Quick Links – Michael Brown’s appearance on the Benny Hinn Show


In case anyone out there wants to see the five Benny Hinn programs with Michael Brown that ran this week but didn’t record them or watch them live, here are the links:

Program #1

Program #2

Program #3

Program #4

Program #5  didn’t air this week but will air at a different time.  Still, on Friday Benny Hinn had on one of my all time favorite guests.  It’s ironic how Michael Brown was followed by one of the craziest charismaniacs on the planet.  If you watch his eyes and listen to his words you might suspect that he’s on drugs (that’s not a joke).  Beyond that, he’s delivering a blazing prosperity gospel message (on Benny Hinn’s show?  WHAT?).

I haven’t watched any of them yet, but I may do so sometime in the next little while if I find myself with a few extra hours, but that hasn’t happened in a while…


Until Next Time,

Lyndon “we survived the nonpocalypse” Unger

16 thoughts on “Quick Links – Michael Brown’s appearance on the Benny Hinn Show

  1. No, Lyndon, just like Hinn’s site, the links make my computer freeze up. I was able to listen to some (sound only) via AOL of all browsers. The site needs some “anointing” I guess. But I betcha that donate button works really, really well.

    Anyway, had some interaction with Dr. Brown regarding the show about repentance. Less than satisfying to say the least. The two sat down and talked as “brothers”. But then again, I was sternly told I do not know what went on in private. Funny — thought public sin would require public repentance.

    Thanks so much for following the giving your clarity which helps me sort it all out. It’s all just baffling! James 5 gave me much help. 🙂

  2. Just saw the first “wonderful show” with Mr.Brown and Mr.Hinn on a different browser. Dr.Brown is referring to Benny Hinn as “dear brother” @ 17:25. This fact alone is the unquestionable verdict in this case. Hinn returns the favor and they high five each other throughout the show. So much for Brown calling Hinn to repentance and he can save his lame spin and intelligence insulting maceration about “private correction talks” with Hinn for his gullible supporters. The end of the show is hard marketing and pushing of a product to benefit both talkers with sufficiently inflated price of $35 and that is Brown’s “secrets revealing” book… 🙂 (SIC and WOW!). The real reason Mr.Brown went on TBN with Mr.Hinn is the same reason why Hinn is in sensational heresy business. That reason is: DOUGH, MAMMON, CASH. Mr.Brown did his math. Hinn has about 20 million of deceived watchers (what a tragedy) i.e. customers. The math is simple. If only 5% of those nefariously disoriented people order the book that will represent a market of 1 million people then Brown is set. Let’s say he makes $3 per book which is a conservative and realistic estimate then with this “wonderful shows” with Benny Hinn Michael Brown comes up wonderfully ahead to the tune of THREE MILLION DOLLARS conservatively speaking plus there is more income later on from residual sales coming from trickle down effect. Mr.Brown can macerate willing minds with his legends of: “I never take or make any money from my books” but for the rest of us who likewise do not believe that Al Gore invented the internet the reality is rather obvious and to the contrary of Mr.Brown’s legends. I am sorry if I am blunt folks or too blunt for some but I just revealed to you the real and not so surprising “secret” of “Kosher Jesus” book and its author Michael Brown on the show of wolf Benny Hinn.

    Sapere aude

  3. Fifth episode – Steve Munsey. Wow! Just…WOW! I lasted to the 1:37 minute mark and shut it off.

    You know, I think for all of us who don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, what’s taking place in front of us for all to see is pretty obvious. I kind of feel towards Dr Brown right now how I felt when friends of mine who once named the name of Jesus Christ and then utterly rejected the faith. At least they were honest about it.

  4. Watched Munsey till 10:40, when my handheld mercifully hung up on me. Shameless misuse of Scripture to fleece the gullible. How sad.

  5. Just saw the Steve Munsey segment from Benny Hinn’s show on Friday. I guess after four days of Michael Brown, Benny Hinn had to bring out the big guns (Steve Munsey) to pay the bills and keep his core audience!

  6. 2John: 9-11 “Everyone who goes on ahead and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God. Whoever abides in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house or give him any greeting, for whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works.”

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