Showing Off In A Worship Service?

Quick thought here.

I was listening to some music tonight as I was working on something when I could help but hear something and laugh.


I’ll admit it.  I was listening to Planetshakers and I was even enjoying them. If you ignore the fact that they think they’re a “worship band” from a prosperity gospel church, their stuff is really catchy and clean and fun.  The music is done really welland the lyrics are shallow enough to easily see through; their lyrics have as much to do with Christianity as your average song from Megadeth…

Here’s a live video of a song called “you are good” and see if you can notice something between around 2:00 and 4:00 that seems rather strange for a band who is doing a “worship” set:

That drummer and bass player are certainly skilled players and I have nothing but respect for their musical ability.  That being said, what kind of confused theology of worship allows for you to claim you’re ascribing glory to God by tossing the spotlight on yourself and showing off?

I’ve played in a whole lot of worship bands, and I’ve never done a drum solo or a guitar solo…maybe because the spotlight isn’t supposed to be on ME when we’re singing about Christ…maybe?

If you’re doing a rock show, fine.  Do whatever you want in your leather pants and sign someone’s bus pass afterwards.  Get zapped while playing a piano.  Do whatever.

If you’re doing a worship set and you turn on the smoke machine, step into the spotlight and play your best licks/chops, you can say you’re giving God glory…but your fingers won’t be the only thing on fire.

Liar, Liar, Pants on fire

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Yes, I’ve read Psalm 33:3 before…” Unger


11 thoughts on “Showing Off In A Worship Service?

  1. Terribly sad anyone would think this is Christian music, or listen to it.
    No personal judgment, just neither the lyrics nor the music have any of Christ in them.
    I grew up when Elvis was a big thing. The Beatles begun their music tirade. I couldn’t fathom that music then and somehow, I just can’t appreciate what passes for music presently.
    Rather then lifting the soul it abases the spirit.
    Lucifer was not only the angel of light, but also of music, guard of Gods throne. Somehow me thinks, his mastery of music has been his inspirational use to destroy mankind.

    From a fellow with two left feet and gets stuck on basic beat. Nevertheless, knows when music uplifts and holds the spirit in its inspiration.

    • Clark, my resident Troll came by and wrote a thoroughly ignorant post making fun of you, somehow thinking I wouldn’t see a post on my own blog.

      I intercepted and deleted it.

      You’re welcome.

      I know you’re reading this Jim. Keep making demands and spamming me. That will eventually work…don’t give up.

  2. Blah blah blah…excrement…delete your site…I’m stalking you online because you attacked my man-crush…

    …and “I demand that you allow my comments. Do not delete them!”

    • Your wish is my command.

      I didn’t delete your comment. They’ll just be edited in humorous ways as I see fit. Feel free to go to every website I’ve ever commented on and now spam them with your list of demands as some irrational form of protest.

      You’ve been blocked here for various violations of the rules of conduct. Every time the nurse leaves her station in the psych ward, feel free to sneak on her computer and keep trying to comment on my blog.

      Even better, since you’re so foaming-at-the-mouth upset with me, how about we have a publicly moderated debate on whatever issue has you so upset? Any issue, any venue. I’d love to engage you in person and see you put your money where your mouth is. How about it? Are you man enough?

  3. Hi Lyndon, I know this is way off topic but I didn’t know where else to comment on your website redesign. It may be just me and my outdated browser but I’m seeing your links on the right side merging with the text of your posts. I like the overall effect and your header picture but I’m wondering if your page needs some clean up work. Just FYI.

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