Muppet News Flash for My Readers


(Hat tip to one of my longest standing readers.  You know who you are!)

A little while ago, I wrote a post that apparently made me somewhat famous (for around 15 seconds).  My readers may remember the post were I documented the Twitter followers of the two avenues of the charismatic movement; that post eventually was referenced by John MacArthur and Phil Johnson at Grace Community Church in the Sunday Night Service Q & A from November 17, 2013.

Apparently some of my writing on charismatic issues has been enjoyed enough by others that I’ve been invited to do some writing for The Cripplegate.  That Twitter post has been updated with a bunch of new links and information, as well as some reworked and rather shocking numbers (and 2 or 3 great new pictures!).  It’s live on the Cripplegate right now, so check out version 2.0.  That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging over here too much as of late, but for those of you who enjoy my writing, I think you’ll enjoy seeing some of my “greatest hits” re-worked, updated and posted on the Cripplegate.  I’m not sure how often I’ll be on there, but I’ll queue up some posts and have something up there every now and then.

I’ll remember to link things when they come up, but don’t worry; this blog isn’t going anywhere.  I’ll be mainly blogging here and tossing things up on the Cripplegate as well, though I’ll probably do a unique post there from time to time (which I’ll link, of course).  This blog won’t be running as frequently since the Cripplegate gets around 10x the traffic as this blog, which means that comment interactions will be far more demanding.  Still, I hope to become a better blogger with learning tricks from those pros over there: I’ve learned at least 5 cool things already today and that should all trickle back here!

white out(I’ve already stopped doing this…)

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Learning how to blog at a whole new level of non-mediocrity” Unger


13 thoughts on “Muppet News Flash for My Readers

  1. Forgive my presumption, Lyndon, (as I only know you through what I read you have written), but aren’t you a pastor? I beg of you if you are, do not allow ‘blogging’ to overwhelm your study and preaching of the word to those of whom the LORD has entrusted you. If I am presuming, and you are not a pastor, forgive me and congratulations for proving yourself as a vessel of honor. Stay balanced dear brother.

  2. Well, you started out in infamy, then you met me, and became famous, then I took the xbox away from you and you took it way too far, spent years state side, got married, had kids, and went straight back to being infamous again.

    To that, I quote Kermit, “Way to get down with your bad selves!”

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