Working on Chapter 5 review of Authentic Fire…

…but it’s a bear.  A big, snarling, Bear.


Why do I say that?

In Chapter 5, Dr. Brown deals with a fourteen points made by Jonathan Edwards, 2 major surveys, and the question of the Charismatic Movement in Africa.  I suspect that this will turn into a 2 part post, just so I can get it out at some point, but I’m no expert in Jonathan Edwards and have enlisted someone who is (and thanks go to Nick Hill for his help in finding resources).  I’m spending lots of time here, for starters.  Also I’ve got 350+ pages of surveys to sort through for this, and though it’s proving interesting, I’m not getting near the amount of time I need this week to tackle it properly. I was thinking of simply letting the time keep ticking with hopes that time would take care of the bear for me…


…but that bearly ever happens.

Also, I was thinking of simply calling it quits and taking a flying leap.


But I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving this project unfinished…and, I’m starting to accept that this is probably part of my lot in blogdom; the obscure blogger who tackles the bears (epic research and writing projects) that few are willing (or sufficiently patient) to undertake.  Michael Brown has written a serious book on a serious subject that deserves a serious treatment, so I’m going to try to face the bear soaked in my new cologne.

Bear Food

In the light of Dr. Brown’s recent admonition (for Cessationists) to be aggressively accurate in truthfulness, I want to do the necessary work to bring forth something that is accurate and actually beneficial, so this will be done sometime in the next 2 weeks.  In the meantime, I’ll toss up a few filler posts to keep things alive, and I’ll toss up some entertaining pictures for everyone.

So right now the situation looks like I’m up against this:

Bear Shark Shootie

But within 2 weeks, it will look like this:


Here’s hoping.

Please bear with me.

Bearly containing all the puns in my very sleepy head,

Lyndon “That was bearly funny” Unger


9 thoughts on “Working on Chapter 5 review of Authentic Fire…

  1. I am sure you will do an excellent job. I can’t wait to read it. I was shocked when I saw a few weeks ago that Dr. Brown stated that the emotionalism Jonathan Edwards encouraged (crying under conviction of sin, etc.) would in ANY way mean he believed in the charismatic gifts when he so clearly taught against them. I think it was a gross misunderstanding/misrepresentation of JE, but I would love to see your take on it. I have really enjoyed your posts on this topic.

    • Thaqnks TM! You’re totally hitting the nail on the head. Jonathan Edwards was indeed an outspoken cessationist, and would have condemned the stuff that Dr. Brown is trying to support.

      I’ll have a fair amount of documentation to back that up.

      • In his 6th chapter from Authentic Fire, Brown cites a lengthy quotation from Edwards that is a clear and sound affirmation of the cessation of the spiritual gifts taken from his book, Charity and Its Fruits. Everything I have read from Brown when he cites Edwards in favor of the nonsense seen at Brownville and other charismatic “revivals” is just plain dishonest in light of what Edwards believed and taught.

        • Yeah. I’ll get to this all on detail when I eventually finish things. Have a toddler who graciously let me get to sleep last night at 4:30am, so things are slow going…

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