James White weighs in on StrangeFire & Michael Brown’s questionable claims…

I haven’t caught up on all the listening I have to do on StrangeFire related stuff, but this is something that I cannot “amen” enough:

Dr. White says a bunch of things that I’ve been thinking with more clarity than I could have, including saying that MacArthur had a massive overstep with the denial of Charismatic works of ministry.

I think I have around 20 post drafts to finish, and I need to take a week of holidays to actually get it all done…so I’m tossing up short Bible Bite and Quick Thought posts in lieu of tossing up the posts that I’d love to post (that also takes 10-20 hours to write).

I honestly don’t know how others blog quality stuff every other day!

Either way, I’m interested to see if Dr. Brown responds.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Bible Driven Cessationist” Unger

16 thoughts on “James White weighs in on StrangeFire & Michael Brown’s questionable claims…

  1. I’m not seeing the big overstep with John’s comments about Charismatic ministry. If you read the entire quote, there is a clear context of what John meant. See the latest post busting the myths about SF over at the Cripplegate. It’s the last myth dealt with.

    • Thanks Fred. I’m always glad if I’m wrong about this stuff. I still haven’t watched all the video or heard all the audio.

      I looked at the Cripplegate post and didn’t see the refutation of the “no social contribution” quote (“where are the Charismatic hospitals?”). Where am I missing something?

      • But one stray comment that is made during a sermon should not be isolated from the overall context of what John was saying, which is that as a whole, charismatic theology has not brought anything particularly positive to the work of the Gospel. If anything, it has been a distraction and a hindrance.

        That said, I guess maybe one positive thing the charismatics have done is drive me back to the Bible to check myself and my take on scripture. =-)

        • Fred, I got that point and agree. I just heard the quote about charismatic hospitals and recognized that, if what he meant was what it sounded like, there was some serious misinformation going on.

          Glen Berteau, for all his total insanity and mishandling of scripture, does run a mobile health care operation with several converted rigs/vans that do dental and medical work for nothing. Osteens church does lots of social outreach, as does Matthew Barnett at the Dream Center in LA.

          I’m not wanting to misrepresent pastor John, but Michael Brown essentially won the point (rhetorically, not factually) when Phil wouldn’t renounce or correct that quote but rather defended it. It made Phil look like a bit of a blind defender of MacArthur.

    • On second thought, now I see this is from the dividing line from yesterday. I’ve only seen the one from Tuesday where he talks about Dr. Brown and Phil Johnson on the line of fire radio show. I’ll have to take a listen to this one. Thanks for posting it.

        • Whoops, I should clarity my question to Mason: Did you (Mason) actually see the video of Driscoll and the head of Security? Driscoll’s letter to MacArthur talked about how he thought his books was going to be taken even though the head of security says, “We want to give the books back to you” I don’t think Driscoll is still forthright about the whole matter, or not the part where he says they were going to confiscate his books anyways

  2. If one took time to listen to any teaching from Strange Fire conference at length one knows that there was no over step as to what was said there. There was no wide generalizations at SF because there is a specific context given to what Strange Fire conference speakers understood and asserted as Charismatic movement. I am actually bit surprised to hear James White getting to comment to the opposite based on sound bites taken out of their context and carefully selected as such by Dr.Brown for his show Line of Fire.

    Furthermore, I find rather disconcerting the very tactics Dr.Brown uses against those who disagree with him and openly criticize him. For example, during the conversation with Phil Johnson on 10/21/13 Line of Fire show Dr.Brown made assertions about John MacArthur salary. He did so in the very midst of what suppose to be theological and factual criticism of Strange Fire findings and teachings… That is simply a kick below the belt and rather dishonest tactic employed to discredit the other side. That in itself is a giant RED FLAG for anyone who can think analytically and logically. On one hand Dr.Brown demands precision and claims publicly that statements by MacArthur at SF conference are too sweeping and too general only to follow those claims of his with his own completely off the subject remarks and wild assertions as to what MacArthur’s income is and what MacArthur should be doing with that as if Dr.Brown would actually clairvoyantly know what MacArthur does or does not with his income…

    See my posts (on Line of Fire thread from Monday October 21st ’13) about that and Brown’s pseudo responses conveniently centered on his need to pray for “my heart and my life” which are de facto standard veiled ad hominem evasions implying that my heart and my life must be wrong and need of correction through his intercession… 🙂 And what cause Brown’s need of recognizing his intercession for me? It was me simply asking Dr.Brown to disclose in the very same and consistent way and fashion his income (in units of support of Charismatic believers in third world country) which he publicly asserted to John MacArthur while trying to critique MacArthur theological and factual findings. I simply caught his double standards and inconsistency. Yet my question was stalled in the que by Brown’s moderators for a day then not answered by Brown in a fashion I asked and then all of that was dressed up in a costume of his pseudo pious concern for me. All I received when I called Dr.Brown to consistency in his public polemics was evasions and Brown’s standard and cliche pseudo answer so overused against all his critics: ” I will pray for you, your heart and your life”…

    We live in strange times where piousness is claimed and asserted as a cover up for evasions, manipulations and hypocrisy. And no, I am not a member of MacArthur’s church, ministry or even personal friend of anyone like that. I just cannot stand rampant hypocrisy which became the beaten down modus operandi of leavenjellycallism.

  3. I’m in agreement with those who feel that MacArthur did not overstep. The Charismatic movement is totally incompatible with Sola Scriptura. If one accepts
    continuing revelation then one if left with an alternative. either this Revelation is equal to scripture or not. If it is, being more immediate, wouldn’t it be more significant
    than Scripture. If not , if its only an inferior Revelation why do we need. It inherently undermines scriptural authority. Even Rome is better than this. At least it has someone who could theoretically could rule of the validity of revelations. Of course Rome seldom does this.

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