Heaven Is For Real is a total hoax?

The movie Heaven Is for Real is now in theaters and is apparently doing well for a movie with a $12 million budget (though not quite Blair Witch well).

Now the world has had the scriptures for 2 millennia, and mankind has known about the afterlife for far longer than that, but finally we have a movie, based on a near death experience of a 4-year old son of a failing Christian writer, to let us know that the Bible really, really, really is true.  Hooray!  Beyond that, we have 88% confirmation from none other than the absolute peak of theological resources, ABC News, that Heaven is likely for real…though they admit that not everyone is a big fan of the movie.

Watch the 3 minute clip here for the story.

I love that T.D. Jakes quote: “the great gift of Heaven is for Real is that it poses for us the possibility of the impossible…”


Erm, what?

The possibility of the impossible?

What in the world does that mean?

– Impossible like “people having near death experiences?”

Probably not.  That happens all the time.  Even I had a near death experience once when I woke up in a bed soaked in my own blood from head to toe…well, it was mostly my blood…and 2 liters of saline…

– Impossible like “people having surgery and being on the ropes?”

Again, no.  That happens all the time.  I know of a guy that swallowed a rope and had to have surgery to get it out…well, it was more like floss…and the surgery was non-invasive…

– Impossible like getting to go to Heaven outside of Christ, based on the “hope” that…uh…somehow God will just toss aside his own holiness and the entire person and work of Christ and let everyone in?

Well, not everyone everyone.

I mean, God can’t let Hitler in…and Stalin…and really bad guys like kidnappers, and child molesters, and pyramid scam artists, and homophobes, and people who deny global warming, and people who eat gluten…and people who are bigots according to your standards of what’s “open minded”…so in the end nobody but yourself and your relatively small circle of friends…

Is that the kind of impossible we’re talking about?

Well, that must be it.  That’s gotta be the “possibility” that the film is portraying.

No sin.

No repentance.

No gospel whatsoever.

Just “God loves you (and for some reason, loves you more than himself and more than his own glory…which makes God an idolater…but he regularly brings people to heaven so that they can see how the Heaven really is real but the Bible isn’t really true or sufficient revelation of such matters even though it claims to be…).”

*theological fail*


I’d call that a total hoax too.

In fact, I openly call all similar veiled attacks on God’s word “hoaxes”.

Thanks for bringing TD Jakes into the mainstream and extending the arm of fellowship to a false teacher boys!  No harm done by the Dukes of Haphazard!

Hmmm…I guess that’s why the Lord is blessing them boys so tremendously right now.

Just connecting a few dots that I’ve recently thought about.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “time for supper!” Unger

P.S. – Some of my readers might enjoy (shameless plug time) my review of Heaven is for Real which is here.  Make sure to vote if you like it!  (Also, this review and this review are both entertaining, especially in the comment section, and relevant to the issue at hand.  Vote if you like them too!)


9 thoughts on “Heaven Is For Real is a total hoax?

  1. Well shoot. Here from there:
    Aimee, I wish you guys would have stayed. I decided to grab the very inexpensive matinee after this morning’s MOS.

    This was one gigantic emotional crowbar designed to pry the heart and mind open to a non stop barrage of atrocious theology and dangerous practice. I also just got done with MacArthur’s REVIEW that is absolutely spot on.

    and then later

    The movie starts with a young girl painting a single eye in the middle of large misty white background and then forgets about her until the very end.

    At the end, the pastor/father is almost obsessed with others who’ve visited heaven and digs up Akiane’s painting of Jesus face which is just indescribably AWESOME. (she did it when she was eight) The boy sees it and says that that IS the Jesus he saw in heaven with the rainbow horse and 1st century Palestinian clothing.

    The clear implication is that these two corroborate one another as THIS being THE Jesus of Nazareth. This girl, while a mind numbing talent, makes no claim and shows no evidence of anything like a credible Christian testimony. Please see AND read her STORE for a demonstration of her clear new age mystical bent.

    Also don’t miss her self exalting ABOUT page which bears no mention of Jesus, Christ, bible or GOD. I did a text search for a bunch of terms. It does however have her with this Colton family in her slideshow though..

    I’ll tell ya what. Christians better get their heads screwed on scripturally straight. I’ll have been saved 30 years in August. In only MY time in the Lord, I just cannot believe how far discernment has fallen in the visible church. In the 80’s none but the most galactically deceived charismatics would have bought something like this and even most of them probably wouldn’t have. This is produced by TD Jakes and has the endorsement of major “ministries”.

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