Quick Thoughts: Why is it that whenever I heal someone, I can’t find a pen?


I was doing some research online today and found a video that was too good not to share.

Here’s a video from Daniel Kolenda, the faith healer who has taken over from Reinhard Bonnke (the world’s “most successful” evangelist/faith healer).  Pay close attention to what he says (don’t worry, it’s a short one):

He says some pretty clear and straightforward things.

1. He claims to have the gift of healing, and he claims that he has prayed for someone who has been healed of HIV.  Not a sore elbow or low self esteem: HIV…like the infection that leads to AIDS.

2.  He claims to have personally talked with the guy for at least a few minutes (or long enough to find out about his life and situation)

3. Not only that, but he claims that when he talked to the man, the man provided paperwork to substantiate his claim.

Now I’m a cessationist.  That means that I believe God can and does heal people of HIV.  That’s not the issue at hand.  God heals miraculously in response to prayer, even overturning terminal and incurable illness, when he chooses to (which isn’t regularly, but it definitely can happen).

The issue at hand for me is whether or not Daniel Kolenda has the spiritual gift of healing (like Jesus and the Apostles did in the New Testament).

When Daniel Kolenda markets himself as having the NT gift of healing, one might expect it to look like it did in the NT.  One of the things that Jesus did was instantaneously and completely heal people of external physical infirmity, like blindness, paralysis, etc.  None of this “sore throat” or “bad back” stuff.  I’m talking “sell your wheelchair” kinda stuff.

Daniel Kolenda claims to have done so twice in the video, and I’ll focus on the second testimony.

Why does Daniel Kolendatalk about the guy healed of HIV and call him “one young man”?  Didn’t anyone have the presence of mind to take down his name and photocopy (or take pictures of) the paperwork?

The guy came back with medical documentation that apparently verified the authenticity of the healing!

Could Daniel Kolenda not find a pen?

That’s got to be it, because if I claimed to have the gift of healing but lots of people doubted me and contested my claims, then I healed someone of AIDS or HIV and they came back with medical paperwork that confirmed their healing, I’d probably think “well, this will shut up my critics once and for all!”  I would make absolutely sure I had his name, number, e-mail, picture, and all the paperwork photographed or photocopied.

This is so painful, and such obvious misrepresentation of facts, that I cannot take it seriously for a second.

I’d guess that Daniel Kolenda, who claims that this sort of thing happens to him regularly, would eventually encounter enough skepticism that he would finally think “Since so many people doubt my claims, maybe I should ask these folks if they’d mind me taking down their names and a short video testimony, and maybe we’ll keep a good quality camera around to photograph any medical records people give us.  That would surely shut up the doubters!”

If these “healings” were legitimate, he could maybe do that in a few nights…that is, if the quantity and quality of healings that he claims occur are *actually* occurring, right?


Forgive me for doubting you Mr. Kolenda, but here’s some advice:

Next time you’re back in the west, stock up on pens. 


I’ll be the first in line to recant all my accusations and pronounce you an authentic healer, and I’ll then send you a resume and hit the road with you, bringing them in from the highways and byways.

Let’s all hold our breath.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Pens and Friends…you have neither when you need them most!” Unger


18 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Why is it that whenever I heal someone, I can’t find a pen?

  1. Having been a Charismatic for 20 years and who once believes in these Signs & Miracles I must say that I am doubtful of all these claims.

    I was part of the ushers/counselors team when Reinhard Bonnke comes to our country. The event was prepared a year ahead with participations of almost all denominations and was held in a stadium. I saw so many on wheelchairs whose family wheeled in the meeting in great hope and anticipations of healing from this ‘great’ man who has even raised the death. I tell you this for 3 nights, I like to report that none was heal, no one ever got up of the wheelchairs. No shrivel limbs was restore. Yes, up there at the stage I hear testimonies after testimonies of healings for shoulder ache, backache, severe headache and Arthritis & so on. I cried together with these loved ones as they wheeled them out with the same condition that they were wheeled in, faith crushed and hope dashed. If only, “I have more faith” they reckoned. How I wish I can hug these cripples and heal them…..

    And TB Joshua when to our neighbor Singapore and the same things happens…. Maybe it only happens in Africa or some undeveloped 3rd world countries.

