Michael Brown and my break-dancing dog

Okay.  It’s really late and I’ve gotta go to bed, but I was recently made aware (you know who you are…jerk…) of some of the most insane news I’ve heard in a while.  I’ll reserve comment to the end and let the horses’ mouth speak:

(Full text on Facebook = “I just recorded five wonderful TV shows with Benny Hinn on Jesus in the OT, repentance, holiness, the fear of the Lord, and hyper-grace. They’re scheduled to air the week of January 13th, so watch them and then share your thoughts.”)

That was followed up with:

(Full Text on Facebook = “Thanks, friends, for sharing your thoughts and concerns re: my appearing on the Benny Hinn show. While I’m quite aware that some of you feel he is the ultimate false teacher and charlatan while others believe him to be a wonderful man of God, I have actually not monitored his ministry over the years. When I received the invitation to appear on the show, I felt I was to take it and exalt Jesus the Messiah and expose hyper-grace (and exalt true grace) to millions of viewers. And since Pastor Hinn seems very desirous of further interaction with me, I would encourage those of you who have grave concerns about his ministry to pray that God would use me to be a blessing in his life.”)

To make a long story short, there was a flood of concern that came in from everywhere.  Hundreds upon hundreds of tweets and comments in the space of maybe 2 or 3 hours.

(Full text on Facebook = “Let’s just say that Benny Hinn was as bad as some of you say. Why shouldn’t I reach his audience with gospel truth for five days, even if it means some people will be upset with me? [Just more food for discussion!]”)

Michael Brown closed off his night with this Tweet:

(Full text on Facebook = “I know it’s late, but for those of you who are still up, here’s a quick question (meant honestly): How many of you are fine with my friendship with men like Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, and Reinhard Bonnke [whom I believe to be true men of God], and my involvement in and endorsement of the Brownsville Revival [which I believe to be a wonderful move of the Spirit], but you’re just concerned about my appearing on Benny Hinn’s TV show?”)

Now, instead of joining the gaggle of ἰδιώτης (to use a biblical term) that are on Facebook, I thought I would offer a quick response to Dr. Brown’s two actual questions (His questions are in bold and my responses are in italics).

1.  Why shouldn’t I reach his audience with gospel truth for five days, even if it means some people will be upset with me?

Well, because if Benny Hinn is a false teacher, and there’s no doubt about that:

(a) the Bible explicitly forbids it in places like 2 Timothy 2:16-19 (the charge of avoiding the irreverent babble that leads people into ungodliness/upsets their faith comes with 2 names, insinuating that the way to avoid irreverent babble is to avoid the irreverent babblers, a suggestion further implied by the quote to depart from iniquity in vs. 19) and 2 Timothy 3:5 (which is set in 3:1-9 for those who will inevitably complain).

(b) It’s insinuated in passages like 1 Timothy 1:18-20 (i.e. if Benny Hinn makes a shipwreck of people’s faith, promoting or giving credibility to Benny Hinn is tantamount to aiding and abetting Satan), 2 Peter 2:2-3, 19-22 (i.e. if Benny Hinn promotes blasphemy or enslaves people to a false gospel that only increases their damnation, promoting or giving credibility to Benny Hinn is tantamount to aiding and abetting Satan), or Titus 1:19-11 (The job of an elder in the church is, according to 1:11, to literally “muzzle” false teachers; to not give them any voice or platform because they destroy families.  This basically renders null and void much of the positive defending of the family Dr. Brown does with his excellent work against the homosexual agenda.  Who cares if Dr. Brown stops the homosexuals from destroying the family if he then sends families over to Benny Hinn in to finish what the homosexuals started?).

(c) Also, if he’s still unrepentant of his sexual sin, the Bible forbids treating him like a brother (1 Cor. 5:9-13).  In case anyone missed his whole divorce scandal, he used to be “friends” with Paula White…with the kind of friendship that Benny called “dating” and involved sneaking off to a hotel in Rome together and results in Benny Hinn’s wife divorcing him…but Benny said it was because he was busy and his wife was on drugs.  Oh wait.  Benny never repented for anything having to do with his divorce or sneaking off with Paula White and claimed to be as pure as the driven snow.  Now many people would point to his public remarriage to his wife, (praise the Lord!) but getting remarried is not repentance.  Others would point to his statements about his marital issues and such, but admitting to difficulty is not repentance.

If I’m right at all (and I honestly hope I’m not), then the person who will be upset with Dr. Brown will be Yahweh.  I do believe Yahweh is the only person Dr. Brown need worry about, and it seems like Dr. Brown’s not terribly worried.  If I can find scriptures that are relevant and helpful with 15 minutes on BibleGateway, Dr. Brown can too.


(It’s not hard to search for something on BibleGateway)

2.  How many of you are fine with my friendship with men like Mike Bickle, Lou Engle, and Reinhard Bonnke (whom I believe to be true men of God), and my involvement in and endorsement of the Brownsville Revival (which I believe to be a wonderful move of the Spirit), but you’re just concerned about my appearing on Benny Hinn’s TV show?

