Just so people know I’m not above admitting I’m wrong…

…I wanted to point out that I was.

I recently commented on the reason Christianity needs a Strange Fire conference.  I wrote about the reasons here, and in the process I wrote an interaction with this article by James Robison, making the point that it was an evangellyfish response to the evangelical epidemic  of spiritual sharks.  Right as I finished the interaction, the article disappeared and I made some assumptions here about the reasons and how Charisma Magazine won’t dare speak out against prosperity gospel teachers.  I found Robison’s article in the Wayback machine and posted the article on that same post.

I tried to be clear that I didn’t suspect a conspiracy or something (especially one with a mosquito of a blogger like me in mind), but I did question why Robison’s article disappeared an hour after it was posted.  It seemed strange that given the timing, the current issues in discussion regarding the upcoming Strange Fire Conference, and welcome that Charisma extends to prosperity teachers.  Now that the article is back up, I was going to simply edit my article and take out some of the incriminating stuff…but I thought that might be perceived as dishonest by some.

In an effort to stay away from that, I figured that I’d simply rather post an update and explain my error.

Charisma may have pulled the article, or it may have been a simple automatic post that was timed wrongly and put up on the web prematurely.

Either way, there was no conspiracy and the article was likely not removed for any reason other than a simple mistake.

Just had to get that out there (and finish off and post another draft in my “drafts” folder…which only has around a dozen post ideas in it now…*sigh*)

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I also have an upcoming review (in a month or so) for this and this in my drafts…*spoilers*” Unger


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