Quick News: What’s going on…


It’s clear that I haven’t been very active on the blog as of the last while, so here’s a quick “what’s up”.  I’ve been going nuts preparing for a conference that I was speaking at this past weekend.  I was preaching to the English ministry of South Vancouver Pacific Grace MB Church as they had their yearly retreat.  I preached through 1 Kings 18 and 19, as well as Luke 10:25-37.  The sermons weren’t recorded, but I’ll possibly share them somewhere else and link them at that time…or I might type them up and toss them on here (though that would be a large effort.  We’ll see.)  I was prepping like mad for the last few weeks and I’ve also been editing my review of Authentic Fire for the Cripplegate; I’ve been chopping my posts down by like 75% in length in order to make them far more readable, so I’d encourage my readers who thought my original review posts were simply headache-inducing to keep watch on the Cripplegate on Thursdays as those remastered posts are going up.  Beyond that, I’ve got some big plans coming too.  I’m going to be working on some stuff related to the Canadian MB Conference and I’ll likely wait until everything is done, but then I’ll have about 6-8 posts directly relating to stuff in the MB conference that I’ve been wanting to address for months.  I’ve got some way backlogged book reviews to do (some of which are MB related books), I’m going to take a look at the study conference videos from this past October and I’m going to have a celebrity guest join me for some interaction on the topic of homosexuality and the Canadian Mennonite Brethren Church.  That should all be coming up in the following 2 months.

Beyond that, I’m doing a “Summer Slam” series with the College & Career group that I lead, and we’re slamming through a wide variety of topics this summer.  I’ll be taking some stuff from that research and putting it online for everyone’s enjoyment.  This coming Friday, we’re going to be looking at an overview of the Millennial Kingdom of Christ (that’s what the C&C folks were asking about!), so that will be interesting!  We’ll have a lot more topics being examined, and that stuff should help keep this blog going as I begin working on some other serious writing projects.

Just keeping you all abreast of what’s in the pipeline.  Now that the conference is past, I’ll focus on finishing up my editing for the Cripplegate and then I can pour myself into some new, fresh, and most definitely controversial content for this little corner of the internet.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Mennoknight at heart” Unger


5 thoughts on “Quick News: What’s going on…

  1. As always, we look forward to the fruit you produce for the glory of our Lord and the role He has given you to aid us through the process of sanctification! Thank you for your faithfulness and the dilligent hours you pour into these posts that always overflow with practical wisdom and edification.

  2. Phooey that your sermons weren’t recorded, would have loved to hear them!

    Keep up the good work for the glory of God. “Do not grow weary of doing good…”

    As a btw, I have almost no knowledge of the Mennonite Brethren Church, but I am curious now..

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