Well, the fact that you believe they’re men of God is a serious problem for me, but not for the reason you think.  The Bible makes clear and discernible statements of fact that they get horribly wrong, with shocking regularity.  2 Timothy 2:15-16 says

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. But avoid irreverent babble, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness…”

Now the worker who has no need to be ashamed is one who rightly handles the word of truth.  They accurately represent the scriptures and correctly interpret them.  Mike Bickle, Lou Engle and Reinhard Bonnke simply do not do this.  I’ve watched or listened to dozens of hours of their teaching and they’re grossly incompetent at handling the scriptures.  That does not mean that they’re false teachers, but it does mean that they’re workers who should be ashamed of themselves (and not godly men that should be looked up to).  Like thousands of people that I’ve met, I fear that you’ve fallen into the “nice guy = godly man” trap.  Nice guys who pray a lot, or know lots of verses, or have a righteous agenda, aren’t necessarily godly men.

Secondly, the 2 Timothy 2:16 says, in juxtaposition to 2:15, that the unashamed worker should “avoid irreverent babble” (and vs. 17 names irreverent babblers to avoid).  Instead of distancing yourself from people who are incompetent in the scriptures, you bring them close to your bosom.  Benny Hinn is the latest addition to an alarming list of people that the Bible gives you good and repetitive reason to stay away from.

–  As for Brownsville, you believe it was a “wonderful move of the Spirit”.  So what?  Honestly.  Why are you a reliable judge of what is and what isn’t a move of the Spirit?  I don’t believe that Brownsville was a “wonderful move of the Spirit” for a second, and I’ve watched a few dozen hours of Brownsville services in coming to that conclusion, so I may have a conclusion that is misinformed, but not based upon total ignorance.  Who wins?  Does not the Bible decide what’s a legitimate move of the Spirit and not Dr. Michael Brown?

–  I’m concerned about you appearing on Benny Hinn’s TV show because Jesus tells you not to and you don’t seem to know your Bible well enough to be aware of that.  That means that your claims of having discernment simply lack substance, somewhat like my claims of having the world’s greatest break-dancing dog.

break-dancing-dog(My claims don’t lack all substance – I do have irrefutable photographic evidence to prove my claims!)

And I’ve got one more thought, not related to answering his questions.

He seemed to try to claim that he was unaware of whether or not Benny Hinn is a false teacher with the line “I have actually not monitored his ministry over the years”.

I have to admit that I simply laughed out loud at that.

Dr. Brown claims to have been a Christian for decades.

Dr. Brown claims to have been in Charismatic circles for decades.

Dr. Brown claims to have been in Charismatic leadership for decades.

Dr. Brown claims to not know enough about Benny Hinn to know whether or not he’s a upstanding man of God?

I mean, come on! REALLY?

That’s like wasting an entire paycheck on McDonald’s fries, trying to eat them all in one sitting, and then responding to someones concern at your attempt of McSuicide with the line “What?  Eating this much fries is unhealthy?  Well, I’m not a nutritionist so I wouldn’t know…”

Fries(What? McDonald’s is unhealthy?  Since when?  Do other people know this?)

Would anyone believe that?

If Dr. Brown is attempting to claim that level of ignorance, I don’t really know what to say, except “do you like my break-dancing dog?”

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Time for bed!” Unger

P.S. – This post is also on the Cripplegate, where I incorporated his recommendations on improving my McDonalds nutritionist analogy.  Here’s my update:

That’s like constantly claiming to be a famous nutritionist (thanks to DJP for improving the analogy), wasting an entire paycheck on McDonald’s fries, trying to eat them all in one sitting, and then responding to someone’s concern at your attempt of McSuicide with the line “What?  Eating this many McFries is unhealthy?  Well, I haven’t done any studies of McDonalds food so I wouldn’t know…”


30 thoughts on “Michael Brown and my break-dancing dog

  1. Dude, excellent.

    And to add heat to your final thought, I’d say it’s more like a man who IS a professional nutritionist, who CONSTANTLY REMINDS EVERYONE that he’s a professional nutritionist, who CONSTANTLY points to his PhD in nutrition, who then does as you say… and says, “Oh well, I haven’t made a special study of **McDonald’s** french fries.”

  2. I think he plays semantics when he says he didn’t follow Hinn, as in I don’t follow him on Facebook or Twitter? Or watch his tv program every day? Hinn is one of the biggest names in charismaticism ,  to imply he doesn’t know Hinn and what he does is unbelievable. As a bible scholar surely he knows that to say something that is misleading is the same as lying.

  3. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Like you, I found him playing dumb here (and on the phone with Phil Johnson) the height of foolishness, if not a brazen lie. I can stomach the delusions a deceived man, but an ignorant teacher of the Word is an atrocity. I knew Benny Hinn was a devil when I was ten years old, watching him smack people in the head ‘in the name of Jesus.’ Shame, shame, shame on Michael Brown for this ignorance.