    • Thanks for the firsthand report Robert.

      Stories like that are the norm, and they absolutely make me sick. It’s such a pack of lies that it makes me almost lose it.

      It’s so infuriating that these liars and charlatans claim to have the Holy Spirit and yet they evidently don’t heal like Jesus or the Apostles did when they were empowered by that same Spirit. I believe that’s called “bearing false witness”, and against the Holy Spirit…

      If I may be so bold, I’d like to reference you to this post where I discuss the prosperity gospel and false teachers and attempt to give a biblical discussion of that whole mess. That may be of some help or encouragement to you…

  2. If the healer documents the healing, then the healing gets undone,

    Therefore, no pens, no cameras, no videos.

    Only bad skeptics ask for proof and evidence. Ye men of little faith!


    • I have to go change my clothes to…wait a minute.

      “Honey, do we have any sackcloth and ashes in the house?”

      I guess I’ll have to have faith that the Lord will sustain me through the night so I can repent of my faithlessness tomorrow after I’ve bought the necessary garb and hardware.

  3. Have you ever bothered to actually watch his TV show? Every single episode documents these healings to the degree that it gets annoying. Do you expect him to give exhaustive details every time he tells the story?

  4. why are they going to africa all the time for this? is the african shtick , financially rewarding? it would seem to me most of the people are dirt poor. i am not sure how he gets rich doing this but i would assume this dynamic duo are not doing this as a work of pleasure. unbelieving people used to follow Jesus around all the time wanting Him to heal them not understanding matters of faith. it would appear that many of the people in africa , that attend his meetings, unfortunately , come,, not so much for hearing the Word preached but for the miracles. i have not paid much attention to bonnke over the years. since tbn is about the only “Christian” programming we have in the states, naturally i have watched it off and on for all of the years its been in existence. bonnke , has been in the mix, there , but for the most part i have not seen him on there that much. but now his heir apparent, daniel kolenda, is preaching on sunday mornings now. and sounding just like their little buddy Toufik Benedictus “Benny” Hinn. television has been used by satan in an amazing way. is it any wonder why tbn has gotten so big? they had help perhaps? from God , or from someone else? I think the latter explains it. tbn will be used by satan in the last days for his one world religion. mark my words.

    • Considering the African history of believing in magic and voodoo Bonnke, and now Kolenda, would know that claims of having the gift of healing would appeal to the suffering masses. While the gain wouldn’t necessarily be financial, it certainly would boost their credibility in the West.

  5. I don’t know much about this man, but I have amazing testimony in my life and I do not care if you believe me or not. I’ve seen miracles, demons get tossed out and signs and wonders. I would never think to defend myself nor would I ever care to prove it to you. Why should he? Why waste our time? You know them by their fruit.

  6. Hello, Paul wrote 2 Corinthians 3 – 2 Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men:
    3 Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart. So please allow me to be that letter or epistle for Daniel Kolenda. On August 23, 2003 I was a young man who had been diagnosed with Epilepsy – having multiple seizures a day – sometimes up to 7 seizures. Since my teen years I was diagnosed with DisAssociative Disorder and was for lack of a better term weeks from being institutionalize do for the remainder of my days. My girlfriend – now my wife – found a church in Plant City, FL to take me too and they had agreed to pray for me. There I met Daniel Kolenda – before he was known by anyone and became a target for naysayers. The result – since August 23, 2003 I have not had a seizure nor have I suffered from DisAssociative disorder. I have not taken any medications – Dilanta – Ziprexa – Thorzine – Phenobarbital since then. Completely healed. I even had to appear before a Social Security board of some type to be released from Disability. And no I do not work for CFAN – so what does a former person like me do after such an encounter? Well today I pastor a church. How about that. If you were to ask Danile how he heals people you would receive this response, “I don’t heal people – Jesus does” . So Danile didn’t have a pen with him the day I was healed either – but I am his letter written. I know there are a lot of false teachings and scams out there that there ultimate goal is revenue generation – but take it from me. Daniel is not one of them. God bless

  7. Small correction: The cessationist view does include God performing miracles today, it’s the gift of healing that is considered not operational today. So no conflict with what you are saying actually 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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