Thoughts on taking on a book writing project

My wife and I have been talking recently, and since I’m off work for several months due to illness and the consequent medical treatment, she has been encouraging me to take on a book writing project.  So, I’m taking my first reader poll to see what people would be interested in reading.  Here’s some of the things I’m thinking of:

1.  A book on Cessationism – I haven’t really found a “one stop shopping” book that explains cessationism and is written for laypeople.  If you want to learn about cessationism, you basically need to cobble together a series of sources and assemble a position on cessationism.  I’ve thought about doing a medium-sized book with around 150 questions and answers ranging from the general (“Doesn’t cessationism put God in a box?”)  to the fairly specific (“Does 1 Corinthians 13:1 teach that tongues is an angelic language?”).  I’d try to keep the answers to an average of 1 page per answer (maybe 100-200 words) and I’m guessing that it would make for both an interesting read and a helpful resource.  I’ve also thought of including about a dozen appendixes that would include some more technical work (i.e. a lengthened treatment of my word study on the term “apostle” or an in depth treatment of 1 Corinthians 13:8-12).  I’m thinking it would end up being around 300 pages, but would aim at being a lay-person aimed positive presentation of the position of cessationism (as opposed to a refutation of various charismatic errors).

2.  A book on Hearing the Voice of God – This is somewhat related to the previous post, but it would be both a positive treatment on divine guidance/making daily decisions and a refutation of both the idea that believers need to “hear the voice” of God as a matter of daily life, and the various misinterpretations of scripture that lead to that position (i.e. 1 Kings 19:12-13, John 10:27, Job 33:14, etc.).  I’d be aiming this at a lay audience and attempting to help believers understand that the scripture is the voice of God, and that the scripture, as energized by the Spirit of God, is sufficient for instructing believers in all matters of faith and daily life.  I’d probably make this one a fair bit shorter, maybe around 150 pages, and would basically have 2 sections:  (a) the modern misunderstanding of the voice of God, and (b) the Biblical understanding of the voice of God.  The first section would be probably 1/4 of the book and the second section would be 3/4 (that would be where I’d get into the various biblical texts and the whole biblical teaching on God’s voice).

3.  A book on Spiritual Warfare – This would be dealing with spiritual warfare as a stand-alone topic, though there’s already various good resources out there on the issue.  I’d attempt to write a lay-level Q & A book that would engage all the various misinformed and unbiblical ideas directly (i.e. what does the Bible teach about generational curses?) and also present a positive scriptural teaching on the issue of spiritual warfare.  I’d include an appendix that would have an in-depth treatment on the armor of God (an expansion of what I’ve done here), an appendix on God’s sovereignty and sickness (i.e. something somewhat related to what I’ve written here) and I’d probably include an appendix on 1 or 2 issues of importance (i.e. the meaning of the Greek word “daimonizomai“).  Again, all this various content is out there, but I don’t think I’ve seen it in a 1-volume work that hits all the bases.

4. A book that offers Modern Applications of Old Testament Stories – At the church I currently attend, I’ve become the “Old Testament guy” since I always preach Old Testament texts.    I have found that OT sermons are really well received and people often don’t really know how to grab truths for “now” out of the stories from “then”.  More so, there’s really no solid expositors that I’m aware of who regularly preach solid sermons from OT texts.  Most of the stuff I’ve found either misses the point of the OT passage in efforts to make a bee-line to talk about the gospel, or simply doesn’t make the OT story connectable to real life.  I’d probably write 12 chapters on 12 different stories (basically a serious expansion to what I’ve done here), and that would end up being roughly 150-170 pages.  There’s such an overwhelming storehouse of riches in the OT that simply isn’t tapped into today because, well, it takes more work to extrapolate a good sermon out of 1 Kings than it does 1 Corinthians.

There’s also other options, but those are some of the writing projects I think I could tackle.  I’d love to write a book on the exegetical foundations of apologetics too, but that’s probably a job I’ll tackle one day with the help of some other writers who can split up such a vast and monumental project.

Here’s my poll:


Please feel free to share thoughts.  Please feel free to give me options for the “other” category.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Never thought of myself as an author…” Unger


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on taking on a book writing project

  1. As you mention in other blogs, a lot of ink will be used in writing books after the strange fire conference itself. I don’t know what the topics entail regarding the strange fire book, nevertheless it would be great to see your blog posts on cessationism and more put into a book form. That’s my vote.

    • Hi, my name is Les Carl.
      Jack Sand has fw. me a number of your articles over the past few months. It’s good to hear from others (you) who aren’t influenced by the culture regarding the truth of the Word. So many today are trying to make Scripture acceptable, or fit with/to society which will never happen. And not so many today in the church are willing to point out the heresies! I don’t get upset with culture and its direction but when the church follows the wrong path, I come unglued!! I have had many good discussions with people who are off on spiritual tangents.

      Good ideas on books you are considering.

  2. I was all set to vote for #2 and then I read #4. I love good expository sermons on OT stories (and I’ve loved listening to you preach on them, too!!) So I vote for #4, but if you have time do #2 also, because I would totally love reading that too. :o)

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