Quick note about American Hispanics and the Prosperity Gospel

I was listening to Al Mohler while having lunch today and he mentioned a recent Pew Research Center study on American Hispanics.  He mentioned that America Hispanics are leaving their traditional Catholic Churches in record numbers, and he said:

Now what’s really interesting in this report is where those who are following this kind of research indicate that Hispanics are going. You’ll notice two things were said in that Wall Street Journal article. The first is that there is a significant shift in terms of Hispanics in the United States away from Catholicism and towards evangelicalism, but when you look at the data more closely, it is clear that it’s not evangelicalism in general. That is the target where so many of these Hispanics are going. It is rather in particular charismatic evangelicalism, and precisely it is often the health and wealth gospel, the prosperity gospel, that is attracting many Hispanics in the United States and drawing them away from Catholicism.

That comment piqued my interest since I’ve previously written about the largest Hispanic church in America, so I quickly looked up the study.  The full study is here, the sixth chapter (dealing with the prosperity gospel) numbers) is here, and the seventh chapter (explaining the theological trends) is here.  Feel free to read that all for yourself, but the numbers are disturbing.  Allow me to summarize:

Jesus-Bling-copy-260x390(STRANGE FIRE!  STRANGE FIRE!  AWOOGA!  AWOOGA!)

Half of all American Hispanics, Protestant or Catholic, believe the prosperity gospel.

65% of American Hispanics that attend Pentecostal churches attend a church that teaches the prosperity gospel.

Half of all American Hispanics Catholics believe the prosperity gospel.

One Third of American Hispanics who call themselves “unaffiliated” believe the prosperity gospel.

– It’s a belief that is twice as prevalent among the poor.

64% of American Hispanics claim to receive divine revelation or divine healing.

96% of American Hispanics who attend a Pentecostal church claim that divine healing, tongues, and various other phenomena occur regularly in their worship services (in other words, not a whole lot of “reformed/level-headed charismatic” representation).

So, is the prosperity gospel a fringe belief like all the “level headed” Charismatics constantly claim?

It seems that everywhere I look, I cannot help but find nothing but data which screams that for most Hispanics in America, their church serves a fairly limited menu…


Until Next Time,

Lyndon “McFizz?  Who dreamed up that name for a drink?” Unger

9 thoughts on “Quick note about American Hispanics and the Prosperity Gospel

  1. Just like the Asian Chinese who replaces their Prosperity GOD (God of Wealth) with the prosperity gospel. Majority who profess Christianity are drawn to the Charismatic and health and wealth/signs and wonders gospel churches. And btw the prosperity burger originates from Malaysia and it is Halal.

    • Thanks Robert! I’ve seen the prosperity gospel steam rolling the Pacific Rim and it’s absolutely horrible. It’s absolutely mind-numbing how it is destroying lives left and right.

      And the prosperity is from Malaysia! I found it online a while ago and couldn’t stop laughing at it!

  2. I am an Hispanic American and I can personally attest that those figures given above are more likely conservative. Overwhelmingly, Hispanic Americans are leaving the Catholic Church in record numbers, not only here in the US, but in Central and South America in even higher numbers.
    And the overwhelmingly majority choose: prosperity gospel pentecostalism, hands down.

  3. Sadly, this is true. The Hispanics that stay Roman Catholic in the U.S. do so out of tradition, respect and fear of upsetting their families.

    There is a growing trend in the border town where I live in (El Paso, TX) of people looking for something new. Usually, they end up in Pentecostal, Charismatic or worse (La Luz del Mundo, Mexico’s largest cult). The Hispanic Prosperity churches have great appeal for hispanics since they appeal to family, tradition and other aspects of their culture. Their worship, preaching and weekly activities are all very ‘Mexican'(in El Paso’s case; in FL they have more of a caribbean feel). One thing that is very common among these churches is that everything revolves around their Leader or Pastor. I think it might have to do with our Roman Catholic upbringing: we looked up to and revered the hierarchies of Bishops, Cardinals and Popes. Now we look up to the Leader with a huge following.

    You think TBN is bad, you should see their spanish network “Enlace.” It makes TBN and Daystar look orthodox. For many “Christian’ hispanic families, this is all they watch on TV. This network showcases many self-appointed ‘Apostles’ Lady “Apostles’ and ‘Prophetess.’ They remind me of Rap stars in that they have an exaggerated view of how great they are.

    • Yeah. I’ve seen a bit of Enlace, and it’s absolutely frightening.

      It’s totally scandalous how much heresy is headhunting the well-intentioned and trusting Hispanic believers.

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