Court’s Cash Crazy Quote Catch Correction

In my review of chapter 4 of Frank Viola’s book Pouring Holy Water on Strange Fire, I made an egregious error that one of my friends caught today and brought to my attention.  In order to not hide it somewhere in my archives, I wanted to make a separate post bringing it to light so that I would be able to acknowledge my error appropriately.  Not it’s definitely embarrassing when someone points out the nose on your face that you apparently cannot find, but after getting over the initial blushing and shame-induced wanting to move to Antarctica, I’m thankful for it.  I do actually want to be someone who lives a life marked by some integrity and honesty, and that involves facing my faults and boneheaded mistakes.  Still, I’m having supper here tonight:


So what was the error?

Well, on reason 5 why “the perfect” isn’t the Bible (The testimony of post-apostolic writers verify that the gifts of the Spirit were still in operation after A.D. 70.), I said the following:

Mr. Viola cites Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho and writes “… knowing that daily some of you are becoming disciples in the name of Christ, and quitting the path of error; who are also receiving gifts, each as he is worthy, illumined through the name of Christ. For one receives the spirit of understanding, another of counsel, and another of strength, another of healing, another of foreknowledge, another of teaching, and another of the fear of God … For the prophetical gifts remain with us, even to the present time. And hence you ought to understand that the gifts formerly among your nation have been transferred to us (Ch. 39, Ch. 82). (23)

– Now this is interesting again.  It appears that Mr. Viola is putting two separate quotes from Justin Martyr together.  The first is from chapter 39 and the second is from chapter 82.

I then posted the entire text of chapter 39 and then wrote this:

So, did you notice something? 

The first quote doesn’t appear at all in chapter 39 (wonder why that is?  Apparently Mr. Viola has a habit of either not doing lazy research or attributing teaching to people with hopes that nobody will check it out)

I have now updated the post to include this statement:

January 15th update – NO WAIT.  It does.  I made it bold so it would stand out.  I’m the one who missed it originally.  The error was mine and it was a rather stupid one.  I don’t know how it happened, but a careful reader pointed it out to me and I am being quick to point it out and fix it.  It wasn’t malicious, and I am the one who did lazy research/editing on that point.  Thanks goes out to Courtney Stewart for catching that rather embarrassing error.

On that quotation, Mr. Viola was spot on and I made a blatant error, and my comments about habits and lazy research were both wrong and misplaced. 

So there’s the beans; make whatever dish you choose with them.  I just wanted to clarify that and bring it to people’s attention.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “GomerPile” Unger

Gomer_Pyle_HospitalApologizing in my own stupid way…

5 thoughts on “Court’s Cash Crazy Quote Catch Correction

  1. You just went up another couple of notches in my book. You’re action and attitude regarding this is a standard everyone who names the name of Jesus Christ should strive for (Philippians 4:9). Thank you, Lyndon!

  2. On that quotation, Mr. Viola was spot on and I made a blatant error, and my comments about habits and lazy research were both wrong and misplaced.

    Except with that John Mac believes “Perfect” = “closed Canon” which is much more egregious than misappropriating something a church father wrote.

  3. I’m just hoping this to be a bit of encouragement. We have all visited that pub a time or two (or more if I look in the mirror ;), but, wow, you acted immediately, humbly and sincerely. Well done, sir. I know that was hard. Now, please don’t move to Antarctica, but rather continue your good work here. (Unless the Penguins are now barking and claiming their feathers will never fall out if only they will have more faith.)

    God’s peace and grace to you!

  4. Your response to an error made is exemplary sir! This doesn’t change the truth of your argument and honest people will recognize that. You have blessed me in my desire to demonstrate humility. Thank you.

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