  4. Even if he really did have no knowledge of Hinn, it is truly irresponsible for him to do a little research on Hinn (15 minutes is all it would take), before accepting the invitation to appear on his show. I don’t know what’s going on in Dr. Brown’s mind, but I can’t help but wonder if he would do anything to promote himself.

    • Gary, that’s kinda part of the issue. It’s not like a person needs to invest a week of study into Benny Hinn to figure out what the guy is about. Michael Brown has other people who work for him, and I’m quite certain that he could pass off a study project onto an intern or student or professor in the school of ministry that he heads up.

  5. Last night my family was watching an old episode of the Andy Griffith show, and Andy was visiting with the very naïve Floyd the Barber in his shop when a crooked attorney from the next town walked in. He had tricked Otis into trumping up a false case against Andy’s jail claiming negligence after Otis tripped over his own feet and fell. Everything about the lawyer was sleazy. He was manipulative, obviously in it for the money, and of course Andy saw right through him. But as this crooked lawyer spoke, Floyd was just enamored with the guy’s shiny suit. When the lawyer finally left the room, Floyd blurted out: “What a wonderful man!”

    I turned to my wife and mentioned that Floyd would make a great leader in the charismatic movement.

  6. I learned about Benny Hinn through people I met and worked with at different Charismatic Churches. He’s a divisive fellow. Not all charismatics embrace him.

    What I did find odd very odd is that those who dislike him are afraid of calling him out because they’re afraid of blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

  7. I think you should add the next post of his to this as an update.

    2 hours ago
    Two more things about today’s radio show: 1) For the sake of folks genuinely confused with my appearance on Benny Hinn’s TV show, I’m taking time to explain my reasoning to them, not to defend my decision. 2) It’s sadly amusing to see how many people have been self-appointed to be my personal judge and jury and to know God’s will for my life. Really, quite extraordinary to be candid.

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  9. I’m having a yoyo time with Michael Brown.
    On the one hand he’s the guy that wrote the excellent resource on Jewish Objection to Christian faith.
    On the other hand he’s lacking in discernment when it comes to Charismatic wildness.
    Then on the other hand he does a good job responding to some of the issues of homosexuality…
    Only to follow this a few days later with an interview with his buddy Benny Hinn.

    • I know and read them too. I do not think you or most here would have any problem with locating Benny Hinn in this warning:

      “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.”
      ~ 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

      Now it seems like most do not want to ask this question in public but I will. Who is the one who engages, affirms even in the smallest degree and endorses even if indirectly those who are in above category? Who?

      Sapere aude

  10. Thank you for your wonderful blog, I have found it very encouraging on a number of occasions.

    In case anyone missed it Dan Phillips wrote an interesting post about Dr Brown on Pyromaniacs http://teampyro.blogspot.com/2013/12/answering-todd-friel-about-emblematic.html

    If baffles me when someone as passionate about evangelism as Dr Brown can be so complacent in embracing such a opponent of Christianity, at the very same time the leaders of the Church are crying out against such action. On the other hand, we should all be able to see how that type of behavior is in us all.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Alex.

      I saw Dan’s article and appreciated it, and I certainly share your confusion on how Dr. Brown could seemingly be so two-faced. None of us are above inconsistency, but it’s alarming to see it so blatantly.

      • Indeed but not many of us have the platform and influence on if not tens of thousands as Dr.Brown does and this is not going to help the Gospel but oppose it by directly or not yet still legitimizing the wolf and scam artist Benny Hinn who hurt spiritually and financially vast numbers of people and now will be in a better position to do it even more.

  11. Please excuse me if I come across as too simplistic on this but I think the Scriptures are clear on that and simple too. There is no confusion here, no perplexity. At least it should not be. Look:

    “Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. Therefore do not become partners with them; for at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true), and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord. Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”
    ~ Ephesians 5:6-11 ESV

    No, this is not regarding just sexual sin or covetousness but all sin and all darkness and the context supports that. As such it clearly applies to what is going on with Dr.Brown and his embracement of a wolf, scam artist and the enemy of the Gospel – Benny Hinn. I think at this point Dr.James sWhite ought to seriously rethink and ponder on his associations and engagements Michael Brown as the man clearly starts to create reputational risks and possible future damage to A&O Ministries not to say that some may connect dots in such a way A&O Ministries supports what Dr.Brown is doing including with Benny Hinn. This is not
    farfetched but only prudent and a reality and in light of above and other Word of God.

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  13. This whole situation is a perfect example of the spiritual nature of deception. The fact that a man of Browns obvious intelligence could fellowship with Hinn and the Brownsville revival shows that it is not merely intellect along that determines what we will fall for.

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  16. More on your break dancing dog please😁

    Seriously I dont know how many thank you I can give to you brother for taking a stand on this issue. God bless you!

    • Glad to be of service and blessing Nitoy! It’s kind of almost absurd how off the rails this whole affair has got. I honestly couldn’t pretend that these shenanigans were NOT as blatantly silly as they are.

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