Quick Note – I’m on holidays!

Yes, it’s true.  This coming week, I’m going on holidays for a whole week!  I haven’t had an actual (relaxing) holiday for, uh, at least 7 years (before I went to seminary in 2006).  I got married in 2008 (while in seminary) and my wife and I didn’t even get a honeymoon then, but a rather gracious friend has invited us to go out to their cabin on one of British Columbia’s beautiful lakes for a whole week!

My wife is super excited, and my kids are…well…napping and don’t know what’s coming.  I’m guessing that Tobias (my 20 month old) will be splashing in the lake for hours every day!

So as I’m on holidays from August 12th to August 19th, I have a scheduled post (or two) that will go up.  Some comments won’t be posted because I’m away from the web and unable to approve them, and I won’t be interacting until at least August 20th.  Just so everyone knows what’s going on when I don’t respond to their comments!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “What does one do on a holiday?  I forget!” Unger


5 thoughts on “Quick Note – I’m on holidays!

  1. Glad you’re getting the chance to get away. If you’re going to a lake, I don’t see a problem with filling the time. Was actually selfishly hoping you’d be out to see your folks and I’d snag you for a visit, but given the last few months you’ve had, the lake is the better choice. Give your family your full attention for the week.

  2. Hi-Ho sports fans,

    Steve Finnell here.

    I have been warned but I didn’t follow the blog rules and so my comments will be edited until such a time as I do follow the rules. In lieu of my typical rambling post, here’s a joke:

    A Buddhist walked up to a hotdog vendor and said “make me one with everything”.

    If I decide to not hock my wares in run on rambling posts that are completely unrelated to the post that I comment upon, I’ll be welcome to interact on this blog.

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