All right. I’ve been inspired.

This is a slammed out post inspired by Fred Butler.  Well, I’m possibly ripping him off.  Okay, I basically stole his idea and will pretend that he actually wrote this post.  I haven’t put anything overtly funny on here for a long time, and this blog is often way too serious, so it’s time for a massive change of pace (for a few moments).

I’ve driven forklift in a few different places, and I had these pictures on my computer.  For some reason, people of questionable mental capacity driving forklifts scare me to death.  Why?

Stuff like this happens:


Or this:

Forklift tip

Or this:

Forklift Safety Awareness

Or this (whatever even happened here):


Or this:


Or something even worse:


Or this:


Or this:


Or this:


Or this:


But forklifts do have some good uses besides causing accidents in the hands of the right person.

They can be used to create interesting family photos:


Or they can be used to spice up a wedding processional:


Or getting rid of unwanted guests who park their trailers on your yard:


Or they can be used to get somewhere in a hurry:


Or they can be used to cater a banquet for 200 people with one hamburger:

World record burger

And remember:


Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Not an original idea in my whole head” Unger.

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