Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald, Strange Fire and Leslie Nielsen – Part 2

Well, judging from the fact that the blogosphere is going nuts (and I’ve had more hits in the last seven days than I got more blog traffic than all of last year), people in Evangelicalism are all pretty aware of the whole Mark Driscoll showing up at Strange Fire shenanigans.  I wrote about the situation here, but at that time I was waiting on the facts.

My friend Jules LaPierre, over at Jules Diner, has posted the video footage of the incident.  The facts are now plain as day:


Watch for yourself and ask yourself whether or not this was some sort of angry exchange, or some sort of security crackdown where they wrongly took his stuff.

You tell me what you think.

So how should we respond to this?

Well, I’d say two things are important:

1.  We don’t need to hound him and call him a liar. If you’re reading this, please don’t pursue him on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram and demand his repentance.  The only thing that will do is annoy him and make you look like this:

End is near

(photo credit)

The message might be accurate, but the delivery basically makes you look like you’re nuts.

In situations like this, we have to remember that Exodus 20:16 isn’t the only verse in the scripture.  Ephesians 4:29-30 and Colossians 4:6 (among other passages) still apply, so don’t take it upon yourself to be the Holy Spirit in his life.  He’s not your pastor, you’re not his pastor, you don’t know him, and Matthew 18 doesn’t apply between you and him in this scenario.

2.  We should watch to see if he does admit his deceit.  The evidence is pretty clear and the facts speak for themselves, and this is honestly not really a massive offense…which should make repentance fairly easy and non-threatening for a guy like Mark Driscoll.  All it would take is a message like “Yeah, I spoke out of turn and said that security took my stuff when really I gave it to them as a gift.  I wasn’t exactly being honest about the whole scenario and I’d like to ask for the forgiveness of the Grace Church people who I misrepresented.”

If Mark Driscoll doesn’t do that, then that would be something definitely worth noticing.  Refusing to repent in the face of hard facts about statements of untruth that came from his mouth would place him in some rather dubious and uncomfortable company:


(Photo Credits)

The last thing I’d like to see is Mark Driscoll heading down a similar path.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Okay, Driscoll isn’t quite Caner yet…” Unger

P.S. – Just so the title doesn’t leave people feeling ripped off at this point:

See what I mean about MacDonald and Principle Strickland?


Also, Leslie Nielsen shopped at the same glasses store as the other two.


14 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll, James MacDonald, Strange Fire and Leslie Nielsen – Part 2

  1. Those pictures are funny. I must say I was disappointed after all the hoopla, and outrage, that Mark wasn’t streaking the stage while speaking in tongues. The brief video felt like an awkward exchange of civility, a slightly tense but polite encounter regarding books (although the add-ins added to the dramatic flare). Sorry, but I still see it as much ado about nothing. I have no opinion whether or not they could have/ should have let him give out his free books…or whether it was a slight over reaction by security, or whether it was wise for him to show up…but…it does seem that they did indeed shut it down…confiscate the books from being passed out. He then had the option of having the books placed in his car by security, or being generous and telling they could have them. The whole “LIER!” thing is a bit knee jerk…like you said. I’m sure he’ll come out with an explanation for the scandalous sentence on twitter. Semantics/ wrong word used…cracking a joke….misunderstanding on our part…or a “sorry, I lied, they took my books but then I said they could keep them as a gift”. All seems a bit of silly religious gnat straining. Instead of cheering on our brothers (even ones who don’t see eye to eye with), we lob twitter spit balls at them..and gleefully wait for them to fail.

    • Carla,
      It has to be kept in mind that the video shows the second encounter with Driscoll. He had already been asked to stop handing out books because it wasn’t fair to the other vendors who had paid to be at the conference to sell books and were allowed to give away books. That was probably 5 or 10 minutes BEFORE what was seen in the video.

      After he did this, “oh yeah, and what if I don’t” bit and we just told him we really don’t want to go there with him because it wasn’t necessary, he steps away from the box that he leaves on the ground under a table. He then starts greeting folks and tells them to go help themselves to a book. Travis, the guy asking him to stop, moves into the second encounter, what you see on the video, and politely asked him to put them back in his car or to have his security guy take them to his Mustang for him. That’s when he tells them it was a gift for Grace Church and we can do whatever we want with them. We took them away and then even fed him and James MacDonald a free lunch of In-and-Out burgers and invited them to stay.

      It is just patently dishonest to then go on twitter and claim security confiscated his books when that was not the case at all. SO yes. It is a pretty big deal in that it reveals a guy’s character up close and personal.

      • Wow thanks for sharing this Fred. I suppose having a Navy SEAL pastor helps. I’m touched to see that you even gave them free In-and-Out…without snubbing MacDonalds.

      • Thanks for the post Mennoknight. You have some good resources in this site. I agree with Fred. Some people try to make this a trivial matter, but this outcome really does show Driscoll’s negative character as a shephered. In light of what he has said on the pulpit over the years, this only compounds the situation. I pray that God changes his heart.

    • Carla, you’ve just put a mental picture in my head that is really hard to get out.

      It is more or less, as you say, much ado about nothing. I hope that came across in the post.

      I’m more concerned as to whether Mark Driscoll will fess up publicly because it is much ado about nothing, well almost nothing. I pray that he takes the high road, appeases people/jerking knees and swallows the gnat on this one.

  2. I would certainly hope that my pastor(if it was mark Driscoll) would make something big about the fact that he was telling a half truth/,”joking”/misunderstanding/semantics/wrong word used etc and repent. He is responsible for preaching the truth of Gods word, and he must be found trustworthy and blameless. This is a big deal.

    • Agreed. It’s not such a thing to joke/speak out of turn/overstate things and such, but to defend oneself in the face of clear and present evidence to the contrary makes far darker suggestions about a person. In order to be above reproach, I agree that he needs to take the hit and just repent.

  3. Today on “Walk in the Word”:

    S. S. Strickland: Is that my Kool-Aid I smell Blogger?

    Young Blogger: Ahhh, I wouldn’t know. I don’t know what your Kool-Aid smells like, cuz I’m too discerning to drink it.

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