessed by them.

      I will continue to covet your prayers and support and my family will as well. May the Lord bless you a hundredfold.

  6. You may have already investigated this, but on the off chance that I just missed it along the way, have you checked into Medi-Share to help with the finanancial issues with this? It may be helpful. Their website is here. http://mychristiancare.org/Medi-Share/
    We have had quite a few families we know in similar situations that have benefited from this program. I don’t know how the eligibility would work on this but felt compelled to share what has worked for others. Blessings and I pray for continued strength from the Lord for you and your family as you daily walk with Him.

  7. Brother! I actually found out about this on Wretched Radio last week and have been praying for you since. You practically ruined my Friday, though, I was a wreck! We are praying for you and the family, but while you’re yellow you might as well work the Homer Simpson angle for some extra dough maybe, kids’ parties, etc. Grace and peace friend.

    • Oh Yurie! Buddy! I am sorry you had to find out through Wretched…that must have been rough. Yikes.

      Thanks for the idea though partner. I’d take it to heart, but I don’t have enough energy to do much, let alone be a clown at a kids party.

      Maybe I could work some sort of “coma” angle and lie around in a lawn chair while the kids poked me with sticks. Probably a difficult sell…

  8. So grateful for you Lyndon, and praying still. Separately, knowing your unbounded sense of humour, I think perhaps you should subtitle your blog and start signing yourself as “The Yellow Peril”

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